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“You… you even own the Peninsula Hotel!”

The shock was not too bad for Tianbo, since Lin Yi had spent 18 billion to buy the Twin Towers.

Thus, it was not surprising that he also owned a five-star hotel.

On the other hand, Feng could not calm down after a long time, his mind filled with questions.

‘Youre already so rich, why did you have to go to school to experience life!

‘This isnt something you should be doing!


Lin, Ive spoiled my son too much, and he said things he shouldnt have.

I hope you wont hold it against him.”

Lin Yi looked at Feng calmly.

“He didnt say things he shouldnt have, he did things he shouldnt have done.”

“Did things he shouldnt have done”

Tianbo paused, not understanding the meaning behind Lin Yis words.

However, Feng knew what Lin Yi was trying to say.

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“Lin, I understand.

Ill go apologize to Xiaoyu right now.

Ill get back together with her and marry her.

I hope you can give me another chance.

Ive realized my mistake.”

“Forget it.

Sun Xiaoyu is a good girl.

Give her a way out.

Dont disturb her in the future.”

Yang Tianbo was still confused.

He was ready to go back and ask about this matter.


Lin, I apologize to you for my sons actions, but you must believe that our companys standards are not only among the best in Zhong Hai, but also in the whole country.

I hope you can give us a chance.”

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Feng kept slapping his mouth as he cried, “Mr.

Lin, I know Im wrong.

Please give us a chance.”

“Thats different.

I wont mix the two up.” Lin Yi waved his hand.

“This is none of your business.

Leave your dad to talk to me.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

I wont bother Mr.

Lin anymore.”

Yang Feng quickly left, not daring to stay any longer.

After Yang Feng left, Yang Tianbo bowed once more, full of sincerity.

“Alright, theres no need to apologize anymore.” Lin Yi looked at the information on Dinghui Property and said lightly, “But I advise you to take care of your son when you get back.

Otherwise, hell get into big trouble in the future.”


Lin is right.

When I get back, Ill definitely take care of him.”

Tianbo sighed in his heart.

Comparing people was better than comparing goods.

In the past, he thought that his son was not too bad.

There was nothing wrong with him except for him being a little playful.

However, when he looked at the rich Mr.

Lin, Tianbo finally understood what the difference was.

This was a real elite aristocrat.

The difference between the two was too great.

About half an hour later, Lin Yi and Dinghui signed a corporate agreement, officially initiating the partnership.


Lin, thank you for your trust.

We wont let you down in terms of property management.”


Lin Yi nodded.

“Just speak with your actions.”

After finishing their meal, the three of them headed towards the school together.

“Sis Su, is there no hope when it comes to Yang Feng at all” Song Jia asked.

“I get angry just talking about him,” Sugar said.

“Hes about to graduate, but hes so rude.

Hes rich, and he loves acting like it.”

“Didnt Director Lin go as well Didnt he get it done” Shi Li asked.

“Dont you guys know Lin Yis personality Hes so calm,” Sugar complained.

“Thats why he didnt get involved too much.

After all, neither of us have the right to order Yang Feng to do anything.

Hes not as impulsive as me.”

“Youre right.” Song Jia laughed.

“Sis Su, didnt you realize that you and Lin Yi are a perfect match”

“Bah, Bah, Bah, what are you talking about” Sugar said, embarrassed.

“Why are you blushing”

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Sugar was about to retort when the phone in her bag rang.



“Director Su, have you finished eating Yang Feng from the management department is here.

He said that he has something urgent to talk to you about.” Li Xingbang said.

“Yang Feng is here” Sugars voice raised unconsciously.

She felt that it was a little unbelievable.

He had been so unhappy in the morning, why was he here now

“Well, he just said that he wanted to look for you.

He didnt say anything else.”

“Okay, tell him to wait for me in the office.

Ill reach the building soon.”


After hanging up the phone, Song Jia and Shi Li surrounded her.

“Sister Su, whats going on Why is Yang Feng here”

“I dont know either.” Sugar shrugged.

“Lets go back and take a look.”

The three of them quickened their pace and arrived at the office together.

As soon as they opened the door, they saw Yang Feng coming up to them before bowing deeply to Sugar.

“Director Su, I apologize for what happened this morning.

Im not sensible enough.

Please dont take it to heart.”

Suge was stunned.

What was going on

He was here to apologize

“Theres no need to apologize.

Im your teacher.

I wont take it to heart.”

“Thank you, Director Su,” Feng said.

“Ive realized my mistake.

I want to see Xiaoyu this afternoon.

Can you take me there”

If Lin Yi had not spoken, Feng would have gone to find Xiaoyu to get back together himself, but he did not have the guts to do so now.

