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After buying the medicine, Lin Yi drove to Zhongcai city to deliver it.

Dang dang Dang…

“Wait, Im coming.”

Lin Yi knocked on the door and heard a response.

The door was opened and there was a woman standing at the door.

She was wearing a short skirt and a tulle top, looking very sexy.

“Its you!”

Lin Yi was surprised to see the person inside.

He didnt expect to meet the same Mo Qingwan from a few days ago.

“What a coincidence, I ran into you here.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“You run errands” Mo Qingwan looked at Lin Yi in disbelief.

The person standing there was really Lin Yi.

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“Whats wrong Cant I run errands”

Lin Yi took out the medicine from his pocket.

“Thirty-eight dollars, cash or weChat”


Mo Qingwan crossed her arms in front of her chest.

She didnt pick up the medicine Lin Yi bought.

She was gloating over Lin Yis misfortune.

“Whats wrong Did you start running errands because you lost all your money doing business Its like the saying goes,thirty years going east, thirty years going west.”

Lin Yi laughed.

“What I do shouldnt have anything to do with you, right Shouldnt you just pay for the medicine first”

Lin Yi was speechless.

Hed wanted to run one more job and get a five-star review or something.

He didnt expect to run into this person.

The five-star review was probably going down the drain.

“Why are you in such a hurry for money Are you that poor” Mo Qingwan mocked.

“Youve really opened my eyes.

A few days ago, you were driving a Rolls-Royce Phantom, but now youre just a errand boy.

If you didnt have the necessary ability, you wouldnt have gone into business.

Now that youve lost all your money, you should be able to recognize the type of person you really are.”

Lin Yi didnt know what to say.

He felt like something was wrong with Mo Qingwan after he rejected her.

Did she really want him to fail that bad

“Im afraid Ill have to disappoint you.

My business is doing well, and the Phantom is still here.

You dont have to worry about it.”

“Who are you trying to fool If you really still had a company to manage, why would you come out to run errands Do you have nothing better to do”

“You can think of it that way.

I dont care.” Lin Yi shrugged.

He didnt want to argue too much with Mo Qingwan.

It was because retards were contagious.

“I dont want this medicine anymore.

Take it back and return it.” Mo Qingwan purposely made things difficult for him.

“You cant return medicine even after you buy it.

Dont you have any common sense”

“Then I dont care.

I dont want it anyway.

As for whether you can return it or not, thats your own business.”

“Fine, forget it.” Lin Yi didnt want to waste any more time with Mo Qingwan.

He put the medicine away and prepared to leave.

“Lin Yi, dont be in such a hurry to leave.” Mo Qingwan said wickedly.

“I have nothing better to do, so Ill take a few pictures of you.”

“Why do you want to take pictures of Me”Lin Yi asked

“The famous genius from the Science and Technology School started running errands after his business failed.

I need to share this big news with our classmates so that they can support you more in the future.

That way you will get more business” Mo Qingwan said

“Didnt I just reject you Is there a need to hold a grudge Be more normal, so that your heart wont be twisted.”

“Do I look like a person with a twisted heart to you” Mo Qingwan said arrogantly.

“To be honest, I still have to thank you.

If you hadnt rejected me back then, perhaps I would have suffered together with you, and the end result would have been to break up with you.”

“However, God was kind enough to bless me for not being together with you, allowing me to meet my boyfriend now.

Hes much better than a penniless guy like you.”

“Someone wants you Are you out of your mind”

“How dare you talk about my boyfriend like that! Ill tell him about it, then you wont even be able to run errands anymore!”

Lin Yi was speechless-he had no choice but to use his trump card against a retard like that.

However, at that moment, an impatient voice came from inside the room.

“What are you doing What are you waiting for Did you buy it yet Lets get started.”

Lin Yi was even more surprised to see the person who spoke.

Wasnt this Yang Tianbos son, Yang Feng

Yang Feng was using a towel to dry his hair as he spoke.

He seemed to be ready to have a round with Mo Qingwan.

However, when he saw Lin Yi, he froze as if he had a nail under his foot.

He didnt expect to meet him here!

The meeting between Yang Feng and Mo Qingwan seemed to be a coincidence, but there was a connection between them.

The property management of the Far East Group where Mo Qingwan was originally from was handled by Yang Fengs familys Dinghui Property.

When she was in the Far East Group, Mo Qingwan was still in charge of the logistics.

In addition to Yang Feng, she had already started to take over the family business one after another.

After a while, she had some contact with Yang Feng.

When a scumbag man and scumbag woman met, there would naturally be sparks.

Mo Qingwan also did not reveal that she had a boyfriend.

The two went on a few dates, but they didnt interact much.

It wasnt until Lin Yi appeared that Mo Qingwan broke up with her ex-boyfriend.

Mo Qingwan, who had no other choice, contacted Yang Feng.

They chatted for a few minutes, and the two got back together.

After this, they went to the hotel for the first time since she broke up.

“You, you two know each other”

“Of course we do.

Let me introduce you, my dear.” Mo Qingwan said as she held Fengs arm.

“His name is Lin Yi.

Hes a classmate of mine from college.

He made a lot of money starting his own business and even bought the Twin Towers.

But hes not that kind of person.

He lost all his money in just a few days, and now hes running errands for others.

Hes always so humble.

Life sure is fickle.”

The more Mo Qingwan spoke, the more excited she became.

It was as if shed opened up Pandoras box, and she couldnt stop.

“Back in school, he was the best student in our school.

He even wrote me a love letter, but I ignored him.”

“And before he went bankrupt, he went to my company to look for me, but I felt like he was too ambitious and too incompetent.

He didnt have any inner talent, so he was just a rich man.

I didnt agree to be with him.

Now it looks like my prediction came true.

He lost his billions so quickly.

I dont think even a pig would be able to lose so much as quickly.”


Yang Feng slapped Mo Qingwans face.

“Are you f*cking courting death How dare you slander Mr.

Lin like this Do you believe that Ill slap you to death”

Mo Qingwan covered her face and fell to the ground.

Her hair was disheveled and she looked like a ghost.

“You, why did you hit me Hes already bankrupt.

He cant compare to you.”

“Bankrupt my (ss next door.” Yang Feng pointed at Qingwans nose and cursed:


Lin came out to experience life.

Do you f*cking think that everyone is like you, coming out to show off every day just because you have a few smelly dollars in your pocket Are you from the national treasury”


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