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“Oh god, its a supercar!”

This exclamation attracted the attention of everyone present.

Instantly, their mouths opened to form anO shape.

“What the f*ck, these are all cars that can normally only be seen on the Internet!”

The Pagani Zonda!

The Mclaren P1!

The Aston Martin V8!

The Ferrari 488!

Porsche 911!

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“Whats going on There must be at least a dozen supercars, right Are these the second-generation nouveau riche who have come out to tear up the streets”

“With so many sports cars, the total cost must be over a hundred million!”

“Its way more than a hundred million.

Look at the license plate number.

The pattern of those numbers makes it look like a leopard.

Forget the cars, just those license plate numbers alone can be sold for a lot of money!”

The crowd was in awe when they saw a dozen or so supercars driving toward them, and they quickly took out their phones to take pictures.

However, to their surprise, the cars stopped right beside them when they were taking pictures!

What… what was going on

The doors opened one after another, and Lin Yi and Qin Han got out of the cars one after another.

“Oh my God, that man is so handsome!”

“Look at his legs, theyre so long, I wonder if his third leg is long as well.”

“Lin Yi, youre here!”

Wang Ying ran over as soon as she saw Lin Yi step out.

She was stunned!

She was dumbfounded!

They all understood what was going on when they saw Wang Ying standing in front of Lin Yi!

The friend this woman was talking about was the man in the Pagani!

However, she was a woman on a motorcycle.

How did she know a rich kid who drove a supercar

Did the taste of rich kids change

Did they start liking young women

However, the most confused person was the middle-aged man.

She called a group of rich kids who drove supercars!

“Whats wrong with your hands Why are they red” Lin Yi asked.

“He had grabbed me,” Wang Ying said with tears in her eyes.

“I understand what happened.

Wait for me at the side.”

“Oh, okay.”


Before Lin Yi could do anything, Qin Han slapped the man.

“You dont want to stay in Zhong Hai anymore, do you How dare you touch my friend Ill make sure you cant stay in Zhong Hai anymore!”


He was actually Qin Han!

After learning Qin Hans true identity, everyone present was extremely surprised.

They did not expect to meet the famous Emperor of Zhong Hai in this place!

“Y-you are actually Young Master Qin!”

The middle-aged man was so scared that he almost wet his pants.

Qin Hans name was like thunder in his ears.

If he really offended him, with his current status, he really would not be able to stay in Zhong Hai anymore.

“Young Master Qin, please calm down.

I was indeed a little agitated just now.” The middle-aged man smiled.

“I was too agitated, so I fought with her.

You are a magnanimous person, dont lower yourself to my level.”

“Then get lost!” Qin Han scolded.

“Are you waiting for me to treat you to a meal”


The middle-aged man had a sad face.

His little ploy had caused him to suffer greatly.

He had thought that he would be able to subdue this beautiful woman, but instead, he suffered a great loss.

He had lost the chance to get her now, and his car had been scratched.

This was so tough.

“Wait a minute.”

Lin Yi said to Qin Han, “You have to be reasonable.

Ask him about the situation first.”

Lin Yi looked at Wang Ying as he spoke.

“Sister Ying, tell me what happened.”

“I went to the store to buy something and locked the motorcycle under the tree, but he said that my bike was blown over by the wind and crashed into his car.

He wanted me to pay for it,” Wang Ying said.


Lin Yi was a little confused.

“Its so hot today and theres no wind at all.

How could your motorcycle be blown over”

“Master Lin, do you think this old hooligan purposely moved Sister Yings motorcycle over to extort money from her” Lina asked.

“Its really interesting.

In the past, it was always people who cheated, but today its cars that cheat.

Ive learned a lot.”

“Its probably because he was attracted to Sister Yings beauty.

Didnt you see that he was touching her just now”

“Isnt that easily resolved” Qin Han said, “Theres a surveillance camera up ahead.

Ill call my friends at the Ministry of Transportation and have them dig up the surveillance camera to find out whats going on.”

As soon as he said this, the middle-aged mans face turned livid.

To his surprise, he realized that there was a surveillance camera pointing at him just ahead!

If he were to go through the surveillance footage, he would be exposed!

“Young Master Qin, since shes your friend, I dont want to ask you for compensantion.

Its just a scratch.

I can find a place to fix it.

Its not a big deal.

Forget it.”

“Wait, why are you in such a hurry to leave” Qin Han said.

“When the surveillance footage comes out, if it really was blown down by the wind, Ill compensate you with every cent.

However, if theres something fishy going on here, we have to have a good chat.”


The middle-aged man trembled, and his legs went weak as he directly knelt down.

“Young Master Qin, I know Im wrong.

It was my lust that caused me to deliberately move her motorcycle.

Please give me another chance.

I have an old man and a son to take care of.

You cant be so heartless!”

“F*ck you! A scumbag like you should f*king be killed!” Qin Han cursed.

“At least I know how to pay when I go to the club.

Not only do you want to have fun for free, you even wanted her to pay for it.

The older you get, the more lewd people get.”

“Old Qin, you know a lot of people.

You can handle this,” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, you take your girl and leave first.

Ill make sure he learns his lesson today.”

Lin Yi nodded and said, “Sister Ying, lets go.”

“My motorcycle is still there.” Wang Ying was a little reluctant.

“Dont want it.

Ill buy you one when Im free.”

Lin Yi took Wang Ying into the car and left in the Pagani.

“Oh my god, thats so cool.” The women looked at him with eyes full of envy.

“His woman was bullied and he brought his own motorcade here to settle things.

Its like the plot of an idol drama!”

“If only I knew a rich second generation like that.”

“Times have changed.

Theres a market for young women now.”

“I want to get married and be taken care of by a rich second generation.”

Lina pursed her lips as she watched Lin Yi leave, muttering to herself,

“Looks like Lin doesnt like a good family, but a good wife!”


Lin Yi drove off with Wang Ying in the car.

“Where are we going now Its not even time to get off work yet.

Are we going back to the office”

“I took leave from work today.

Im going home.”

“Home” Lin Yi said.

“Normally, you wouldnt take Jianxing Road when you get home.”

“I was going shopping.” Wang Ying shook the bag in her hand and took everything out.

“What color do you like”

“What color do I like”

Lin Yi turned his head and saw that it was filled with black stockings, and there seemed to be several different styles.

“Ahem ahem ahem, youre too kind, Sister Ying.”

Ying smiled mysteriously.

“Ill show you when we get out later.”


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