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“What the f*ck! It wants to become a doctor”

This profession was pretty awesome!

Even though he was excited, Lin Yi suppressed his excitement.

He had already experienced three professions, and he hadnt received the final mission yet, so he couldnt unlock the new profession yet.

He had to clear all the final missions before he could start the new profession properly.

Otherwise, the backlog of missions would be too much, and it would be a burden for him.

However, Lin Yi was still looking forward to the profession of doctor.

He just didnt know which hospital he would be arranged to go to this time.

[ System mission: received 20 5-star reviews.

Reward 100,000 experience points.

Current mission progress (11/20)]

“The ultimate mission is here”

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The job completion rate had reached 90%.

Another 100,000 experience points would mean that it would reach 100%!

Lin Yi calculated in his heart.

The teacher job was still on cooldown, so it was impossible to restart it now.

He could only choose to use Didi and run errands.

In the end, Lin Yi decided to finish running errands completely.

He just needed nine more five-star reviews, and the mission would be complete.

This was simple.

However, as the old saying went,you cant trap a wolf without a child, and you cant trap a gangster without a wife..

The ultimate mission wasnt that difficult, and the rewards might not be too good.

Still, it was the ultimate mission, after all.

Therefore, he would finish it first.

Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief at the thought of this.

He could slow down and do his own thing.

He looked at the time and found that it was already noon.

He looked around and found that he wasnt far from Chaoyang Group.

He hadnt eaten Uncle Kongs egg fried rice for a long time, so he went over to taste it.

With the help of the Sages wisdom, he was able to cook a delicious meal, but the food he made was still a little lacking compared to Uncle Kongs.

The taste might not be bad, but it felt too different.

After making up his mind, Lin Yi drove to the alley near Chaoyang Group.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

On the way, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was Zhou Haitao, from the racetrack.

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“Boss Lin, the T12 has been repaired.

Should we leave it here or send it to you”

“Its been repaired so quickly”

“Yes, the manufacturers had spare parts, so it didnt take long.”

“Im in the alley beside No.

190 Xuanqing Road.

Send it to me.”

The system awarded T12 motorcycle had just been driven once, but it was ruined by that retard named Chang Dejun.

Now that it had been repaired, he could finally experience it again.

“Alley” Zhou Haitao said with a dilemma.

“Lin, the alley is too small for a car to get in.”

“Youre such a stubborn person.

Why are you driving a car Just get someone to ride it over.

Whats the point of all this Theres no diamonds on it.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I got it.

Ill arrange for someone to send it over now.”

Lin Yi hung up the phone and didnt go to Xuanqing Road.

Instead, he drove the car to the parking lot of Chaoyang Group.

The T12 would be here soon.

He couldnt drive it anymore, so he would just leave it there to collect dust.

After parking the car, Lin Yi slowly walked towards the alley on Xuanqing Road.

“Yi Bro!”

The little girl, Kong Jing, ran over excitedly when she saw Lin Yi.

She was extremely happy.

“The college entrance exam is coming up soon.

Why are you still spending time here”

“Ive been too tired from studying recently.

The school gave us a day off to relax.”

“Youre right.

Sharpening a knife doesnt hurt as much as chopping wood.

Take a break and relax your mind.

Perhaps the learning effect will be better.”

“Thats right,” Kong Jing said with a smile.

“Brother Lin really knows me.

My dad only knows how to make me study every day.”

“Theyre doing this for your own good.”

“I know that.” Kong Jing chuckled.

“Brother Lin, what do you want to eat Let my dad cook it for you.”

“Same old order.

Egg fried rice.

This time, add two golden gongs and ham sausages, two eggs, and a packet of spicy sticks.”

“Come, come, come, Little Yi.

Take a seat,” Aunt Liu said with a smile.

“The business seems to be pretty good today.

Theres no need to rush to do my order.

Ill just wait for Uncle Kong to finish his work first.”

“Its fine.

With your Uncle Kongs skills, he can get everything done.

Ill do it for you now.”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony.” Lin Yi said.

“Weve known each other for so long.

If you stand on ceremony with me, then somethings not right.”

One of them cooked the egg fried rice while the other greeted the guests.

Kong Jing sat beside Lin Yi, accompanying him.

