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“Thats still fate.” Liu Sisi said,

“You know, Ive been thinking about you the whole time we were apart.”

“I dont know.”


“Are you still mad at me Ive already admitted my mistake, so please forgive me this once.” Liu Sisi pulled Lin Yis arm and said in a coquettish voice.

“Weve been together for so long, and we had such a long-lasting relationship.

Do you have the heart to give up on me”

“I do.”

“Lin Yi, I know youre still mad at me, but I really know my mistake.

I shouldnt have treated you like that in the past.

Who can guarantee that they can live a mistake-free life I just needed to realize my mistake.”

“Dont have such thoughts in front of me.

Weve already broken up, so lets act decent.”

“Youre mistaken.

I want to get back together with you, not because of your money, but because I realized that I really like you after we split up,” Liu Sisi said tearfully.

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“Ive been crying these past few days.

I cant eat or sleep well, and the doctor said that Im depressed.”

“Alright, stop pretending.” Lin Yi pushed Liu Sisi away,

“You think I dont know what kind of person you are If I didnt have money, would you shamelessly stick to me Can you let me finish my food in peace”

“Lin Yi, I swear to God, if I like you because of your money, Ill be struck by lightning!”

Lin Yi, “…”

Youre really playing so hard

“Alright then, since youve said so, Ill give you a chance.”Lin Yi pointed at the other tables in the stall.

“Go and take away the leftovers on the table.”

“Ah Clean up the leftovers”

Liu Sisi was ecstatic that Lin Yi had agreed to get back together, but she couldnt understand why he was doing it.

“Yeah, this stall belongs to me.”

Lin Yi pointed at Kong Jings father.

“Thats the chef I hired.

You can just call him Uncle Kong.

Auntie Liu is next to him.

Now that youre here, therell be more people helping out, so I can expand the shop.”

Kong Jings parents were stunned.

They didnt know what was going on.

On the other hand, the little girl, Kong Jing, was quick-witted.

She understood what Lin Yi meant and said,

“Mom, since this sister is here.

Youll be more relaxed in the future.”

“Oh, thats great.” Auntie Liu said, but she was still confused.

Liu Sisi was confused.

The reality in front of her was different from what she imagined.

Lin Yi was supposed to pick her up in a sports car and travel around the world.

Why was she still working here

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“Lin… Lin Yi, whats going on Isnt the Peninsula Hotel yours Why did you open a restaurant here”

“The environment wasnt good.

I lost money.

I opened a restaurant here to make a living.” Lin Yi mumbled as he ate his fried rice.

“Hurry up and get to work.

The city management employees will be here soon.”

Liu Sisi was dumbfounded.

Were the gods playing with her

Why did she always meet him when he was down and out

What was the point of getting back together with him under such conditions

“Sisi, whats going on Didnt your ex-boyfriend drive a sports car and own a hotel” Liu Sisis best friend said with disdain.

“Is that crappy minivan your so-called supercar Is this junkyard a five-star restaurant”

Liu Sisi looked embarrassed and wanted to find a hole to hide in.

She had embarrassed herself in front of her friends in the past, and now it had happened again.

Damn it!

“Dont just stand there,” Lin Yi said,

“Didnt you want to get back together with me You have a part in this business too.

Oh, and your friend, ask her to help too.

There are so many customers today, and we cant handle all of them.”

“Sisi, whats wrong with your ex-boyfriend Is he out of his mind You want me to work for him Is he worthy” Liu Sisis best friend said.

“Dont be so mean,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“If you dont want to help, sit down and eat something.

Its just a show of support.

Its not too much, right”

“Ptui!” Liu Sisis best friend crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“What kind of place is this You really have the nerve to ask me to sit down and eat”

“Whats wrong with this place” Lin Yi said.

“Our egg fried rice is very famous.”

“Even if its famous, isnt it still egg fried rice Its for the poor,” Liu Sisis best friend said.

“The restaurants I go to are all high-end restaurants that cost more than 300 dollars per person.

My stomach cant digest such things.”

“This is high-quality rice and eggs from the countryside.

Most people want to eat it…”


Liu Sisi slammed the table, and a layer of foundation fell off her face.

“Lin Yi, thats enough!”

“Huh Whats wrong” Lin Yi asked.

“Arent you ashamed enough I really misjudged you!”

“Huh Misjudged me for what”

“You still have the nerve to ask me” Liu Sisi said.

“I didnt think that after being apart for so long, youd still be a piece of trash.Despite having such a large amount of assets in your hands, youve already squandered them all.

Even a pig would be stronger than you!”

“Didnt I just say it Its the environment that was bad.

You cant blame me for that.”

“Ptui! Youre always saying that the environments bad.

Youre the one that destroys the environment.” Liu Sisi said angrily.

“I was really blind to look for you to get back together!”

Lin Yi tried hard to hold back his laughter.

“Didnt you just say that you and I are true love How long has it been since then How did you change your attitude so fast”

“Bullsh*t! Dont flatter yourself!”

Liu Sisi scolded, “Look at you now! Do you think youre worthy of me”

“Whats there to be unworthy of Were you lying” Lin Yi said, “Are you really just interested in my money”


Liu Sisi said, “Im telling you openly that Im only interested in your money.

Otherwise, why would a poor guy like you make me shamelessly commit to you”

“Ah, I guess I ended up making a mistake.” Lin Yi sighed.

“Haha, Whats the point of saying all this when you cant do anything Its only been a short while, and youve already squandered such a big business.

Why didnt you let me manage it”

Boom! Boom! Boom

Before Lin Yi could say anything, he heard the sound of a motorcycle coming from not too far away.

Lin Yi looked up and saw that his T12 had arrived.

“This car sounds so noisy,” Kong Jing said as she covered her ears.

“Is it noisy What a nice sound.” Lin Yi said as he touched Kong Jing.

“Yi Bro will take you for a ride later.”

“Huh Yi Bro, is that your motorcycle”

“Of course.”

Liu Sisi frowned when she saw the motorcycle coming from afar.

He was driving a Pagani before, but now it was a motorcycle.

He was really down and out.

“Lin Yi, do you have any morals You want to fool a little girl with a broken motorcycle”

“I dont like what youre saying.

My motorcycle is worth a lot of money.”

“What money Its so noisy, and youre saying that your motorcycle is worth money Can you stop pretending now”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Whatever you say.”

At the same time, Lin Yis T12 arrived in front of him.

Lin Yi had some impression of the driver.

His name was Gao Fei, the director of the racetracks maintenance department.

“Boss Lin, the car has been repaired.

Weve also modified some of the parts to make it faster and safer.”


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