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Zhang Song didnt care too much and sat in the back seat with Yue Jiao.

“Oh my God, it really is a Bentley.

The interior of the car is too good.”

Yue Jiao took out her phone and took a lot of pictures in the car.

She even recorded a bunch of short videos.

She was only satisfied when the memory ran out.

On the other hand, Zhang Song was more reserved.

He was afraid that he would break something.

“This is a Bentley, theres nothing to say about the interior.” Yue Hai said as he sat in the passenger seat.

“This seat is more comfortable than my Mustang.”

“I thought Mercedes-benz and BMW were good cars, but now I see that theyre not considered high-class cars in front of a Bentley.”

“Thats right.” Yue Hai said.

“This is a world-class luxury car, ordinary people cant afford it.”

Yue Hai looked at Lin Yi.

“Bro, can we add each other on WeChat”

“Forget about adding each other on WeChat.

We just met by chance.

“Lin Yi said lightly.

“Alright then.” Yue Hai said with a smile.

“But I have something I need your help with.”

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“Huh What is it”

“I have a good friend getting married in a few days.

Can I borrow your car His house isnt far from Zhonghai.

We can go there and come back in under three days.

Were all on the same side.

It shouldnt be a problem, right”

“Whos on the same side as you”


Yue Hais expression turned awkward when Lin Yi rejected him on the spot.

“I-I was a little rude.

Well get along in the future.

Im a righteous person.

I Wont let you regret it.”

“Bro, whats the rush” Yue Jiao said.

“If you want to borrow the car in the future, just tell your brother-in-law.”

“Tell, tell me” Zhang Song said, “I dont have a car either.”

“Didnt Brother Lin just say that he wanted to give this car to you as a gift In the future, this car will be ours.”

“Aiyo, look at my memory.” Yue Hai slapped his forehead.

“How could I have forgotten about this In the future, this will be my brother-in-laws car.

Coincidentally, I know someone from the DMV.

Changing the name will be a piece of cake.”

“No, no, no.” Zhang Song refused.

“This car is too expensive.

I cant take it.

My bosss money didnt fall from the sky.

Ah! Why are you pinching me!”


Yue Jiao glared at Zhang Song and whispered, “Are you crazy Do you know what kind of car this is This is a Bentley Continental!”

“I, I know…”

“None of my sisters drive such a good car.

Do you know how cool this car is if I drive it out in the future Im telling you, if you dont get this car, Im done with you!”


Zhang Song stopped talking.

He didnt want Lin Yi to hear his argument with Yue Jiao.

However, he had already made up his mind.

He absolutely couldnt take this car!

Lin Yi didnt say anything the entire way as he drove to the food stall he used to frequent when he was still in school.

Yue Jiao and Yue Hai werent even at the back of his mind.

He just wanted to eat well with Zhang Song.

Lin Yi took the menu and pushed it towards Zhang Song.

“We used to come to this store when we were in school.

I dont think you forgot about it, right”

“How could I forget Their kidneys are the best.

I remember one time, you ate eight of them in one go.


“Dont make fun of me like that.

You ate six of them too,” Lin Yi said with a laugh.

“Were a bunch of old bachelors eating kidneys every day.

I dont know what we were doing with our lives.”

“Were just conserving our energy.”

“Alright, lets stop talking about it and order something first.

Im a little hungry.”

Zhang Song knew everything on the menu since hed always come here to eat in college.

After ordering some of his favorite dishes, he pushed the menu to Yue Jiao.

“Jiaojiao, their food is pretty good.

Dont worry about ordering whatever you want, just let me know what you want to eat.”

Yue Jiao frowned and showed an impatient look.

“I dont like to eat such smoky food.”

Yue Jiao looked around and pointed to the restaurant diagonally ahead.

“Lets go there and get me some lobsters and crabs.

Im really not used to eating food from the food stall.”

“How about this Ill get a car to send you home.

Its rare that you get to come back, so you should at least taste the food at home.

Theres no need to be bitter,” Lin Yi said.

Yue Jiao looked awkward.

“Lin Bro, thats not what I meant.

Ill try it then.”

“Dont force yourself.

Go home if you dont like it.

You should be happy when you go out.

Theres no need to make things difficult for yourself.” Lin Yi said.

“No, no, no.

Lin Bro, you misunderstood.

I actually like food from the food stall.”

“Lets order it then.

Boss is treating today, so we cant be too casual,” Zhang Song said.

“Okay,” Yue Jiao said indifferently.

She ordered the food casually, but her eyes kept looking at Lin Yi.

She really wanted to know why Zhang Songs bro was so rich.

“Waiter, bring a few cases of beer, cold,” Yue Hai called out.

“Bro, lets not drink today.

Boss drove here.

He still has to drive after dinner.”

“No need, no need.

The two of you havent seen each other for a long time.

You should drink more, or else you wont be able to enjoy yourself.

Ill drive you back later.”

Yue Hai was eager to give it a try.

After all, the best car hed driven thus far was the BMW 7 Series.

He didnt think that hed have the chance to drive a Bentley Continental today.

It was exciting just thinking about it.

“You dont know how to drive this car.

Ill just call the designated driver later,” Lin Yi said.

“Bro, youre looking down on me if you say that.

Ive been driving for six years, and I can drive all kinds of cars.

Im sure I can do it,” Yue Hai said as he patted his chest.

“You can drive if you want, but theres something I need to tell you.

I dont have insurance on this car, so if anything goes wrong, youll have to pay for it myself,” Lin Yi said.


Yue Hais expression froze in that instant, and he even felt a little awkward.

It was rare for a chance like this to appear, but if something really did go wrong, he wouldnt be able to pay for it even if he sold his body.

“If thats the case, then I wont try it.

Well just call the designated driver.”

Lin Yi ignored Yue Hai and started drinking a few bottles of beer.

After three rounds of beer, the dishes were all over the place.

During the meal, the two of them talked about a lot of things from their university days.

For both of them, these were precious memories.

Maybe it was because of the alcohol, but after a few bottles of beer, Zhang Songs attention was completely focused on Lin Yi.

He was beaming with joy, as if he had a lot to say.

The Yue siblings, on the other hand, seemed a little out of place.

“Jiaojiao, what are your plans later” Yue Hai asked quietly.

“I dont have any plans.

Im almost done eating.

Ill have to go back then.”

“But dont you think its strange”

“Whats Wrong”

“He said he was an errand boy, but he drives a Bentley worth nearly five million.

Its a little strange,” Yue Hai said.

“As far as I know, a rich second generation like him is unlikely to become friends with a poor person.”

Yue Jiao also felt that it was strange when Yue Hai said that.

“Brother, what do you mean”

“Do you think its possible that he rented this car”

“Its unlikely, right” Yue Jiao said.

“He drives so skillfully and isnt nervous at all.

It doesnt seem like he rented it.

Besides, Zhang Song is already so familiar with him, so theres no need to act like a con artist.”

“Im just guessing, but I have an idea.”

“What idea”

“How about we go to his house after dinner”


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