“The college entrance exam is coming up soon.

Do you have any target universities” Lin Yi asked.

“I want to go to Fudan,” Kong Jing said.


Lin Yi thought for a moment.

“Your grades should be pretty high.

You should be able to go to Tsinghua University and Yan University.”

“It shouldnt be a problem if I perform well,

“But even if I can get in, Ill probably be at the bottom.

If I go to Fudan, I can choose any major I want.

Besides, Zhonghai is close to home.

I dont want to go too far.”

“That makes sense.” Lin Yi patted Kong Jings head and smiled.

“Do you have any majors youd like”

“I want to study medicine.” Kong Jing said with a smile.

“I think those doctors and nurses in white coats look really good.”

“Theres no problem with studying medicine, but you have to consider one thing.” Lin Yi said.

“Studying medicine usually takes five years, and its a very tiring field.

Itll be like senior year at the end of every year.

You have to be mentally prepared.”

“Its not that bad.” Kong Jing said with her head held high.

“I dont think senior year is that tiring.”

Lin Yi, “…”

Was this the difference between a straight-a student and a slacker

“Little girl, youre so pretty.

Why Dont you go to an art school and become a star in the future” A customer beside her said.

“Lin Bro said that the entertainment industry is too chaotic, so Im not going,” Kong Jing said.

“Wow, youre pretty obedient.

Not bad, not bad.”

At that moment, Lin Yis egg fried rice was served, along with a bottle of soda.

“Arent you going to apply soon If theres anything you dont understand, just ask your Brother Yi.”

Auntie Liu looked at Lin Yi with a smile.

“Your Uncle Kong and I didnt go to school, so we dont know much about this kind of thing.

Well have to trouble you about it.”

“Of course.

Dont you have my number If theres anything you need, just give me a call.”

“Thank you then.”

“Youre welcome.” Lin Yi looked at Kong Jing.

“After you pass the exam, Ill give you a phone and a computer as a reward.”

“How can I accept that My mom said that I cant just take things from others.”Kong Jing refused.

“Plus, computers and phones arent cheap, so I cant take them.”

“Your Brother Lins money is too much for me to finish.

Just take it.”

Before Kong Jing could speak, someone called Lin Yis name.

“Lin Yi, why are you here”

Lin Yi looked up and was surprised to find that the person he was talking to was Liu Sisi!

Liu Sisis appearance surprised Lin Yi.

Zhong Hai was so big, so he thought that he would never see her again.

He didnt expect to meet her in such a place.

“Sisi, you know this handsome guy”

The person who spoke was Liu Sisis new best friend.

The two of them were arm in arm, wearing miniskirts and black silk.

They looked sexy and bold.

“Hes my ex-boyfriend.

We had a fight a while ago, so we separated for a while.”

Liu Sisi was both surprised and happy to see Lin Yi again.

Could it be that God was looking out for her and giving her another chance to meet him

“No way.

You were willing to fight with such a handsome boyfriend”

The reason why Liu Sisi and Lin Yi were initially together was because of his good looks.

However, as time went on, Lin Yis poverty became unacceptable to Liu Sisi.

Many of her best friends drove luxury cars with diamond rings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but when she wanted the latest iphone, he couldnt afford it.

This was the final reason why they broke up.

“We broke up because of a misunderstanding.

Its not what you think.”

Liu Sisi sat beside Lin Yi and grabbed his arm, as if she was holding onto the god of wealth.

If Lin Yi would get back together with her, not only would he be able to sit a Pagani in the future, she could even stay at the Peninsula Hotel!

In her circle, who would be able to compare to her then

“Wait, I remember now.” Liu Sisis best friend said.

“I think you mentioned to me before that your ex-boyfriend was very rich.

He owns a hotel and drives a supercar.

This cant be him, right”

“Thats right, its him!” `Liu Sisi held her head high with a smug look on her face.

“Isnt he outstanding”

“Are you out of your mind You actually broke up with such a handsome and rich boyfriend”

“Who said we broke up Were just temporarily apart.

Its not what you think.”

Liu Sisi looked at Lin Yi with a fiery gaze.

“Lin Yi, weve been apart for so long.

Dont you think its fate that we met here today”

“Even if its fate, its still a bad fate.”



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