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Ji Qingyans expression did not change as she smiled.

“Why dont we talk in my office some other day Itll be a good opportunity for President Wei to learn more about our company.”

“You want to talk in the office Cant we chat freely while eating” Wei Ziyang said with a smile.

“Isnt President Ji going to give me a chance to have dinner with you to discuss such a big project”


“Theres no need for dinner.”

Just as Ji Qingyan was hesitating, Lin Yi spoke up.

Wei Ziyang turned around and saw a handsome man standing behind him.

He could not help but frown.

“Who are you”

“It doesnt matter who I am.

The important thing is that she does not have time to eat with you in the near future.

Its better to get rid of this idea as soon as possible.”

“Haha, if she doesnt have time to have dinner with me, does she have time to have dinner with you”

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“Of course, you can ask her if you dont believe me.”

Wei Ziyang looked at Ji Qingyan after Lin Yi said this.

“Wei, I previously had an appointment with Lin Yi.

Im afraid I have to decline your invitation,” Ji Qingyan said politely.

Everyone was shocked by her words.

Everyone in the circle knew that Ji Qingyan of the Chaoyang Group was a famous cold goddess.

It was not easy to ask her out for a meal.

However, now she said such things.

It was obvious that he was not an ordinary person.

Wei Ziyang shook his head with a smile, “President Ji, you truly are a woman.

A project worth hundreds of millions,yet you say you dont want it.

Im impressed.”

“Who said Yaluos project would definitely be given to you” Lin Yi asked lightly.

“I think this project might fall into the hands of Chaoyang Group.”

“Haha, are you joking” Wei Ziyang laughed.

“The boss of Yaluo is my cousin, and weve always been partners.

Who do you think my cousin will give this project to”

“So what if hes your cousin I still think that this project will fall into the hands of Chaoyang Group.”

Seeing Lin Yis confident expression, everyone present was confused.

The fact that he was able to date Ji Qingyan was enough to prove that his status was compatible with hers.

And now, he said such words in front of Wei Ziyang.

Maybe he really had the ability to do it.

“It seems that President Ji has found an incredible man.

It seems that he has the ability to snatch this piece of fat meat from Wei Ziyangs hands.”

“If he doesnt have some ability, how could he enter President Jis eyes I dont believe that he doesnt have the ability the back up all the talk.”

“This is going to be interesting.

Lets see how Wei Ziyang responds.”

Wei Ziyang frowned slightly.

Even if his relationship with his cousin was good, this world was still focused on benefits.

If the man in front of him had a stronger background, the outcome of this project would be hard to predict.

“Youre all wrong.

This man is a teacher.

He used to be a teacher, not a rich young master.”

The person who spoke was a woman in a red dress.

It was the woman who had recently given birth to a second child and who had previously sat near Lin Yi.

The woman in the red dress crossed her arms in front of her chest with disdain.

She cursed in her heart,Dont even think about making it out of here if you dare to make me unhappy!

“No way, teacher Did you use to be a prostitute How did President Ji get involved with such a man”

His identity was exposed by the woman in the red dress, causing a huge commotion at the reception.

It was all because Lin Yis identity was too low-class!

He was not worthy of Ji Qingyan!

Apart from that, they were also curious and even found it funny.

He was just a gigolo.

Where did he get the courage to challenge Wei Ziyang

With Wei Ziyangs strength, he could easily kill him.


Wei Ziyang could not hold it in anymore and laughed out loud.

He thought that he was some rich second generation.

If that was the case, he would not be able to compete with him.

However, it was now obvious that he was a teacher.

What right did he have to compete with him

It was a joke.

“Bro, are you here to crack a joke” Wei Ziyang almost burst into tears.

“Do you think that you are qualified to compete with me as a mere teacher in your school”


Ji Qingyan could not stand it anymore and said with a cold face.

“So what if Lin Yi is a university teacher It doesnt affect our relationship!”

“No, no, no, President Ji, dont misunderstand.

I dont doubt your relationship, I just think hes a bit bold,” Wei Ziyang said.

“A mere university teacher saying that he can get the Yaluo project Isnt this a joke”

Not only Wei Ziyang, the other guests present also could not help but snicker.

This person was quite interesting.

Did he really think that just because he was handsome, he could do whatever he wanted

“Whats wrong with being a university teacher Im from Zhonghai Normal University after all.

Im much better than the teachers from other schools.”

“Haha, Zhonghai Normal University! I thought it would be a famous school like Fudan University or Jiaotong University.”

“Its neither 985 nor 211.

How can you even dare bring it up”

“This person thinks too highly of himself.

With President Jis identity, how could she meet such a person”

“Such a school can be easily entered.

If it were me, I wouldnt dare to bring it up.”

“You guys!”

“Alright, thats none of your business.”

Ji Qingyan wanted to help Lin Yi out, but was interrupted by Lin Yi.

He could handle such a small situation on his own, and he did not need her help at all.

She curled her lips in excitement.

Things have gotten to this point, yet he said he did not need her help.

What exactly was he doing

“Compared to schools like Fudan and Jiaotong University, Normal University is naturally not a good school, but I hope that everyone will focus on the project.

Theres no need to pay attention to my profession.”

“Haha, your career can explain a certain problem.” Wei Ziyang said.

“Id like to know, as a university teacher, what ability do you have to decide the direction of this project”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“If you dont believe me, you can call your cousin.

Wont it be clear at a glance after that”

“Okay, looks like you wont shed tears until you see the coffin, and you wont turn back until you hit the wall.

In that case, Ill let you die with a little clarity.”

As he spoke, Wei Ziyang took out his phone and called his cousin Guan Ya.

Very soon, the call was picked up.

“Ziyang, are you looking for me”

“Cousin, I want to ask, regarding the renovation project of Wangjiang Dock, have you found a suitable candidate to carry out the development”

“What are you saying Havent you always been the one to handle my projects Dont tell me you dont want to take on this project!”

When these words were said, everyone present showed playful expression on their faces.

It was obvious that Wei Ziyang did not want to let others reap the benefits.

He did not even need to open his mouth to show that this project had already been reserved for him.

“I know that this project is reserved for me, but I met someone who said that he has the ability to change the direction of this project.

He said that he would give it to whoever he wanted.”

“What kind of joke is that Who does he think he is Does he have the ability to obstruct my decision”


Everyone could not help but laugh.

Yaluos boss had spoken, so what else was there for him to say

Ji Qingyan furrowed her brows.

What was Lin Yi up to

How was he supposed to resolve this dilemma

Wei Ziyang waved his phone.

“Did you hear that My cousin has spoken.

This project is mine.

What else do you want to say”

Lin Yi smiled faintly as he walked over and spoke into the phone.

“Im Lin Yi.”


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