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“How, how is that possible!”

Mo Qingwan and Ren Zhongxu stood rooted to the ground, their minds buzzing.

They had lost their ability to think.

“Whats impossible!” Luo Wan said.

“Its your luck to have a friend like Lin.

How dare you slander Mr.

Lin I dont think people like you deserve to stay in Far East Group!”

Mo Qingwan looked at Lin Yi and realized that she could not see through her old classmate.

It had only been half a year since she graduated, yet he had become so rich

Even buying lottery tickets would not earn him that much.

“Lin-Lin Yi, did you really buy the Twin Towers” Mo Qingwan stuttered.

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Didnt I tell you just now You didnt believe me.”

She still did not know how Lin Yi bought the Twin Towers.

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However, there was no doubt that his old classmate had made a fortune!

He had become a billionaire!


Lin, look at this mess.

Its like a flood in the temple of the Dragon King.

The whole family doesnt seem to know each other anymore.” Ren Zhongxu said with a smile.

“Didnt you want to have dinner with me just now I happen to have time tonight.

Lets go out and get together.

Ill make sure youre satisfied.”

“If a person like you is eating with a general manager, what level should I be eating with” Lin Yi said faintly.

“Do you think you deserve to have dinner with me”


Ren Zhongxu was so embarrassed that he went crimson.

Slap in the face, a true slap in the face!


Lin, dont bother with them.

Lets go to the conference room and sign the contract,” said Luo Wan.

“Alright, lets go.”

Lin Yi ignored the two of them and followed Luo Wan into the Far East building.

“I thought the mysterious rich man would be a greasy middle-aged man.

I didnt expect him to be so handsome.

What a surprise,” the female employee from Far East Group said.

“I know, right I was worried that he would touch me.

If I knew that Mr.

Lin was so handsome, I would have been stripped naked, let alone let him touch me.”

“Im in love with him.

Hes handsome and rich.

Hes the idol of the masses, the role model of men.”

Lin Yi was brought to the conference room after exiting the elevator.

He was shocked to see the documents on the table.

The contract was more than ten centimeters thick, enough to keep him here signing for a while.

Lin Yi finished signing the thick stack of documents about half an hour later, and Luo Wan reached out to compliment him.


Lin, youre young and promising.

Youre so generous at such a young age.

Its embarrassing for us.”

“Youre too kind, President Luo.”

“By the way, Mr.

Lin, theres something Id like to ask you.”

“No problem, go ahead.”

“The Twin Towers is now your property.

Do you have a suitable candidate to manage the property”Luo Wan asked tentatively.

“Do you have a suitable candidate, President Luo”

“Its like this.

My Brother-in-law started a property company called Dinghui Property.

Its one of the top three property management companies in Zhong Hai.

Our Far East Group is managed by their company.”

Luo Wan smiled.

“Of course.

If Mr.

Lin has a suitable candidate, just forget about it.”

“I just bought the Twin Towers and havent had the time to choose a property management company yet,” Lin Yi said.

“Since President Luo has recommended it, lets make an appointment and talk.”

“Sure, Ill have him contact you after.”



Lin, Ill send you off.”

“No need, Im used to being alone and dont like to be ostentatious.

Im not used to you being so polite,” Lin Yi said.

“Go do your own thing, Ill leave first.”

“Then I wont stand on ceremonies with Mr.


Luo Wan was still polite even though he said that.

He walked Lin Yi to the elevator.

He sighed in his heart.

It was rare to see someone as approachable as Lin Yi these days.

As they walked down the elevator and into the lobby on the first floor, all the mens eyes were filled with respect.

Although Lin Yi was richer and more handsome than them, they were not jealous at all.

They knew that no matter how hard they worked, they would never reach this level in their lives.

People like him were only suitable to be looked up to, not to be envied.

The women who came and went were all eager to try their luck.

If they could be favored by such a person, they would not have to worry about money about the rest of their lives.

At the entrance of the Far East building, Ren Zhongxu and Mo Qingwan were holding boxes in their hands.

They had already completed the resignation procedures.

However, their expressions were not the same.

Ren Zhongxu looked dejected, while Mo Qingwan, on the other hand, was secretly happy.

“Qingwan, dont worry.

Although Ive been fired, with my ability, I can still find a senior management job in other companies.

Its no problem for me to support you,” Ren Zhongxu said.

“Youre overthinking it,”Mo Qingwan said.

“I dont think were suitable for each other.

Lets break up.”

“Break up Why Didnt you say that you wanted to marry me” Zhongxu exclaimed loudly.

His words confused the colleagues who were sending him off.

Their relationship had always been stable.

Why would they suddenly break up

“Lin Yi is my classmate from university, and we have a strong foundation when it comes to our relationship.

Not to mention, he wrote me a love letter when we were in school, and he still cant get me out of his mind.

I understand now that I want to be with Lin Yi.”

Zhongxus expression changed from shock to anger.

“Mo Qingwan, I was wrong about you.

I didnt expect you to be this kind of person!”

“Im just following my heart.

Dont pester me.

Its over between the two of us.”

“Its over then! With my ability, I can meet someone better!”

After cursing, Ren Zhongxu carried the cardboard box and left.

“Qingwan, when Mr.

Lin was in school, did he actually write you a love letter Is that true” Mo Qingwans colleague asked in surprise.

“Of course its true.” Mo Qingwan raised her head and said, “Its just that at that time, I was too focused on my studies and didnt think about this aspect, so I missed him.”

“Then youll get the Moon first,” Mo Qingwans colleague said excitedly.

“Of course,” Mo Qingwan said.

“Just now, when we were chatting, he even mentioned something about his university days.

I could hear that he couldnt forget me.

and at that time, I was already wavering.

I dont want to miss out on such a devoted man.”


“Qing Wan, congratulations.

Youre going to marry into a rich family in the future.

You Cant forget us poor friends.”

“Dont worry.

I wont forget you guys.”

“Quick, quick, quick.

Qingwan, look.


Lin is coming out of the building.”


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