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Two hours later, Ding Jie walked up to Lin Yi.

“Sir, the car is ready.

All the basic additional parts have been installed, and some more complicated parts have been put into the truck.”

“Okay, thank you for your hard work.”

Lin Yi got up and left the shop.

He got into his Koniggsegg and drove towards Moon Bay Beach alongside the driver.

“You guys better not have left, or it wont be fun anymore,” Lin Yi said to himself with a smile.


Moon Bay Beach.

Not long after Lin Yi left, the people on the beach dispersed and continued to play by the beach.

Lu Fei and the others were raising their glasses and drinking.

There were a few empty bottles next to them, and they were enjoying themselves on a hot summer day.

“Little Bing, 1664 isnt that strong.

Have a taste,” Lu Fei said with a smile.

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“I dont want to drink it,” Qu Bing said lightly.

“Little Bing, were all here to have fun.

Why are you being so serious” Xu Lu asked.

“Dont tell me youre still thinking about that errand boy.”

“Im not thinking about him.

I just feel that Lu Feis behavior was not right.

It was too disrespectful.”

“Did I disrespect him” Lu Fei asked innocently.

“It was clearly him who was acting pretentious in front of me.

He even said that he did not lack that bit of money.

Is that what a stinky errand boy should say”

“If you just gave him the 418 dollars, there wouldnt have been so much trouble,” Qu Bing said.

“Little Bing, I think you dont know how evil people are,” Lu Fei said.

“Think about it.

You gave him such a sincere offer, yet he still didnt come.

Doesnt that mean that theres something fishy going on here The difference in the price he earns here must be higher than the salary youre offering him.

Thats why he rejected you.”

“I think what Lu Fei said makes sense.” Xu Lu nodded and said.

“You could give him a decent job, and the salary was high, yet he actually rejected you so arrogantly.

It must be because the salary you gave him is not as high as running errands.

Otherwise, would he not have been tempted by the money”

“I understand what you mean, but you cant just stereotype, right” Qu Bing said, “Couldnt he just be a rich second generation experiencing life”


The beer in Xu Lus mouth almost spurted out.

“Little Bing, stop teasing me, okay Are you out of your mind Could he really be a rich second generation running errands to experience life”

“Whats so impossible about that” Qu Bing asked.

“I saw a piece of news before.

It said that a rich second generation drove a sports car out to run Didi, just to develop their character and experience life.”

“Those are all rubbish articles on public WeChat accounts.

Dont tell me you actually believe that Can you have some common sense”

“Okay, dont keep mocking Little Bing.

You came out to have fun.

Dont let that kid spoil the fun,” Lu Fei raised his glass and said.

“Brother Fei, its been so long.

Do you think that kid will have run away”

“No, his ID card is still with me,” Lu Fei said.

“But its been two hours.

Im afraid that hell lose it, so maybe you should just give back the ID card.”

“Dont worry, even if he doesnt come back, Ill be able to find him with this ID card.

I wont let him run away,” Lu Fei said with a smile.

“Keep drinking.”

“Look, the errand boy is back.”

Lu Fei and the others attentions were drawn to Lin Yi when they heard the shouts.

They noticed that Lin Yi was walking towards them from not far away, and he was carrying a bag in his hand.

Lu Fei and the others smiled when they saw Lin Yi.

“Not bad, hes a man.

He actually came back.”

“Haha, I have to get my phone ready.

Ill record a video and send it to my group.

Itll be exciting.”

Lin Yis appearance attracted the attention of everyone on the beach.

The conflict between the two of them had caused quite a commotion.

Almost everyone who was present knew about it.

They thought that he would take the opportunity to run away, but he actually came back.

Was he prepared to kneel down and admit his mistake

This was going to be a good show.

“Bro, not bad.

Youre back.

Still, Im quite puzzled.

You knew you were going to lose, so why did you go out for more than two hours”

Then, Lu Fei waved the note in his hand and said with a smile, “Isnt it time to fulfill your promise Look at these people, theyre all ready to record.

Dont let them down.”

Qu Bing frowned slightly, feeling a little upset.

If it was possible, she would have wanted Lin Yi to leave.

Why did he have to come back Was his pride so important

“I came back to fulfill my promise.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Besides being handsome, the best thing about me is that Im a man of my word.”

“Haha, thats great.” Lu Fei laughed.

“Come, come, come.

Everyone make way.

Give me some space.

I have to kneel and kowtow.”

“Make way, make way, I cant wait.”

The spectators all took out their phones and pointed them at Lin Yi, as if they were looking at a monkey in a zoo.

Lu Feis smile was full of joy, and the teasing look on his face grew more obvious.

“Kid, I wont make things difficult for you.

Three slaps of the face, three yells ofGrandpa, and thatll be the end of this matter.

No problem, right”

“Lu Fei!”

Qu Bing said coldly, “Are you done yet Do you really have to overdo it He just offended you guys, but did you have to do all this This is too much.”

“Is it too much” Lu Fei said innocently.

“Originally, for your sake, if you just opened your mouth, I would have just dropped the matter.

However, he said just now that his greatest strength is keeping his word.

If I dont let him keep his promise, wont I be insulting his strongest virtue Im doing this for his own good.”

“Alright Aunty, come back quickly.”

Without waiting for Qu Bing to speak, Xu Lu pulled her back.

“Youve known Lu Fei for more than a year.

Are you really going to fall out with him over a smelly errand boy”

“I just cant stand them bullying people like this,” Qu Bing said angrily.

“Are they really bullying him” Xu Lu said.

“From the beginning to the end, it was him who didnt recognize the immensity of Heaven and Earth and argued with Lu Fei.

How could he blame anyone else Also, look, he came back on his own.

He just wanted to fulfill his promise.

Why do you have to join in”

“The main thing is that he is going overboard.

How could he humiliate people like this”

“That has nothing to do with you.

Just go to the side.

Its none of your business.”


“Theres no buts.

Stop talking and watch.”

Seeing that Qu Bing was being convinced by Xu Lu, the smile on Lu Feis face grew wider.

He lit up a cigarette and said with a smile,

“Im really sorry to disappoint you.

No one can plead for you now.

The venue has been prepared.

You can fulfill your promise when youre ready.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Dont worry, I never thought of making a woman stand up for me.”

“Thats pretty manly.” Lu Fei smiled.

“Its just a pity.

I prepared the money, but you didnt buy the car.

Sigh, Ill have to spend my time buying it myself.”

“You dont have to feel sorry for yourself like that.” Lin Yi said.

“The customer is God.

Youve already placed the order, so I wouldnt let you down.”

Lin Yi took out the things from the bag.

It was a thick stack of documents, more than ten centimeters thick.

“This is the car purchase contract.

Not only is it the highest-quality model, but the additional accessories have all been installed for you.

It cost a total of 7.1 million.

Will you be paying via cash or credit”



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