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Everyones eyes fell on Gao Renxing, their expressions teasing.

He had been saying that he had been good friends with Manager Bi of Wangjiang Dock for many years.

It turns out he had just been bragging.

“Theres no need to do that.

Theres nothing much to do,” Lin Yi said.

“Im planning to go out to sea later.

Therell be about twenty people.

Prepare a big ship.”

“Got it, Boss Lin.

Ill get someone to arrange it now.”


After hanging up, Lin Yi put his phone on the table and said with a smile, “Everythings settled.

Lets go over after dinner.”


Lin, I didnt know you were so close to Manager Bi at Wangjiang Dock,” Qian Xu complimented.

“Hes my subordinate.

How could I not be close”

“What Subordinate!”

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“Thats right, Wangjiang Dock is my business, so of course hes my subordinate,” Lin Yi said.

“Do you have any questions”


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air when they learned Lin Yis identity.

“Didnt you say that youre running a small business”

“Wangjiang Dock isnt that big, right I only go there when Im free, and I usually leave it to my subordinates.

“I dont have time to take care of it…”

Everyones eyes widened as goosebumps appeared all over their bodies!

Just how big was his business, to the point where he didnt have time to take care of it

Song Jia stared at Lin Yi with question marks hanging over her head.

In turns out Vice-President Lin was really rich, and there was no need to pretend!

“Look at this mess.” Qian Xu raised his glass and stood up with a smile, “Jiajia, its been so long since you graduated, and youre still the same.

Youve always been so low-key, and you actually found such a powerful boyfriend.

We wont be able to reach such heights in our lives.”

“Everyone, raise your wine glasses.

Lets toast to Mr.

Lin,” the boy named Haozi said,

“If it werent for Mr.

Lin today, we wouldnt have had the chance to go to Wangjiang Dock to play.”

“Thats right.

With Jiajias connections, in the future, we can get a discount if we want to go,” Old Sun said.

“Sure, sure.”Lin Yi said.

After learning Lin Yis real identity, the focus of the dinner fell on him and Song Jia.

Li Xueru and Gao Renxing didnt even get a chance to interrupt.

They were so angry that their teeth were itching.

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They finally held a class reunion just to show off, but they didnt expect to upstaged by someone else!

About two hours later, Gao Renxing said,

“Xueru, I cant eat here anymore.

Lets go.”

“Yes, but dont forget to pay the bill,” Li Xueru said in a low voice,

“Although her boyfriend is rich, I have to tell the others that my man is not bad either! I must not let them look down on me!”

“Dont worry, I will definitely help you regain your face!”

Li Xueru nodded, then coughed a few times and said,

“I think the meal is almost done, so Ill leave first.”

“Xueru Whats the matter” Qian Xu asked.

Li Xueru smiled, “You all know that my boyfriends company is very busy.

Recently, he has a few projects that are worth tens of millions of dollars, so he has to go back.”

“Alright, you guys go first.

We will chat with Mr.

Lin for a while, and we wont hold you up.”


Xueru looked embarrassed.

These people were too snobbish!

“Why dont we call it a day I have other things to talk about too.

Lets meet again another day.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Alright, alright, alright.


Lin has a lot of things to deal with every day.

His time is much more precious than us.

Lets meet again another day.

We must sit down and have a drink.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi spoke, and the others no longer wanted to eat anymore.

They packed their things and prepared to leave.

Seeing that the time was ripe, Li Xueru looked at Gao Renxing.

The latter understood and said,


A few seconds later, a waitress in uniform walked in.

“Sir, how can I help you”

“How much is the bill” Gao Renxing asked.

“Its just a meal.

I dont need you to pay for it,” Lin Yi said.

“How can that be Im the one who arranged the meal.

Well pay for it,” Li Xueru said.

“Although the Peninsula Hotel is high-class, we can still afford it with our conditions.”

“I dont doubt your spending ability.

I just dont think its necessary.

Were all on the same side.”

“Its because were on the same side that were treating you.” Li Xueru said, “Weve been classmates for so many years.

Its no big deal for treat us to you all to a meal.”

“Alright then.

Since you insist, I wont stand on ceremony with you.”

“Whats there to stand on ceremony for It wont cost much.”

Gao Renxing took out his bank card.

“If its not enough, just swipe the card.”

“Sir, your total is 56,800 dollars.”

Lin Yi looked at the waiter.

“Tell the front desk to give us a 20% discount.

Were all on the same side, so dont charge the usual price.”

“Got it, Boss Lin,” the waiter said.

“What Boss Lin!”

Everyone was dumbfounded again, not understanding what was going on.

“I forgot to tell you guys just now.

The Peninsula Hotel is also my business.

Thank you for your support.”

Song Jias head was buzzing.

The Peninsula Hotel was actually Vice-President Lins!

What, what was going on

There was a rich second generation hiding by her side

How did she come across something like this

“You… you said the Peninsula Hotel is yours too” Xuerus eyes widened in disbelief.

“Yeah, otherwise they wouldnt call me Boss Lin.” Lin Yi smiled.

“You came to my business, and I didnt want you to spend your money, but I didnt expect you to give me so much face.

Ill just have to do as you say.”

Xueru felt her face burning.

Although shed bought the meal herself, this hotel belonged to Song Jias boyfriend!

Not only had she spent the money, but shed also been slapped in the face!

How could she let him live

Lin Yi stood up and patted Song Jia on the shoulder.

“Lets go.

Its time to go back.”

“Oh, oh.”

Song Jias mind was blank.

She still hadnt reacted.

What the hell was going on!

Lin Yi and Song Jia left the hotel under everyones praise.

The trip to the sea was canceled.

Since Lin Yi wasnt going,what was the point of going on their own

Li Xueru and Gao Renxing could only follow behind quietly.

They had lost enough face already, and they just wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible.

After leaving the hotel, Gao Renxing pressed the car key, and the Porsches headlights lit up.

Everyone looked on with envy.

“Xueru, this car of yours should be a Porsche Panamera, right It should cost more than two million dollars.”

“Indeed, it should be more than two million dollars, but dont be envious.

Jiajias boyfriend is so rich, so he must have something better than our car.”

When everyone heard that, they found that it made sense.

“Jiajia, your boyfriend is so rich, so your car should be worth more than ten million dollars, right” Qian Xu said with a smile.

“Huht I drive an A6.”


Everyone looked at Song Jia in disbelief.

“No way, an A6 is only half a million dollars.

With your status, driving this car is a bit cheap.”

Li Xueru rolled her eyes and said, “Jiajia is still as frugal as when she was in school.”

“Thats true.

Because she worked in school, she didnt want to be too high-profile, so she bought an Audi A6.

The Koenigsegg I bought for is only occasionally taken out.”

“Koenigsegg!” Everyone exclaimed.

“Thats right.”

Lin Yi took out the car keys.

“To be honest, its not comfortable to drive a sports car.

Its really not as luxurious as some of these brands.

Ill buy a Porsche when I have time.

I really dont want to drive a sports car anymore.”


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