“No, no problem.”

Sugar and the other two looked at each other in surprise.

They could not understand how Yang Feng had changed so much in just a few hours.

Could it be that it was all Lin Yis doing

However, with this kids status, how did he manage to make Yang Feng submit

This… This was too amazing.

Lin Yi did not know anything about what was happening at the school.

He drove back to Jiuzhou Pavilion after he finished with the property partnership.

It would be the weekend tomorrow, and a new job would be unlocked after midnight.

He did not know what class the system would unlock this time, but it was worth looking forward to.

However, right now, the job completion rate was only 70%, so there might be one or two more missions after that.

It was probably impossible to unlock a new class ahead of time.

The final quest had yet to appear.

Based on his history with the Didi missions, the final quest would probably be a little difficult.

It would not be so easy to obtain the final reward.

[System quest: complete the lesson plan for 20 lesson hours.

Reward: 300,000 job completion points!]

Lin Yi had been thinking about the ultimate mission just now, but he had not expected it to come so soon.

20 class hours meant 20 classes, and even at the rate of one class a day, it would still take another 20 days to complete.

Moreover, that included the weekends.

Going off this calculation, completing this mission would take at least a month.

That would be a lot of work.

Lin Yi thought for a moment, and he got ready to start a new job.

He would wait for the final task to be completed, and he would only focus on this when the next job was about to end.


In short, he had to get the final reward, and he could not delay it any longer.

The next morning, Lin Yi received a call from Wang Ying.

“Yi, are you up yet”

“I just got up,” Lin Yi said lazily.

“From your voice, I think youre still asleep.

Did Sis wake you up”

“No, I usually wake up at this time too.” Lin Yi said.

“You havent eaten yet, right Why dont you come over Im making breakfast.

Lets go buy a car together,” Wang Ying said.

“Sure, wait for me at home.” Lin Yi said

After hanging up, Lin Yi got dressed and washed up.

He took the car keys to the Koenigsegg RS and drove to Wang Yings house.

Dong Dong Dong…


Hed just knocked on the door when he heard Wang Yings voice.

The door opened.

Wang Ying was wearing an apron and soft silk pajamas with a spatula in her hand.

She looked like a housewife.

“Come in, quick.” Wang Ying welcomed Lin Yi in.

“Theres one more dish, and itll be ready soon.”

“No rush, I have nothing to do today anyway.”

“I cant compete with you.” Wang Ying said with a smile.

“Didnt you give the Wangjiang Dock project to President Ji I heard that the company and Yaluos design team have already reached an agreement, and the equipment has already been moved onto the project site.

I heard that the construction started yesterday.”

“That would be my fault.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“If it were not for this project, I dont think you guys would be so busy.”

“What are you talking about If it wasnt for your project, the company wouldnt be able to make any profit.

We wouldnt even have a salary.”

As she spoke, Wang Ying brought out the last tomato fried egg.

“Try my cooking.

I dont think its gotten any worse.”

Looking at the sumptuous breakfast, Lin Yi said, “The taste is definitely fine, but isnt it too extravagant to make such a sumptuous thing in the morning alongside a big pot of ginseng soup”

“Men and women are different.

You have to nourish them more,” Wang Ying said.

“Otherwise, you wont be able to do it when youre in your thirties or forties.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.

This married woman really knows how to dote on others.”

Wang Ying smiled.

“I promise Ill serve you well in the future if you follow me.”

“Then Ill look forward to it.”

The two chatted and laughed as they finished their breakfast, then went out together.

Wang Yings outfit was simple and casual.

She wore a dark dress with nude-colour stockings, which made her look very put together.

“Yi, you changed cars again”

Wang Ying was surprised when she saw Koenigsegg downstairs.

“I bought a few cars before, and I change what I drive every once in a while.”

“I dont understand how you rich people think, but Id be happy to sit in the passenger seat.”

“My pleasure.”

Lin Yi spoke as they got into the car,

“Sis Ying, do you have any requirements for a car”

Wang Ying thought for a moment.

“Id like a white one.

Its fine as long as its good enough, since I wont be able to drive too fast.

Just pick a nicer one.”

“Get a Maserati then,” Lin Yi said casually.

Although it was probably the worst performing sports car, the Maseratis beauty was undeniable.

After all, the other sports car brands were too flamboyant, while the Maseratis beauty could be seen at just a glance.

“Maserati If I remember correctly, President Ji drives this brand of car, right” Wang Ying asked.

“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded.

“She bought that car because of the Maseratis beauty.”

“That wont do.” Wang Ying rejected immediately.

“My budget is only 200,000 dollars, and only a person like President Ji can drive a Maserati.

What right do I have to drive the same brand as her”



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