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After thinking for a long time, the two of them could not think of any good ideas to help the situation.

“Lets not just stay here and be anxious.

Lets go find Sister Su,” Song Jia said.

“Lets go.”

The two of them stood up together and went to Sugars office.

In front of Sugars desk were two empty bottles of his Mrs.

Oral Liquid.

At the same time, she was holding her cell phone and killing time in her mobile game.

With a 1-8-1 record, Sugar was at the bottom of the leaderboards.

“Can you knock on the door before you come in You scared me to death,” Sugar said.

Both of them knew about Sugers internet addiction, so they were not surprised.

“Sister Su, stop playing around.

Lin Yi has been gone for a long time.

Go and plead for him.”

“Ive thought it through just now,” Sugar said

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“Theres no point in pleading for him.

We can only wait for Lin Yi to come back and see how things turn out.

Then, we can call Principal Zhao and plead him on Lin Yis behalf.

Well see if theres any room for reconciliation.”

“Principal Zhao, youre here.”

Just as the three of them were talking, Li Xingbangs voice sounded from outside.

Sugar was stunned.

Out of the three principals, only the first principals surname was Zhao.

Moreover, Principal Zhao Qi had always been a very busy person.

Unless it was a school meeting, they rarely saw him.

Why did he come to visit the league committee today

Sugar put down his phone and left the game before walking out with Song Jia and Shi Li.

When the three of them came out, they were surprised to see Lin Yi next to Zhao Qi.

Didnt Lin Yi go to Vice-Principal Lis office Why did he come back with the principal

“Dont be nervous.

I met Teacher Lin while walking around, so I came with him to take a look around,” Zhao Qi said with a smile.

Sugar let out a sigh of relief.

He thought that something had happened to the school committee.

“Welcome, Principal Zhao, please feel free to offer guidance to the committee,” Sugar said politely.

Zhao Qi waved his hand.

“Im not here to guide you.

I have something else to say.”

Suger and the others stood in their original positions obediently, waiting for Zhao Qi to speak.

“Ive removed Li Detian and Fu Jiajun from their positions.

Make a public announcement later to inform the other faculty members of the school.”


“President Li and Fu Jiajun have been removed from their positions!”

Everyones jaws dropped when they heard that.

“Thats right.

During their tenure, the two of them committed serious abuse of power, corruption, and academic fraud.

Black sheep like them cannot stay in the university.”

Suger was so confused that she lost her ability to think.

Was it not Lin Yi who was supposed to be fired Why were Li Detian and Fu Jiajun the ones who were fired in the end

What did Lin Yi do to bring these two down

“Yes, yes, Principal Zhao.

Ill announce it now.”

“Apart from that, given Lins outstanding performance during his admission, its a waste of talent to keep him as a member of the schools committee.”

Sugars heart skipped a beat.

“Principal Zhao, what do you mean”

“Ill leave the position of vice-principal to Teacher Lin.

The two of you will be in the same office, so itll be more convenient for you to start your work together in the future.”

“Lin Yi will be the vice-principal”

Sugar and the others in the office could not believe their ears.

They had only been here for a few days, and he was already being made the vice-principal

First, they fired Li Detian and Fu Jiajun, and now they wanted to promote him to vice-principal.

Did the two of you make some shady deal

“Thats right,” Zhao Qi said, “Go and arrange this matter.”

“Got it, got it.”

After finishing off the official business, Zhao Qi left with his hands behind his back, leaving behind many confused faces.

“Little Lin, what exactly happened By right, you should be the one who was fired.

Why were Li Detian and Fu Jiajun the casualties” Li Xingbang asked curiously.

“Li Bro, you sound like you want me to leave.”

“No, no, no, I didnt mean that.

Im just a little curious.”

“Theres nothing to be curious about.” Lin Yi said.

“Principal Zhao saw everything and cleared my name.

Its as simple as that.”

“I see.” Li Xingbang laughed.

“Then I wont be able to call you Lin from now on.

Ill have to call you Principal Lin.”

“Li Bro, dont make fun of me.

Master Lin sounds good to me.

Im not as high-strung as others, so you dont have to call me principal.”

Sugars face was dark.

What did he mean

Was he calling me high-strung

Even so, Sugar did not want to pursue these matters anymore.

He was going to share an office with her in the future.

What should she do

How could she still play games in secret

God damn it!

It was noon when Lin Yi returned to the Jiuzhou Pavilion and drove out the newly bought Koenigsegg.

It was not appropriate for him to use the Shari to attend Ji Qingyans press conferencein the afternoon.

After changing cars, Lin Yi went to the Peninsula Hotel and had a simple lunch before taking a nap.

He was waiting for the press conference to start in the afternoon.

At this time, Tianlong Wang called all the hotel executives to his office and said with a serious expression, “Boss, Im sorry, but I dont know what youre talking about.”

“Ive already told you about todays press conference.

The president of Chaoyang Group is our bosss lover, so tell everyone to pretend that they dont know the boss.

If you impede the boss from picking up girls, then youd better pack up and leave!”

“Got it, Manager Wang!”

With that, the hotel executives left the meeting room one after another, preparing to pass on the contents of the meeting.

The focus today was on the boss picking up girls, and everything else was secondary.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yi, who was sleeping, suddenly heard his phone ring.

He picked it up and saw that it was from Ji Qingyan.

“Whats wrong” Lin Yi asked in a daze.

“Why are you still sleeping The press conference will start in about ten minutes,” Ji Qingyan complained.

“Dont worry, Ill be there soon.”

“Im just saying.

Try not to be too late.

Drive carefully and be safe.”

“I wont be late, Ill be there in two minutes.”

Lin Yi walked out of the presidential suite and headed toward the elevator as he said this.

“All you know is how to brag.

You think youre superman How are you going to be here in two minutes” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

“Its more than twenty kilometres from the Jiuzhou Pavilion to the Peninsula Hotel.

Even if youre Superman, you wont be able to get here so quickly.”

“What if I can”

“Tsk, if you can get here in two minutes, Ill let you have a taste of my mango-flavoured lipstick.” Ji Qingyan said playfully.

Lin Yi had taken advantage of her in the past because of his dumb luck.

However, he would not able to do it this time.

Lin Yi could not fly, so how could he arrive here in two minutes

Isaac Newton would be rolling in his grave.

“Turn around,” Lin Yi said with a smile.


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