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“Got it, Vice-Principal Li.”

Song Jia hung up after giving a quick response.

“Lin, Vice-Principal Li wants you to go over.”

“Wheres his office”

“Bishop 608.”

“Okay, Ill go over now.”

“Lin, you have to keep a low profile when you go to the principals office.

You have to apologize to them.

There might still be room to save the situation.

Otherwise, you wont be able to stay in the school,” Li Xingbang advised.

“Its fine, I know what Im doing.”

Lin Yi whistled as he walked slowly towards Li Detians office.

The Vice Principals office and the School Committees Office were both in the bishops block, but they were not located on the same floor.

Lin Yi arrived at the door to the vice principals office in a few minutes.

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Lin Yi pushed open the door and saw a middle-aged man in his fifties sitting behind the desk.

He was wearing a white half-sleeve shirt and gray suit pants.

If he was not mistaken, this person was Li Detian.

The guy he had just met, Fu Jiajun, was sitting on the sofa next to him, looking at him with a smile.

“Lin Yi, youre pretty punctual.

You got here so quickly.

Have you packed everything”

Lin Yi pulled a chair over.

“Go ahead, Id like to hear what reason youd like to use to fire me.”

“Cough cough cough…”

Li Detian coughed a few times and pretended to be calm.

“Lin, I looked at your information just now.

I dont think youre suitable to work in the university with your education.

You should find another job.”

“Thats a strange reason.”

“Lin, dont misunderstand.

I just think that your educational qualifications are suitable for the work of the school committee.

It has nothing to do with anything else,” Li Detian said.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang in his pocket.

It was from an unknown number.

“Is that Teacher Lin”

The voice sounded familiar.

Lin Yi thought for a few seconds and realized that it was the principal, Zhao Qi.

“Whats the matter”

“Ive already prepared the letter of appointment and the Certificate of Honor.

Do you have time now Come to my office, lets sign the contract.”

“Its impossible for me to sign the contract as Im about to be fired.

Dont worry, our paths down life are long and winding.

Well meet again if were fated.”

“Eh Fired”

Zhao Qis voice rose.

“Im the principal of the university.

I havent said anything yet, so who dares to fire you!”

“Li Detian.”

“Where are you guys Im going over now.” Zhao Qi scolded, “That bastard, watch how I deal with him today!”

“Hes in his office.”

“Wait for me, Im coming over now!”

“Alright, come over then.”

Li Detian hung up the phone, his expression a little unnatural.

“Lin, who called you just now”

“Dont worry, youll see him soon,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Uncle, dont bother with him,” Fu Jiajun said.

“Youre already the vice principal, so youre the boss of the university.

Who can control you”

Li Detian nodded.

In the entire school, he was second-in-command only to Zhao Qi, so who could do anything to him

Moreover, Lin Yi was just a member of the schools committee, so how capable could he really be

If he really had powerful connections, why would he just be a small-time member of the league committee

“I think you should stop struggling and quickly pack your things and leave.” Fu Jiajun smiled at Lin Yi.

“If you realize that youre wrong, I can give you a chance, but you cant stay in the committee.

The security job at the door suits you.”


At that moment, the office door was pushed open and Zhao Qi walked in from outside.

“Principal Zhao!”

Li Detian and Jiajun were surprised to see Zhao Qi come in.

They did not expect Zhao Qi to come quietly.

“Whats going on” Zhao Qi asked.

Li Detian said with a smile,

“This is Teacher Lin from the league committee.

I looked at his resume just now and found that he is just an ordinary undergraduate student.

Moreover, he has no previous experience in the education industry.

I dont think he is suitable to work in a normal university.

Im talking to him right now.”


Zhao Qi cursed, and Li Detian and Fu Jiajun were dumbfounded!

“Principal Zhao, whats wrong Why are you so angry”

Zhao Qi was so angry that he was out of breath.

“Do you know who Lin Yi is I finally got him to be an honorary vice-principal, yet you want to expel him Are you out of your mind”

“What ! Honorary vice-principal!”

Li Detian and Fu Jiajuns jaws almost dropped to the ground.

They were so scared that they could not speak!

“Let me tell you, Lin Yi is the director of Longxin Research Institute, and he donated more than 20 million dollars worth of research equipment to the university.

If you want to expel Lin Yi, it means you dont want to stay at the university anymore, right!”

“H-he is the director of Longxin Research Institute”

Li Detian knew about the situation at Longxin Research Institute.

However, he never thought that Lin Yi would have bought the huge Longxin Research Institute himself!

“He… Isnt he just a member of the school committee How could he do such a thing”

“Member of the school committee” Zhao Qi snorted, “Do you think that Lin Yi is the same as you “Hes a big-hearted person.

He wants to devote everything he has to education, and thats why he came to teach at the university.

Even so, you two are treating him like this.

I think you should stop working at the university and resign!”

Fu Jiajun was dumbfounded.

He had just climbed to the position of associate professor, and his butt had not even warmed up yet, and he was being fired

What should he do in the future

Li Detians situation was not any better than Fu Jiajuns.

He was the vice-president of the university, and his appointment and dismissal were all handled by the education bureau.

However, Zhao Qi had a strong network in the education bureau.

If he wanted to fire him, it was just a matter of a simple phone call.

Now that he had spoken, it would be difficult for him to stay in the normal university.

“President Zhao, this is our fault.

I beg you to give me another chance,” Li Detian said with a sad face.

“We have worked together for so many years.

You cant just kill us off!”

“Kill us off” Zhao Qi snorted.

“Think about it carefully.

How many opportunities have I given you With Fu Jiajuns character, dont you know how he became an associate professor”

“You know how much money you have stolen from this position over the years! I have done my best by keeping you here for so long!”

Thinking of this, Li Detian was completely dumbfounded.

At this point, there was no room for redemption.


Li Detian slapped Fu Jiajuns face.

“Its all your f*cking fault! For the sake of a woman, you even made me lose my job!”

“I didnt do it on purpose.

If I had known that he had such a strong background, I wouldnt have dared to do it even if I had a hundred guts.”

“Alright, I dont want to talk anymore.

You two can pack up and leave.”

“Yes, yes, Principal Zhao.

We are packing up now.”

Lin Yi ignored the rest of the matter and went to Zhao Qis office to sign the letter of appointment.

“Thats enough, right” Lin Yi said.

“Yes.” Zhao Qi nodded.

“Ill get the letter of appointment and certificate to the police station in the afternoon.

Itll then be confirmed.”

“Ill have to trouble you with that, Principal Zhao.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Youre welcome.

Youve made such a great contribution to the school.

This is the least I should do.” Zhao Qi said.

“Teacher Lin, why dont I arrange for an office for you The school committee room is too small for you and is inappropriate.” Zhao Qi said with a smile.

“Im not practising martial arts in there.

Its fine as long as I have a desk.

Besides, Im not at school often.

Theres no need to waste money.”

“I know you keep a low profile and dont want to expose your identity, so I wont say anything.

Also, dont worry about the school.

Even if you dont come to school, no one can do anything to you.

You will just need to say your name.”

“In that case, Id like to thank you, Principal Zhao.

If theres nothing else, Ill go back first.”

“Ill send you.”

“No, no, I know the way.”

“How can that be Ill drive you.”

Lin Yi had no choice but to go back with Zhao Qi.


Song Jia and the others were not looking too good inside the schools Committee office.

They figured that Lin Yi would have to pack up and leave by the time he got back.

What should they do


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