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“Who told you that I prefer the appearance of a good upbringing” Lin Yi asked

“The last time I went to Young Master Qins barbecue shop, the woman beside you looked like she came from a good family,” Lina said sweetly.

“Youre really thoughtful.

Youve already noticed this ,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Both of you, be careful.

If youre both anxious, go to the hotel and go for a round first.

If you can hold it in, come over and run a few laps,” Qin Han said.

“Dont be so cocky with a loser like him.”

Lin Yi called for someone to bring out his Pagani.

Qin Han had not won a single round after they raced a few laps.

“Motherf*cker, I cant believe I couldnt beat your Pagani even with my modified P1.” Qin Han said

“Youre already pretty good.

Your technique has improved,” Lin Yi said earnestly as he patted Qin Han on the shoulder.

“Stop acting tough.

Ill definitely beat you in a few months.”

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“Ill wait.”

“Oh, right.

I want to talk to you about something,” Qin Han said.

“Can you lend me your Lykan for a few days”

“No way.

The Emperor of Shanghai is asking someone to lend him a car How embarrassing.”

“Even if Im the Emperor of Shanghai, Ive never driven a Lykan worth more than 60 million!” Qin Han complained.

“Fine, since were on such good terms, Ill give you a discount.

1,000 dollars a day, is that fine”

“Whats fine You already said were on good terms, yet you still want money from me That hurts my feelings.”

“Dont talk about feelings, it hurts my wallet.”

“F*ck, can you not ask for so much”

“Were brothers, lets do this properly.”

“Then can we haggle”

“Sure, Ill give you a chance to haggle.

Give me a number,” Lin Yi said.

Qin Han raised a finger.

“One dollar a day.”

“F*ck, are you playing a prank You cut me down by 999 in one go”


“Youd be lucky to get any money,” Qin Han said.

“Ill just say it.

Ill pick up the car from you in a few days to borrow the Lykan for a bit.”

“Sure, call me when you need it.”

Qin Hans friends were all speechless.

They all had a lot of questions about Lin Yi.

Just how rich was this big shots family that even Young Master Qin had to borrow a car from him


Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as they were talking, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was Wang Ying.

Lin Yi guessed the reason for the call.

They had made dinner plans at the press conference yesterday, so she was probably calling to remind him about the dinner.

“Sister Ying.”

“Yi, are you busy”


Lin Yi could tell that something was wrong from Wang Yings voice.

There was a hint of panic in her voice.

“Whats wrong, Sister Ying What happened”

“I was riding my motorcycle home and crashed into a car.

I dont know how much it cost.

Can you take a look for me”

“Where are you Are you hurt”

“Im not hurt.

My car backed up and hit someone elses car,” Wang Ying said anxiously.

“Im on Jianxing Road, opposite Music Square.”

“Okay, I got it.

Ill go over now.”

“Whats wrong What happened”

Qin Han asked after hanging up the phone and seeing Lin Yis weird expression.

“A friend of mine crashed into someones car with her motorcycle.

She asked me to go over and take a look,” Lin Yi said.

“The other partyu is quite arrogant.

They were cursing and swearing on the phone.”

“Damn, this is interesting,” Qin Han said.

“Bullying a friend of yours is bullying a friend of mine.

Ill go with you.”

“You can come if youre free.”

After that, Lin Yi drove his Pagani while Qin Han drove his McLaren P1 towards Jianxing Road with the others.


A large group of people gathered across the music square to watch the accident.

“Whats wrong with you Why didnt you lock your motorcycle when you went in to buy your stuff Look at what you did to my car.”

A middle-aged man shouted, “I just bought this new car.

It cost more than 500,000 dollars.

If you dont give me an explanation today, dont even think about leaving!”

Wang Ying looked anxious.

“Why are you shouting Dont think that Im afraid of you just because you have a loud voice.

Ill compensate you!”

Despite this, Wang Ying was also a little puzzled.

She had just ducked into a nearby shop to buy something.

When she went in, the motorcycle was clearly locked.

Moreover, the wind was not strong today.

How could it have been blown down

“Do you think that you can actually pay me back” The middle-aged man said, “This is a BMW 5 series which cost more than 500,000 dollars.

Youre a motorcyclist.

Can you afford to compensate me”

“I know your car isnt cheap, but dont try to extort money from me.

My friend will be here soon, and Ill definitely give you an explanation then.”

Although she was suspicious, Wang Ying was not going to shirk her responsibility.

She just had to wait for Lin Yi to come, and then she would pay whatever amount he said.

She could not let this man demand an exorbitant price.

“Its useless even if your friend comes,” the middle-aged man said.

“Does someone at your level you know how to gauge the cost of damage to a BMW Youve scratched such a big part of it.

Its impossible to repair with less than 100,000 or 80,000 dollars!”


Hearing this, the people around sucked in a breath of cold air and pointed at him.

“Isnt it obvious that youre trying to run a scam No matter how expensive the BMW 5 Series is, theres no need to pay so much money to repair this, right”

“Maybe its imported paint.

Plus, the price of the 4 series is relatively expensive, so its possible it could cost so much money.”

“That woman is really pitiful.

If she could really afford to pay so much money, she wouldnt have to ride a motorcycle.”

Wang Ying looked anxious.

She did not know much about cars, but if she really had to pay so much money, she would lose all her savings.

“Lady, at this price, I dont think you can afford to pay me back.

I have another solution.

Do you want to hear it” The middle-aged man said with a smile.

“What solution”

“I recently opened a new company and I am short of a secretary.

If you are willing to work by my side, the money for the car compensation can be slowly deducted from your salary.

What do you think”

The middle-aged mans smile grew wider.

He was certain that the beautiful young woman in front of him would not refuse.

This was because she simply could not afford to pay such a large sum of money!

She had no other choice!

Thinking of this, the middle-aged mans mouth was about to burst into laughter.

He was too lucky.

On the way to the company, he had actually met such an exquisite woman.

Fortunately, he had an idea and deliberately moved her motorcycle.

Although he felt a little sorry for his car, it was worth it to be able to get such a beautiful woman in return!

“You wish! Old hooligan!” Wang Ying scolded.

“How dare you scold me” The middle-aged man said with a straight face, “Do you believe that I will call the police now and take you to the police station!”

“Stop trying to scare me.

When my friend comes, I will properly deal with this matter!”

“I dont have time to waste with you.

If you dont pay now, follow me to the police station!”

The middle-aged man was proud.

He knew the captain of this police station.

As long as he took her there, his plan would be a success!

“Let go of me! Dont touch me!”

“Ill touch you all I want! What can you do to me”

At this moment, the roar of engines was heard one after another, scaring the onlookers.

“My god, its a supercar!”



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