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Zhou Huaijiang was dumbfounded by the scolding.

Previously, when he ordered take-out or called for an errand, he would always ask them to throw away the trash.

But now, they actually cursed at him

Who gave him the courage to do this!

“You f*cking wait.

If I dont file a complaint against you, my surname wont be Zhou!”

“You can have as many last names as you want.

You can even take my last name if you want.”

Lin Yi turned around and left after finishing his sentence.

He didnt want to entertain Zhou Huaijiang at all.

He walked to the door and saw a delivery guy with two bags of trash in his hands.

He threw them into the trash can and picked up his phone to make a call.

“Hello, Maam.

Ive thrown out the trash for you.

Please give me a five-star review.

Thank you.”

“Okay, okay, okay, thank you.”

Lin Yi didnt walk very fast.

He looked around again and saw three delivery guys coming out one after another, two of them carrying trash.

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They must have been taking out the trash for the customer.

There was also the weirdest one, a delivery guy carrying not only food but also more than ten packages.

If he wasnt were not wearing a uniform, Lin Yi would have thought that he was a food delivery person.

Lin Yi wasnt feeling too good about this scene.

Life was not easy, it was too difficult.

Just as Lin Yi was about to leave, he saw a man in a uniform carrying a broken table as he walked toward the bin with great difficulty.

Lin Yi didnt stay idle as he ran over to help.

“Dont worry, Ill help you carry it.”

“Thanks, Bro.”

Lin Yis appearance saved the delivery guy a lot of trouble.

Panting, Lin Yi threw the table near the trash can and the two of them sat down on the steps to rest.

“Thanks, Bro, but Im so **ing tired,” the delivery guy said as he pulled out two cigarettes.

“Have one.”

“Its not a big deal, theres no need to thank me,” Lin Yi said with a smile as he took the cigarette.

Lin Yi had quit smoking after graduating from university.

He would only smoke a few cigarettes when he was in an extreme situation like during the previous night.

However, Lin Yi was too embarrassed to refuse the cigarette as he was afraid of hurting the delivery guys pride.

“Its too hard to do deliveries,” the delivery guy said.

“Sometimes, I cant even tell if Im a garbage man or a delivery guy.”

“Why dont you just reject them”

“If you reject a customer, theyll give you a bad review.

Once the platform fines you, half a days work will be wasted.

Its so f*cking hard to do this job,” the delivery guy said.

“Usually, people like us stay far away from people like you.

There are too few landlords like you who take the initiative to help.”

Lin Yi chuckled.

“Actually, Im not a landlord.

Im just an errand boy.

Were pretty much the same.”

“No way, why arent you wearing your uniform then Arent you afraid of getting fined” The delivery guy said.

“Youre so handsome, itd be a waste for you to come out and run errands.

You can just hook up with any rich lady and youll be able to live happily ever after.”

“Everyone has their own aspirations,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“F*ck, youre still here!”

As the two were chatting, Lin Yi turned back to look at the yelling coming from not too far away.

He realized that the person who was talking was his previous customer, and he had two bags of trash in his hands.

“What You want something from me”


I just wanted to warn you that your five stars are gone, and Im going to call in to complain.

You can forget about this job.”

“Feel free,” Lin Yi said indifferently.

The delivery guy was stunned.

“What happened to you, Bro”

“He told me to take out the trash after I delivered the order.

I didnt pay him any attention, so he got angry out of humiliation.”

“Thats it” The delivery guy stood up and said to Zhou Huaijiang,

“Sir, please calm down.

Its just two bags of trash.

Dont lower yourself to my friends level.

If you call in with a complaint then well have wasted our whole day.

Its obvious that youre a kind person, so why lower yourself to our level”

The delivery guy wanted to help Lin Yi out because Lin Yi had helped him earlier.

“Get lost, the trash can is right in front of me.

Do I need you to throw it away” Huaijiang cursed.


The delivery guy didnt say anything after being scolded.

He was angry, but there was nothing he could do.

This was the money he earned, and he was indeed inferior in this situation.

“Alright, dont lower yourself to this kind of idiot,” Lin Yi said.

“Who are you calling an idiot”

“Im talking to you.

Dont you have functioning ears Do you want me to say it again”

Hearing the arguments on both sides, the people around stopped to watch the commotion.

This was the first time they saw a delivery guy who went against the customer.

Did he not want to work anymore

“I know this person.

His family seems to be quite rich.

He seems to drive an Audi A6.

Hes a person of status.”

“Then this kid is finished.

I reckon he will be toyed with to death.”

“These people really dont realize their status.

They dont have any self-awareness at all.”

Zhou Huaijiang was so angry that he spun around on the spot.

“A f*cking errand boy.

Who gave you the confidence to act so awesome Let me tell you, I will not let this matter go so easily!”

“Then who gave you the confidence to act so awesome”

“Arent you afraid to find out Im the sales manager of Zhonghai Ruijia Petrochemical Company.”

As he spoke, Zhou Huairen took out his car keys and lit up the headlights of an Audi A6 parked not too far away.

“I earn 500,000 a year and drive the latest Audi A6.

Thats where my confidence comes from.

How can you compare to me!”

The delivery guystood up and pulled Lin Yi back when he saw Zhou Huaijiangs Audi A6.

“Bro, calm down, that car isnt cheap.

We cant afford to offend him.

If you still want to eat, you better apologize to him, otherwise, therell be no room for redemption at all.”

“Redemption Why do you want to redeem yourself Theres no need to bother with a guy like that.”

“But we cant beat him.

If he complains, you wont be able to do anything.”

“Haha, you know your place, Brother.” Huaijiang laughed.

“I wont make things difficult for you.

I dont want people to say that Im a bully.

You just have to bow to me and apologize, and I wont hold it against you.

Ill even give you a five-star rating.”

“A lousy Audi A6, and youre acting so arrogant” Lin Yi laughed.


Lin Yis words made everyone burst out laughing.

“Whats wrong with this kid Hes just an errand boy, how could he look down on someone who drives an A6”

“I was wondering the same thing.

Could he be the legendary keyboard warrior But why is he also doing this in real life”

“Hes probably a newbie.

After receiving a few bad reviews and complaints, hell know whos the boss and whos the grandson.”

“Hes just an errand boy who hasnt been beaten up by society.

Whats the point of being cocky”

Huaijiang fiddled with the car keys in his hand.

“Id really like to know what youre so cocky about.

How dare you look down on my Audi A6”

Lin Yi took out the car keys, and the Koenigsegg headlights lit up as the car door opened.

“Thats where my confidence comes from.”


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