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Sun Ning almost jumped out of her chair when he saw Lin Yi.

“Its you!”

Lin Yi was surprised.

“Do we know each other”

“You were the one driving the sports car, asking for directions from Jin Qiao, right”

Lin Yi remembered what happened after Sun Ning said that.

The guy seemed to be the one who had confessed at the school gate.

“Thats me.

Whats wrong” Lin Yi asked.

“You still have the nerve to ask me whats wrong” Sun Ning was furious.

“Its because of you that Jin Qiao didnt agree.

Youre responsible for this!”

Lin Yi was stunned.

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He was just asking for directions.

Could it be that he ruined this guys confession

If that was the case, then he really did bear a bit of responsibility.

What a shame.

The other three were a little surprised when they discovered Lin Yis identity.

This was too much of a coincidence.

They actually bumped into each other here

“Hello, Im Zhao Weiran.

Are you looking for me”

Zhao Weiran was a little curious.

She didnt know why this handsome guy was looking for her.

Lin Yi took out his phone.

On it was an order for an errand boy.

“You should be the one who placed the order and asked me to write the thesis for you, right”

“Well, thats right…”

“But Im looking for an errand boy, not you.” Weiran said, a little confused

“I am an errand boy.” Lin Yi said.

The four of them were in a mess, feeling like their worldview was about to collapse.

“Are you kidding me You drive a supercar, and you call yourself an errand boy” Sun Ning asked

“Is there a problem with running errands in a sports car” Lin Yi asked.

“Bull**,” Sun Ning said.

“What kind of rich kid drives a sports car to come out to serve people Are you trying to fool me”

“Hehe, I know whats going on,” Zhang Jian said with a smile.

“This is your companys new business, right Driving a sports car to run errands, and then you can blow up online forums.

This kind of operation method is quite novel.”

“That seems possible,” Liu Wei said.

“I heard before that Didi has already launched a luxury car line.

I guess Meituans errand strategy department also wants to follow suit.”

“Haha… …”

Zhang Jian was about to burst into tears.

“Old Sun, youre being too sullen.

A good girlfriend is gone just because of a errand boy like him.

I cant take it anymore, Im going to laugh myself to death.”

Sun Nings face alternated between red and white.

He had the urge to strangle Lin Yi to death.

What the hell did I do in my past life to meet with such bad luck

“Dont talk so much.

Hes here to help me write my thesis, not to be mocked,” Zhao Weiran said with a cold face.

Zhang Jian laughed out loud, “Weiran, arent you too interesting Even if you just need someone to help type in your thesis, its not something an ordinary person can do.

With his educational level, he cant even input the symbols on the formula.

What can you expect him to do”

“You dont have to worry about that.

If theres nothing else, I hope you can leave.

Dont disturb us, okay”

Zhang Jian looked at Lin Yi and took out a hundred dollar note from his pocket.

“Kid, I dont want you to hang around here.

If you disappear from in front of me within three seconds, this hundred dollar bill will be yours.

It should be enough to make your salary for a day, right”

“Im sorry.

You didnt ask me to come here, so I cant leave.”

“Dont be unappreciative.

Do you really think I, Zhang Jian, am a good-tempered person”

“Your temper has nothing to do with me.

If you really want me to leave, just let her settle the order.”

“I advise you to be sensible and get lost.

Dont be an eyesore in front of me,” Sun Ning said with narrowed eyes.

“Alright, this is my business.

You dont have to worry about it.”

Zhao Weiran pulled a chair over.

“Handsome, sit here and we can get started.

Dont bother with him.”


“Youre just a stinking errand boy.

Dont you know your level You dare to take this kind of work” Sun Ning raised his brows.

“Looking at you, you probably only graduated from elementary school.

You probably dont even know what a thesis is.”

“Is that important” Lin Yi asked.

“But you, you cant even get a woman.

Thats the saddest thing, right”

Zhang Jian, “…”

That hurt, bro.

Lin Yi ignored Sun Ning and looked at Zhao Weiran.

“Wheres the thesis I need to input Let me take a look.”

Zhao Weiran handed the paper over and found that there was a faint fragrance on Lin Yis body, emitting a masculine aura that made peoples hearts beat faster.

“Thats it.

Well do it together.

Well probably finish it in four hours.

Ill pay extra for overtime, so dont worry about it.”

Lin Yi didnt care about the fees as he flipped through Weirans paper.

“Whats this There are so many mistakes.

If you submit this paper, you might not graduate.”

“I wont be able to graduate” Zhao Weiran looked surprised and said,

“I dont think so.

This was given to me by my high school classmate.

He also studied physics, and his grades are very good.

There shouldnt be any problems, right”

“Look at this paper.

The research topic is to explore the possibility of perpetual motion machines.

The topic itself is wrong, so all the discussions based on this foundation will have issues.

Do you understand what I mean”

The four of them were stunned.

How could an errand boy understand these things

“Then, then what should we do” Zhao Weiran asked tentatively.

“Actually, this topic is quite interesting.

Its just that there are some problems with the basic argument.

We can just change it to a new one.”

“What would be better”

“In thermodynamics, there is a very famous conjecture calledMaxwell Demon.

Do you know what that is”

Weiran shook her head clumsily, looking a little cute.

“This is a conjecture proposed by Maxwell.

Its mainly to explain the possibility of the second law of thermodynamics.” Lin Yi held the paper and said seriously,

“The main idea is that in an absolutely sealed space, theres a partition with zero friction in the middle.

Imagine theres a switch in the partition, and theres a demon in the space.

It can control the switch and allow the fast moving molecules to enter one of the spaces, leaving the slow moving molecules in another space.

If thats the case…”

Lin Yi glanced at Zhao Weiran.

“Did you understand what I said earlier”

“Do you want to hear the truth”


“I didnt understand.”

Lin Yi, “…”

“Then how much did you understand”

“I… Im a bad student, I didnt understand anything.”

Lin Yi rubbed his temples.

His head hurt.

It was already so simple, but she still didnt understand.

She was really bad.

Maybe this was the so-called dense girl.

Zhang Jian, Liu Wei, and the others were also dumbfounded.

An errand boy was actually talking about the laws of thermodynamics

The most unacceptable thing was that they couldnt understand it either!

This was too f*cking heaven-defying!

They both had the same f*cking nose and two eyes, so why was he so outstanding.

“Can you speak a little slower Maybe I can understand it.”

“You overestimate yourself,” Lin Yi said,

“At your level, you wont be able to understand even if I say it a hundred times.”


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