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“You… What did you say The Twin Towers are yours”

When these words were said, everyone present was stunned.

They even felt that their brains were short of oxygen.

What kind of joke was this

He actually spent 18 billion to buy the Twin Towers

Ma Yi trembled as he took the house deed.

He stood rooted to the ground as if he had been struck by lightning.

It was written clearly in black and white.

The Twin Towers did indeed belong to the man in front of him!

In the whole of China, even the multimillionaires like Boss Ma would not be able to do such a thing.

At that moment, everyone in the lobby looked at Lin Yi in a different way.


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Thousands of expressions could be seen.

“Is there anything wrong with the form now” Lin Yi asked.

“No, there isnt.”

Ma Yi panicked!

Completely panicked.

If it was just a small boss or an ordinary young entrepreneur, he would not have to worry.

However, not only did he have a billion in cash, he even spent 18 billion to buy the newly completed Twin Towers!

Such a person was not somebody he could slander.

Even the director would be polite when he saw such a person.

“Since theres no problem, then help me with the formalities,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Okay, okay, please wait a moment.”

Ma Yi replied hurriedly and helped Lin Yi get his business license.

He could not afford to mess with such a person.

Even if he could try to make things difficult for him here right now, the consequence would be that he would be laid off the next day!

Lin Yis paperwork was done very quickly.

Seeing the brand new business license, Lin Yi felt that he was one step closer to his goal.

Lin Yi walked out of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce under the mesmerized gazes of the many women, ready to go to school.

He had just walked out when he received a call from Sugar.

“Are you busy”

Sugers feelings for Lin Yi were complicated and awkward because of what had happened the day before.

Even her tone was a lot gentler.

“I just wrapped up.”

“Im meeting Sun Xiaoyus boyfriend.

I want to talk to him.

Lets go together.”

Lin Yi remembered that Sugar had told him about the plan the previous day.

He looked at his watch and realized that it was only slightly past 10:00.

There was still some time before his 1 pm appointment.

It should be enough time to deal with this matter.

“Sure, where shall we meet School”

“Theres a Starbucks near the school.

That will be fine.

What do you want to drink Ill order it for you.”

“A lattes fine.

Ill be there in 20 minutes.”


Lin Yi hung up the phone and drove toward Zhonghai Normal University.

There were not many people at Starbucks, so it was quite relaxing with the soothing melody playing in the background.

“Lin Yi.”

He had just entered and heard Sugar calling his name on the second floor.

He walked over quickly.

“Luckily, Im not late.”

“Youre already late, but the other party is also late.” Sugar said.

“Is he not here yet”

“We made an appointment to meet at 10:30.

Its already been 10 minutes since then.

Youre already here, but hes still not here.”

Sugar sighed, feeling a little helpless.

“No Way.

Youre the director of the schools youth league committee.

Why is he being so rude”

“Theyre graduating in a month or so.

Of course, they wont take us seriously,” Sugar said.

“And I heard that her boyfriends name is Yang Feng.

He seems to come from quite a rich family, and has picked up all sorts of bad habits.”

“I could guess as much.A normal person would definitely have comforted Sun Xiaoyu under those circumstances.”

“Youre right.”

It was at this moment that Sugar saw a man in casual clothes walking up the stairs.

“Hes here.”

Lin Yi turned around and saw Xiaoyus boyfriend.

He was quite handsome, and he could be considered a perfect partner based on his looks alone.

“Director Su, what do you want from me”

Feng Yang sat down across from Suge and put his car keys and phone on the table without any restraint.

“Let me introduce you.

This is the vice director of the school committee, Lin Yi.”

“Nice to meet you, Director Lin.” Feng greeted lightly.

“Director Su, lets get straight to the point.

I have other things to do in the afternoon, so I can only spare an hour.

Just make it short and to the point.

And if you come to see me again, dont invite me to a place like this.

Its too low-class.”

Sugar frowned slightly.

Fengs attitude pissed her off.

“I called you here today because I wanted to talk to you about Xiaoyu.”

“Why are you talking to me about her Weve already broken up.”

“But did you know that because of you, she wanted to commit suicide”

“No way, was it that serious” Yang Feng pretended to be surprised.

“Im telling you, this has nothing to do with me.

Dont expect us to get back together.

Shes already been assaulted, and I dont want a dirty woman like her.”


Sugar stopped mid-sentence.

Lin Yi had just kicked her under the table.

The woman was too hot-tempered.

If he did not stop her, there would have been a fight, and they would not even get a chance to talk about it.

“There is freedom of love now.

As teachers, we wont interfere with you.

I just hope that you can come out and comfort Sun Xiaoyu so that her feelings wont be hurt,” Lin Yi said.

“Are you kidding me We broke up, yet you want me to comfort her” Feng said.

“And you said it yourself.

Freedom of love is important now.

I dont need any specific woman around me.

Ill just change to another one.

Whats in it for me by comforting her Do you think my time is free”

“Still, you guys were together before.

Dont you have any feelings for each other”

“Stop messing around, Teacher.

Were all so old now.

Can you stop being so naive Im embarrassed for you,” Feng teased.

“Sun Xiaoyu is the school beauty.

I was with her when we were in school because she was pretty.

I used the spare tire for free sex, but I didnt plan on keeping her around forever.”

Lin Yi noticed that something was wrong, and kicked Sugar again.

Couldnt this girl control her temper a little It was like she was going to eat someone up.

Even if she hated scumbags, she could not be so obvious.

However, then again, this Yang Feng guy was a bit of a scumbag.

“We dont have the right to interfere in your affairs, but your actions are a bit too much,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“What does that have to do with you guys” Yang Feng said impatiently.

“I wouldnt have come if I knew you guys were forcing me to do these things.

You guys have wasted my time.”

“What are you talking about Were your teachers after all!”

Sugars outburst gave everyone in the Starbucks a fright.

“Hehe, dont take yourself too seriously,” Feng said.

“If Im in a good mood, I can call you director.

If Im in a bad mood, you guys are nothing in my eyes!”

After saying that, Yang Feng stood up.

“You two take your time to drink.

Im not going to accompany you!”


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