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“Ah, dont scold me,” Sugar said,

“I think I did okay.

At least we won two rounds.”

“Thats it” Lin Yi was speechless.

“How can you say that”

“Okay, okay, calm down.”Sugar said with a smile, afraid that Lin Yi wouldnt bring her along on anymore games.

“Play by yourself, Im going to class.”

“Yeah, Ill bring you some lunch later.”

Lin Yi went to the gym after leaving the office, but this time he headed to the second floor.

He was surrounded by a group of girls when he reached the stairs.

“Teacher Lin, are you in charge of any other classes besidescareer planning for university students” A girl in tight pants asked.

“Im also in charge of basketball and taekwondo classes.”

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“Teacher Lin, youre really something.

You even know basketball and taekwondo.”

“Teacher Lin, we want to change classes now.

Is it too late to learn taekwondo and basketball”

“Uh… were about to finish the semester.

I dont think you can change classes.”

“Then can you teach us aerobics”

“According to the class schedule, the aerobics class will be taught by other teachers.

I cant teach that either.” Lin Yi looked at his watch.

“Class is about to start.

Dont crowd around here.

You guys should go to class too.”

“Yeah, I got it, Teacher Lin.

Take care of your body.

Dont overwork yourself.”


After sending the girls away from the area, Lin Yi arrived at the taekwondo room.

He entered through the door and saw rows of awards, symbolizing the glory of the university.

One of them seemed to be for the title of national runner-up.

These honors surprised Lin Yi a little.

He didnt expect a school like this to be so outstanding in taekwondo.

“Oh my God, its Teacher Lin!”

A long-haired girl exclaimed excitedly when she saw Lin Yi standing at the door.

The girls name was Yawen Zheng.

Her boyfriend, Tianbo Chen, was one of the main members of the Taekwondo Club, and also she had a good relationship with the teacher in charge of taekwondo, so she ended up signing up for this class.

At the end of the semester, she would end up receiving extra points for this.

“Wenwen, keep your voice down.

Your boyfriends still in the front row,” Yawens roommate said.

“Sorry, sorry.

I was too excited.” The corners of Zheng Yawens mouth rose.

She was so excited that she couldnt close her mouth, “I cant get a place for Teacher Linsuniversity student career planning every time I go.

I didnt expect to see him in taekwondo class.

Im so happy.”

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Hearing the whispers in the back row, a short-haired boy in the front row returned to look at Zheng Yawen.

Seeing that her boyfriends expression was not right, Zheng Yawen immediately hid her excited expression and pretended that nothing had happened.

“Brother Bo, it seems that it is true.

Teacher Chens class has been taken over by him.”

“What is the school doing Isnt it disgusting to find such a person to teach taekwondo”

“Old Chen, I think you should worry about your girlfriend.

Be careful not to let her get seduced away,” another boy said.

“Get lost.

Look at his face, you can tell hes strong on the outside but weak on the inside.

How can he compare to me” Chen Tianbo said disdainfully.

“Do you believe that I can kick him to death with one kick”

“I believe it.

Youre the main force of the taekwondo club, and youre already at red belt.

Apart from Teacher Chen, there really arent many people who can withstand your kick.”

Lin Yi didnt care about the whispers of the students below.

He waited for Chen Jianye to come over so that he could take over the class.

At the same time, Chen Jianye and a tanned-looking boy walked into the gym.

The boys name was Wang Haoyu.

He was the top-seeded fighter in the taekwondo club in the teachers university.

He was stronger than Chen Tianbo and was almost a black belt.

“Teacher Chen, whats going on Why is there a new teacher” Wang Haoyu asked.

“The other party is related to the principal, so he took all of my and Teacher Suns classes.

This way, he can earn money for free.”

“Are you kidding me Taekwondo is such a technical class, and he wants to take it Even if he is greedy for money, there is no one else who would behave like him.”

“He probably thinks that sports is not important, so he can just casually fool around.

Thats why he is so bold.”

“Bullsh*t!” Wang Haoyu scolded, “Hes obviously looking down on our taekwondo class.”

“Calm down.” Chen Jianye said, “I called you here today to talk about this.”

“Does Teacher Chen have a way to drive him away”

Chen Jianye nodded.

“Ive thought of a way.

When the class starts, you can show your strength in front of him and make him back down.”

“Thats easy, just leave it to me.”

As the two spoke, they arrived at the entrance of the taekwondo club.

Wang Haoyu glanced at Lin Yi with disdain before returning to the group.

Jianye walked up to Lin Yi and greeted him politely.

“Teacher Lin.”

“Teacher Chen.”

After greeting him, Jianye turned to the others:

“Im sure everyone has heard about it.

From today onwards, I wont be in charge of your taekwondo class.

The rest of the class will be handled by Teacher Lin.

Lets give him a round of applause.”

Although there werent many girls who applied for taekwondo, they clapped enthusiastically, in sharp contrast to the boys.

“Teacher Lin, Ive already made the teaching plan for the taekwondo class at the beginning of the semester.

You can proceed according to the teaching plan.”

Jianye handed the teaching plan to Lin Yi as he spoke.

“Alright, lets proceed according to your teaching plan.

Otherwise, if we disrupt the rhythm midway, itll affect their learning as well.”

Lin Yi flipped through the teaching plan and said, “According to the teaching plan, what were supposed to learn today is one-on-one sparring practice, but before that, we need to do some warm-up exercises to avoid getting injured.”

With the lesson plan in hand, Lin Yi felt much more relaxed.

He didnt need to use his own brain and just followed the procedure.

Moreover, Jianye Chens lesson plan was very detailed, even to the point of the persons name.

He could save himself a lot of trouble in this way.

After a few minutes, the warm-up exercise was completed.

Lin Yi looked at the lesson plan and said,

“Next, let the two students, Wang Haoyu and Chen Tianbo, give us a demonstration.”

Hearing Lin Yi call out Wang Haoyu and Chen Tianbos names, the people sitting on the ground applauded loudly.

“The two of them are the two masters of the Taekwondo Club.

It will be very exciting to see them sparring.”

“I still prefer guys like Wang Haoyu.

Look at his muscles.

Ill definitely feel safe standing next to him.”

“Whats the use of feeling safe If you want to find a boyfriend, you have to find someone as handsome as Teacher Lin.”

Wang Haoyu frowned slightly and said in a low voice,

“Teacher Lin, youve been assigned to teach us taekwondo, so you must be quite capable, right What level of black belt are you now”

“Ive never touched taekwondo before, so I dont have any belt,” Lin Yi said.


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