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“6.5 million…”

The Range Rover owners head buzzed when he heard the number.

“How can a motorcycle be so expensive”

“Its not too late to find out.” The traffic policeman handed his drivers license back.

“Ill cover for you.

Just go, dont embarrass yourself here.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

Under the polices care, the Range Rover owner left dejectedly, and Lin Yi left on his motorcycle without saying anything else.

Half an hour later, Lin Yi drove Ji Qingyan to Yaluo Design on his motorcycle.

When the two arrived, Lin Yi found Guan Ya and a middle-aged man waiting at the door.

As expected, they were waiting for Ji Qingyan.

“President Ji, weve been waiting for you for a long time.”

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Guan Ya stretched out her hand when she saw Ji Qingyan get off the motorcycle.

However, she didnt realize that the man with the helmet was Lin Yi.

At the same time, she felt a little weirded out.

With President Jis status and self-control, why did she come on a motorcycle

Could it be that there was a traffic jam on the road, so she decided to take a motorcycle

“Sorry for the wait.

Im really sorry,” Ji Qingyan replied apologetically.

“Were all on the same side.

President Ji, you dont have to stand on ceremony.”

As she spoke, Guan Ya turned to the side and introduced,

“President Ji, let me introduce you.

This is Delphis person-in-charge in the Asia-Pacific region, Mr.

Chu Daoyi.”

“As far as I know, Delphi is a world-class cruise ship manufacturer.

Its an honor to meet Mr.


“The pleasure is mine, President Lin.” Chu Daoyi extended his hand.

“Although we are not in the same industry, I have heard of your name before.

To be able to run a listed company at such a young age is not something that an ordinary person can do.”

Ji Qingyan nodded slightly but had no intention to extend her hand.

Chu Daoyis expression was awkward and he felt a little embarrassed.

“Chief Ji, you dont even give me a chance to shake hands with you.

This is too insincere.”

Guan Yas face darkened.

This fellow, who was pretending to be a good dog just now, revealed his fox tail when he saw Ji Qingyan.

Chief Ji was personally appointed by Chief Lin.

Do you still want to do this deal or not

“We are all businessmen.

Talking about money is the most practical thing.

Why bother with these details”

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“I think this is a matter of etiquette,” Chu Daoyi said,

“Even if CEO Lin as the primary party of the project were here, he would still give me, Chu Daoyi, face.”

“Who do you think you are How are you worthy of me giving you face”

Guan Ya and Chu Daoyi turned to look at Ji Qingyans driver.

What was wrong with this person He was too unruly.

“How dare he speak so rudely to me Do you know who I, Chu Daoyi, am”

“I didnt do anything.

Thats already giving you face.”

Guan Ya widened her beautiful eyes.

Why did this voice sound so familiar

“Director Lin!”

Guan Ya jumped in shock when she saw Lin Yi take off his helmet.

She never thought that the person riding the motorcycle would be Lin Yi!

Chu Daoyi was also confused.

“What-what did you say, Director Lin”

“Thats right, Wangjiang Dock belongs to Director Lin.

He is the primary party to us all.”

Chu Daoyis face darkened as he broke out in cold sweat.

He seemed to have scolded Director Lin earlier.

What should he do now

Lin Yi raised his brows and looked at Chu Daoyi coldly.

“Didnt you want to shake hands with her Ill give you this chance.”

No matter how stupid Chu Daoyi was, he could see the relationship between the two of them.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have personally come here on a motorcycle.

“Director Lin, look at this mess.

If I had known that you and Boss Ji had this kind of relationship, I wouldnt have said that.”

Chu Daoyi was so nervous that he felt like he was being judged.

The project at Wangjiang Dock had already been reported to his higher-ups.

The leaders of the headquarters attached great importance to it.

If something went wrong because of him, he would have to resign!

“Are you scared now”

“Yes, I know…”

“We dont need you anymore.

Well switch to another equipment dealer.

Lets go,” Lin Yi said.

“Director Lin, please dont.

As the saying goes, those who dont know wont be blamed.

Please give me another chance.”

“Get lost!”

Chu Daoyi was scared out of his wits and left with a sour face.

Guan Ya sighed.

What was the point

Seeing Lin Yi sticking up for her, Ji Qingyans heart was filled with joy.

She said gently,

“Im leaving first.

Drive slowly.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Do you need me to pick you up after youre done”

“Theres no need to pick me up.

Do your own thing.

Dont waste your time on me.”

“Then I wont worry about you.

Dont forget to give me five stars later.”

“Tsk, what a snob.

All you know are five-star reviews.”

With that, Ji Qingyan took the documents and went back to the building designed by Luo Ya.

Lin Yi left on his motorcycle and started working.

By 5 pm, Lin Yi had received a total of four reviews, two good reviews and two moderate reviews.

Including Ji Qingyans order, he had received three five-star reviews.

The mission progress had reached (14/20)

If he was lucky and worked hard, he could probably get six five-star reviews in a day.

Even if he was unlucky, they should be able to do it in two days.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang at this time.

It was a call from Zhang Song.

“Boss, in another half an hour, my job will be completed.

Where are you Lets go eat first.

Im starving.”

“Where are you Ill come pick you up now.”

“Im at Cisco.

I think Ill be done by then.”

“Okay, wait for me there.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi rode his motorcycle towards Cisco.

Twenty minutes later, Lin Yi arrived at the front of Ciscos building, sizing up his competitor.

As a company that focused on research and production, it was much bigger than Longxin in terms of scale.

Lin Yi hugged his helmet and smiled.

“Ill be saying goodbye to you guys soon.”

Not long after, Zhang Song walked out of Ciscos building.

There was a man in his thirties standing beside him.

The two of them were chatting happily.

Zhang Song had mentioned the mans name before.

His name was Yan Hongyu, the marketing manager of Cisco.

“Director Yan, I wish us a pleasant cooperation this time.” Zhang Song stretched out his hand.

“But the plan for the second shipment should be scheduled as soon as possible.

Its very important for us to occupy the market.”

“Dont worry, Ill try my best to arrange it.” Yan Hongyu said.

“But you have to know that the domestic chip market has already been occupied by Cisco, so we have a very large amount of commitments.

We can only try our best to arrange this.”

“Then Ill have to trouble you, Director Yan.”

As he said that, Zhang Song turned around and left.

He saw Lin Yi waving his hand not far away, so he quickened his pace.

“Boss, why did you change to a motorcycle It looks too good!” Zhang Song said enviously.

“Then Ill give it to you as a gift.”

“Dont, I dont even know how to ride.”

Lin Yi raised his head and looked at Yan Hongyu who turned around and left.

“What did you talk about today”

“Lets not talk about it.

This Cisco is too pretentious.”


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