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“Im already a grown-up, I dont regret it that much.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Since you want to use Yuyujing Tianxiu, then use him.”

“How can that be If I use Yuyujing, wouldnt that be bullying In that case, Ill pick Lanling King to play with you.” Hu Haoran said confidently.

“No problem.

Ill choose Hou Yi.”

“No Way.

You look like a newbie.

Dont you know that the Lanling King is Hou Yis nemesis If you dare to choose him, Ill definitely kill you by level three.”

“Its fine.

Were just playing anyway.

If I lose, Ill admit that youre amazing.”

“You said it yourself.

Dont deny it if you lose!”

(Three minutes later…)

Hu Haoran was in a bad mood when he saw his Lanling King die.

“Your Hou Yi killed my Lanling King!”

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“I did.” Lin Yi laughed.

“If you dont believe me, I can kill you again.”.

“No, I made a mistake.

Lets have another round.”

“Okay, Ill play with one hand.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Youre too cocky, playing with me with one hand.

Be careful, or Ill completely kill you.”

“Dont forget to admit defeat later.”

“Dont be so pretentious.

I just made a mistake just now.

Youll die this round!”

(Three minutes later…)

Seeing his Lanling king fall to the ground again, Hu Haoran widened his eyes with an exaggerated expression.

He felt as if the world had turned dark.

“Are you convinced”

“No!” Hu Haoran said, “Im not good at Lanling King.

Ill play with Juyoujing this time!”


This time, Lin Yi ended the battle in less than two minutes.

“No, wait for me.

Ill go to buy a new skin!” Hu Haoran said, “Im not used to seeing no skin.

Lets have a final showdown later!”


Hu Haoran put on his skin, but the result did not change.

He was still being slaughtered.

“Impossible, Im an 8-star king, how could I lose to you”

“Because Im a 50-star king.”

“Wh-what did you say, youre a 50-star King!” Hu Haoran exclaimed with an exaggerated expression.

“Yeah, on all three accounts.”

Hu Haoran, “…”

“Can you listen to your mom and practice your piano now” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I can play the piano, I can play the game, and I go around running errands.

Youre not as good as me in all aspects.

If you dont study hard, you might not even be as good as me in the future.”

“Got it, got it.

Ill definitely study hard in the future.” Hu Haoran said excitedly.

“God, Can I add you as a friend Can we play ranked games together”


Lin Yi smiled and gave Sugars game ID to Haoran.


“Son, you go in first.

I have something to say to this uncle.”


Haoran went into the house excitedly.

Guo Rui combed her hair and bowed slightly to Lin Yi.

“Let me introduce myself first.

Im Guo Rui, a teacher at Zhonghai Drama Academy.

May I know your name”

She even reached out her hand as she spoke, being very polite.

She did not feel any sense of superiority just because of Lin Yis identity.

“My name is Lin Yi.”

“Hello, Mr.


May I ask if your piano skills were really self-taught”

“I am really self-taught.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“And look at my situation.

Do I look like someone who can afford to learn to play the piano”

The shock in Guo Ruis heart had reached its peak.

To be able to reach such a high level with just self-study was very impressive.

His talent might be better than all of her students.

Even she might not be able to compete with him.


Lin, I feel that with your level, its really a waste of your talent to take the job of a errand boy,” Guo Rui said with appreciation.

“Do you have any thoughts on changing jobs I can help you get a piano-related job.”

“Thank you for your kindness, but I dont have any intentions of changing jobs yet,” Lin Yi said.

“This job is quite comfortable.

I dont like to be tied down.”

“Okay then, I hope we can have a chance to communicate in the future,” Guo Rui said with disappointment.

“Miss Guo, youre too kind.

Its my honor to be able to talk with you.”

Before leaving, Guo Rui asked for Lin Yis WeChat.

It was obvious that she was not just being polite, she was being serious.

After leaving Guo Ruis house, Lin Yi continued strolling through the streets.

Since these were random order, his next order was entirely up to luck.

[Completed the first order for a new class, received a five-star rating, awarded 200,000 experience points.]

[Experience points: 20%, rewarded Moon Bay Beach.]

“Eh Eh Moon Bay Beach !”

Lin Yis mood was inexplicably excited.

He still had some impression of Moon Bay Beach.

If he remembered correctly, there was a large beach between Jiuzhou Pavilion and Wangjiang Dock.

The name of this beach was Moon Bay Beach!

He had initially thought that if he could get that beach, he could connect Jiuzhou Pavilion and Wangjiang Dock.

However, now, he did not even need to spend money to get the convenience!


A few orders popped up on Lin Yis phone, but he did not accept them.

He wanted to check out Moon Bay Beach first.

Moon Bay Beach was not big.

The beach got its name because of its curved structure, shaped like the crescent moon in the sky.

At this time, the beach was filled with umbrellas for shade.

Both men and women were wearing swimsuits, enjoying the coolness of the sea and the warmth of the sun.

It was very relaxing.

Lin Yi was a little puzzled.

It had been so long, yet no one had called him to ask about the procedures.

It was a little strange.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as Lin Yi was thinking about these things, his phone rang in his pocket.

Just as hed expected, it was an unfamiliar number, and a womans voice soon came from the other end.

“Is this Mr.

Lin Yi”

“Thats me.”

“Im a staff member of the Moon Bay Scenic Area Administration.

You won the bid for Moon Bay Beach during the auction.

Weve already prepared the necessary procedures.

When will it be convenient for you to come pick it up”

“Ill come right now.”

“Alright, Ill send the address to your phone later.

Just call me when you get here.”


Soon, Lin Yi received a text message on his phone.

On it was the administrations address, as well as the contacts name and number.

He searched the map and found that the administration building was not too far away.

It would take about five minutes to get there by car.

However, Lin Yis sharp senses told him that the acquisition this time was not quite the same as usual.

In the past, he had received the mission rewards through private bidding.

This time, he had bought them through a public auction.

In other words, Moon Bay Beach was bought from the authorities.

This was more interesting.

After thinking about these things, Lin Yi drove to the Moon Bay Scenic Area Administration building without hesitation.

He called the staff members cell phone at the door and hung up after giving some instructions.

A few minutes later, Lin Yi saw a woman with short hair and a long dress walking out of the office building.

This person should be the person he was meeting.

He turned off the engine and got out of the car.

Lin Yi walked to the woman and said with a smile,

“You must be Cai Tingting, right” Lin Yi reached out his hand.

“Im Lin Yi.

You called me just now.”

Cai Tingting looked at Lin Yi in a daze.

This… This was way too cool.


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