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“Then, that Koenigsegg is yours”

“Thats right, the Koenigsegg RS.

I spent more than 30 million on it.

Its enough to buy 60 Audi A6s,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“What the f*ck, its a Koenigsegg RS worth 30 million!”

Zhou Huaijiang and the spectators were stunned.

It was hard to tell the difference between reality and illusions at this moment.

An errand boy actually took out a Koenigsegg car key

What the f*ck was going on!

He was in a mess!

“Does this count as suitable confidence”

Huaijiangs face alternated between red and white, feeling extremely embarrassed.

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His face had been slapped.

The delivery man stared at Lin Yis car key without blinking.

Who the hell was this rich kid undercover for

“You, youre already so rich, so why are you still running errands” Zhou Huaijiang asked, trembling.

“Cant I experience life”

“Yes, you can… …”

Zhou Huaijiangs face turned green.

He had a rich kid running errands for him in a 30-million-dollar car!

This was enough to make him reach the peak of his life.

Hed have the capital to brag for the rest of his life if he had this.

“You are the sales manager of Ruijia Petrochemical Company, right” Lin Yi asked with a smile.

“What, whats wrong… …”

“Youd better pray in your heart that I dont have any connections in this area, or youll have to find another job.”

He didnt know anyone at Ruijia Petrochemical Company, but with the Qin familys connections in Zhong Hai, it shouldnt be difficult to contact their boss.

“No, no, no, Brother, lets talk this out.

Youre such a big shot, dont bother with me,” Zhou Huaijiang apologized.

“Im too busy to recognize you, brother.”

Lin Yi patted the dust off his butt.

“Good luck.”

Under everyones gaze, Lin Yi turned around and left.

The sound of Koenigseggs roar pulled everyone back to the present world.

It was as if to remind them that everything that had just happened was real.

That super-rich second generation was really here to experience life.

Not long after they left, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was a complaint message and a bad review from the app.

Lin Yi smiled.

That person must have lost his temper and gave the bad review to vent his anger.

Lin Yi didnt think much of it and put his phone back into his pocket.

At most, he would just run one more case, and it would just waste some time.

In the afternoon, Lin Yi took on six jobs, but only received two five-star reviews.

Unfortunately, all six of them were male clients, and his looks didnt help at all.

He even got a complaint from Zhou Huaijiang,

Other than the two good reviews, the rest of the clients all thought that Lin Yis purchases were a little more expensive than theyd expected, so they gave him a bad review.

This made Lin Yi complain that these people were too difficult to please.

For this reason, the probability of receiving a five-star review wasnt high.

He glanced at the system page and saw that the mission progress had reached (6/10) , and it was already past four oclock.

Thus, it would be a little difficult to complete ten five-star reviews today.

“You have a new order, please check it carefully.”

He looked at the system order and saw that it was a request for him to buy medicine.

Moreover, the medicine he was supposed to buy was interesting.

It was birth control!

He reckoned that there would be a big battle when he sent the medicine over.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as Lin Yi was about to start working, his phone in his pocket rang.

It was a call from Ji Qingyan.


Lin, I havent finished my work yet.”Ji Qingyan said with a smile over the phone.

“I just took on a job.

Im getting ready to work.”

“Its already four oclock, why are you still working”

“I cant help it.

I have to support my family in order to survive.”

“Tsk, if you still have to support your family, the rest of us truly wont be able to survive,”Ji Qingyan said.

“Didnt you say that you would go to my house today and cook for me You wont forget, right”

“Dont worry, I remember everything,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Ill pick you up after I take on this job.”

“Alright then, Ill come over after I finish this job.

Then well go to the supermarket.

My fridge is empty.”

“Alright, wait for me at the company.”

After chatting with Ji Qingyan for a while, Lin Yi hung up the phone and prepared to start working.

Lin Yi was quite willing to take on a job like buying medicine because the price was fixed.

There wouldnt be too much of a problem when it came to this.

Soon, Lin Yi drove to a relatively large pharmacy nearby.

The staff in the store all looked up when they heard the sound of Koenigseggs roar.

“Look, theres a supercar outside!”

“This car is too cool, what brand is it”

“I really dont know.

I think itll cost at least a few million, maybe even more than ten million.”

“Dont look at the car first.

Look at the young brother driving the car.

Hes even more handsome than the car.”

“Look at his posture.

He seems to be buying medicine in the shop.

Dont fight with me.

Let me receive him later.”

“Can you not be so infatuated” The middle-aged female store manager said.

“People like him are obviously rich second generation, and you three ancestors are poor peasants.

You dont deserve him at all.

Stop dreaming.

Just work honestly.”

“Li Sis, were just dreaming.

Dont throw cold water on us.”

The female store manager laughed.

“I really cant do anything about you guys.”

Lin Yi saw the female store manager when he entered the store and walked straight over.

“Hello, I want to buy a box of birth control.”

“Birth control!”

As staff members of the pharmacy, and as all of them were women, they were naturally familiar with this medicine.

“Looks like this little brother is going out to have a good time tonight.”

“I wonder who is so lucky to be pampered by him.”

“These women are really stupid.

Why do they still want birth control If anything happens, they wont have to worry about the rest of their lives.

Its equivalent to half a foot in a rich family.”

“Thats right.

If I could lose another 50 pounds, I would definitely have the confidence to seduce him,” a 200-pound female employee said.

On the other side, the manager had already taken out the birth control.

“Are you sure you only want one box”


Lin Yi felt like there was some misunderstanding, but he didnt overexplain.

“One box will do.”

“Okay, wait a minute, Ill write you an invoice.”

Lin Yi paid a few minutes later and left with the medicine.

“Li Sis, why did you ask him just now if he only wanted one box” The salesgirl asked curiously.

“Do you think these rich second-generation kids are like ordinary people” Sister Li rolled her eyes and said.

“They have several girls serving them in one night.

One box is not enough.”

“Eh, Sister Li, you are so arrogant.

Your life experience is really not something we can compare with.

No wonder you can be the store manager.

You are different from us.”

“Learn more in the future.

Otherwise, even if you meet a rich second-generation kid in the future, you will not be able to serve him well.” Sister Li was a little proud.

She smoothed her hair and said flirtatiously,

“If I were 20 years younger, I might be able to hook up with a rich second generation myself.”


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