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“Yes, I wrote it…” Zhao Weiran said nervously.

“Weiran, what nonsense are you spouting”

Seeing that Peng Xifengs expression was not quite right, Liu Wei tried to persuade him, “You dont have any backup plan.”

“What… whats Wrong”

“Didnt you see that Professor Pengs expression was not right Its obvious that he saw the problem.

You said that you wrote this thesis yourself, which is equivalent to putting all the blame on yourself.

I think you dont want to graduate.”

“It cant be that bad.”

“How can it not be that bad” Liu Wei said, “Dont you know Professor Pengs character Who has he ever spared in the past”

“I dont know what to do either.” Zhao Weiran said dejectedly, “The words have already been said, so lets take it one step at a time.”

“Its impossible.

Its impossible for you to write this thesis.” Peng Xifeng pushed up his glasses.

“With your level, you cant write such a thesis.”

“What do you mean” Weiran was confused.

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Could it be that her level was lower than his, so she had been seen through

However, from what he said, it was clear that she was much better than him.

“Teacher Peng, this is what happened.

Actually, this paper was written by this Lin Yi,” Zhang Jian said.

“He wrote it”

Xi Feng looked at Lin Yi up and down.

He didnt look like his student.

Lin Yi nodded.

“I gave her some guidance, but she completed the content on her own.”

“Haha… Can you stop pretending now Teacher Peng has seen through you, dont you have any self-awareness”

“What self-awareness do I have”

“Didnt Teacher Peng say that with Weirans level, she couldnt write such a thesis What she means is that your level is too far away from Weirans, and your thesis is full of flaws.

It cant even be considered a thesis!” Zhang Jian said.

Lin Yis face darkened.

He was both angry and amused.

“My level is too far off from hers With her level, is there any lower one can possibly be”

Zhao Weiran wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

Although she was a bad student, she still wanted her dignity to be spared!

“Teacher Peng, let me tell you the truth.

Hes not a student of our school at all, but an errand boy.

In order to get a five-star rating, he cheated Weiran by hook or by crook.”

“What did you say Hes an errand boy!”

Not only did Peng Xifeng lose his patience after learning Lin Yis identity, so did the other old professors in the office.

How could an errand boy write a thesis

What was wrong with this kid, Weiran

Did she focus all her attributes on charm when she was born

“Weiran, as your teacher, I have to say a few words to you,” an old lady with white hair said.

“Zhang Jian studies so well.

Even if you want to find someone to guide you in writing thesis, you should look for him.

Whats wrong with you to look for an errand boy Dont you want to graduate”

“Teacher Wang, I know Im wrong.”

“Humph, young people nowadays really dont have a bottom line.

At most, he has a junior high school degree, but he shamelessly guides university students in writing their thesis.

This is simply nonsense!”

“Enough!”P eng Xifeng slammed the table.

With his status and status, this voice played a decisive role.

No one dared to make a sound.

“Peng, Professor Peng…” Zhao Weiran said with a trembling voice, “If you want to get angry, then direct it at me.

I know Im wrong.”

“What anger I cant praise you enough!”


Praise me

“This thesis is really well written!” Peng Xifeng said.

“According to the theory ofMaxwell Demon, the later formulas and the dialectical relationship are also flawless.

This thesis is extremely valuable.

I can guarantee that not many teachers in our school can write a thesis of this level!”

As soon as these words were said, everyone present froze on the spot as if they were petrified.

They felt that they were hallucinating!

“Professor Peng, you say that this is a high-level thesis” The old lady said.

“Thats right.

If you dont believe me, come see for yourself.

Its an extremely high-level thesis!” Peng Xifeng said.

“I can guarantee that even a PhD student from Tsinghua University and Yan University might not be able to write a thesis of this level!”


The professors in the office all crowded around the computer and flipped through Zhao Weirans thesis.

They were shocked when they saw it.



The voices kept coming one after another!

“No wonder it was praised by Professor Peng.

This thesis is perfect!”

“Even I might not be able to explain this point perfectly.”

“Although its just an exploration of the perpetual motion machine, its still a good direction to move in.

It can be used in many other aspects.”

“With the quality of this paper, it can be even be sent to the SCI journal.”

Hearing the comments of the professors, Zhao Weirans brain went a bit haywire.

Who am I

Where am I

What am I doing

I just asked a random errand boy to help input a paper.

How did I meet an academic god

Could it be that the legendary fool has dumb luck

Zhang Jian and Sun Ning were also dumbfounded.

What was the background of this kid!

The thesis that he wrote not only received praise from the professors, but also had the ability to enter the SCI journal

“Young man, can you tell me what degree you have” Peng Xifeng asked politely.

“Zhonghai Science and Technology, bachelors degree in marketing.”

“Science and Technology Marketing”

Peng Xifeng and the others were petrified.

A marketing student could actually write a thesis of this level

“Theres no need to lie to you.” Lin Yi shrugged.


“Absolute genius!”

“To be able to write a thesis of this level with your education level, I think youre a genius comparable to Maxwell himself!”

Facing Lin Yi, Peng Xifeng wasnt stingy with his praise.

It was the first time Zhao Weiran and the others had seen the devil teacher, Peng Xifeng, praise someone like that.

“Thank you, Professor Peng, for your praise.

I just wrote it casually.

Its not as amazing as you say.”

Zhang Jians face was dark.

Are you being modest, or are you acting cool

You just wrote it casually

Who the hell could write a paper like that casually!

“Young man, youre too modest.” Peng Xifeng handed over a business card.

“This is my contact information.

I hope we can have a chance to communicate in the future.”

“Okay.” Lin Yi took the business card.

“If theres nothing else, Ill take my leave first.”

After Lin Yi left, Zhao Weiran and the others followed.

She still couldnt calm down.

“Little Brother, I added you on wechat.

Can you accept it” Zhao Weiran said embarrassedly.

“Why did you add me on wechat Are you going to discuss physics with me”

“Sure, but Im stupid.

I can only discuss something simpler with you.”




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