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“It does feel good.

Youve trained a lot, havent you”

“Of course, yoga isnt for nothing.” Wang Ying picked up the spatula again.

“Go sit down in the living room.

The food will be ready soon.”


Soon, four dishes and a soup were served.

It was quite sumptuous.

Lin Yi saw a black suitcase beside the sofa when they were eating.

“Did you pack your things”

“I bought one of the companys houses.

I went through the back door, so I can check in ahead of time.

Ill take my time with the rest of the procedures,” Wang Ying said,

“So, I packed my things today and decided to move tomorrow.”

“Why are you in such a hurry to leave Its not like I dont have a place to stay.

It makes me feel like Im chasing you away.”

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“Dont you know what kind of person you are After all, this is your home.

If President Ji comes one day, think of how awkward it will be if I am here.

Youve helped me so much.

If this affects the relationship between you and President Ji, Ill be a sinner.”

“Its not as serious as you say.

Youre overthinking it.”

“It doesnt matter, Ive already decided.

Ill move tomorrow,” Wang Ying said,

“If you have nothing else to do in the future, you can come to my place.

At least itll be more casual.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Since youve made up your mind, I wont say anything more.

Ill call some people tomorrow to help you move.”

“No need, no need.

Ive already contacted the moving company,” Wang Ying said,

“And I dont have many things.

I dont want the rest of the things, so you dont need to call for help.

Its too much trouble.”

Lin Yi nodded.

Wang Yings situation was a bit special, and the move was a chance for a fresh start.

He reckoned that most of the things in the house wouldnt be needed, so there was no need to make a big fuss.

The next morning, Wang Ying drove home and prepared to pack up and move.

On the way to school, Lin Yi received a call from Ji Qingyan.

“What are you busy with nowadays Are you still taking orders”

“I quit running errands,” Lin Yi said.

“I went back to school to be a teacher.”


“Yeah, I went to school to teach basketball and taekwondo, to experience a different life.”

“You also know basketball and taekwondo”Ji Qingyan said in surprise.

“I really didnt see that coming.”

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“I also know yoga.

Do you need me to teach you at night”

“Dont think that I dont know what youre thinking.

You want to take advantage of me.”

“Im here to guide you with the purpose of teaching, but youre slandering my name.

Thats a little petty.”

“In any case, I dont need you to teach me.

I wont give you any opportunities to take advantage of me.

Humph, just give up on that idea.”

“Thats good.

All the girls in the college are lining up for it though.”

“How dare you!”Ji Qingyan said arrogantly.

“This is my life.

President Ji wont bother on this, right”

“Tsk, Im too lazy to bother with you.”

Ji Qingyan also felt that she was in the wrong, so she changed the topic and said,

“Yuanyuan is coming to my place this afternoon to discuss the financing.

Do you want to come over”

“You two can discuss it.

Why should I come over”

“I was afraid that you wouldnt have anywhere to stay in the afternoon, so I asked you to come over and enjoy the air-conditioner.”

“I have one in my office.

Why would I come over to your place to enjoy the air-conditioner” Lin Yi asked,

“Why, does your air-conditioner smell good”

“Yeah, its mango-flavored.”

“I can think about it.”

“Hehe…” Ji Qingyan smiled.

“Come earlier, say about 12 oclock”

“I think youre hungry.”

“Ah, dont be so direct.

Everyone has to eat at noon.” Ji Qingyan said.

“I just happened to be available at that time, or I wouldnt have called you.”

Lin Yi could imagine Ji Qingyans big, beautiful eyes already narrowed into crescent moons.

“Alright, wait for me in the office at noon.”

“Okay, Ill see you there.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi drove to school.

“Good morning, Brother Lin.”

He came early, and Song Jia was the only one in the office.

“Why did you change your style today You even permed your hair.”

“Im planning to move in Sister Sus direction.

My style is no longer popular, and there are no men chasing after me.” Song Jia said.

“I have a suggestion for you.

Do you want to hear it” Lin Yi asked.

“What suggestion” Song Jia asked.

“Whether or not there are men chasing after you has nothing to do with style.

As long as you make those places big enough, there will definitely be people chasing after you.” Lin Yi answered.

Song Jia laughed.

“Brother Lin, youre teasing me again.”

Lin Yi laughed and returned to his office.

“What is this”

Sugars desk was more messy than he had imagined.

There was a lot of white paper with a lot of things written on it.

He picked it up and saw that it was filled with all the strategies and ideas on the video game they often played, Pesticide.

“You still need to take notes What IQ level do you have”

Lin Yi suddenly felt bad for Hu Haoran and Zhang Song.

If hed known, he wouldnt have given them Sugars ID.

Theyd probably dropped to bronze by now.

Returning to his seat, Lin Yi began to prepare for the taekwondo class.

It wasnt his forte after all, so he had to do some mental calculations.

Hed just sat down when he saw Sugar walk in from outside.

She was wearing a white blouse and a black one-step dress, which highlighted her long, wavy hair.

There was a hint of sharpness in her aura.

This was probably related to her work.

If she had changed into a gentler outfit, she wouldnt have been able to control the students.

“If I remember correctly, you seem to have a taekwondo class today.

Can you handle it” Sugar asked.


Lin Yi hesitated for a few seconds.

“I didnt teach it before, but its not a big problem.”

“As long as youre confident.”

As he spoke, Sugar took out her uniform from her closet and walked out.

“Where are you going”

“To change my uniform,” Suger said matter-of-factly.

“You cant make me change here.”

“I can.”

“Forget it, Im afraid youll end up having a nosebleed.”

Lin Yi, “…”

Was she that confident in her figure

After changing her clothes, Sugar came back in a hurry.

“Im going to cancel my meeting in the morning.

Shall we play a game”

Lin Yi, “…”

“You wanted me to be in the same office as you because you want to play games with me, right”

“Yeah, the two of us working together…”

“Get lost, dont flatter yourself.”

“Ah, party with me for a few rounds, Ill definitely listen to you,” Sugar said.

“Im on my promotion game today.

If Im successful, Ill give you a special undressing show.”

“Im not interested in undressing,” Lin Yi said.

“I only care about my video games.”

He was bored, so he decided to play three rounds with Sugar.

Two wins, one loss.

“Dont drink your Mrs.

Oral Liquid in the future.”

“Whats wrong”

“Go drink Six Walnut Milk to nourish your brain,” Lin Yi scolded.

“The opponent has five rookies, and youre still fighting like this.

Did you exchange your IQ for a kitchen knife”


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