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“Kindergarten education…”

Lin Yis words shocked everyone in the institute.

The new boss looked kind, but how could he scold people like that

Liu Chu narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists in displeasure.


Lin, we know that youre rich, but I hope that we can maintain the principle of equality.

Im a doctor in Fudan, not one of those migrant workers.

Please dont insult me.”

“Im not insulting you,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“I dont have as much education as you guys, and I envy people like you who study well.

But I look down on people like you who have high grades but low abilities.”

The anger on Liu Chus face intensified.

“I have high grades but low abilities”

“I bought Longxin Research Institute, so I naturally have absolute control.

As the boss, do I need you to tell me how to run the place What kind of person do you think you are”

Sun Fuyu secretly clicked his tongue.

It was said that a new official had three fires in his mouth, and what was meant to come would still come.

Unfortunately, Liu Chu was learning this first hand.

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“What I said is the truth,” Liu Chu argued.

“We need a relatively free working environment, otherwise it will be difficult to carry out the research and development task.”

Although Liu Chus behavior was a little impulsive, it represented what everyone was thinking at that moment.

What they were most afraid of was a layman guiding an expert.

“I have a specific plan for the work of the research institute.

If you think that I cant become a good leader, then you can look for another job.

I wont stop you.”


Lin, I know that you rich people have your own tempers, but some things are not as simple as you think,” Liu Chu said.

“The project in my hands is in the final stages of development.

If I am able to solve the final problem, the domestic chip industry will be able to advance at least ten years forward.

If I leave, the project will be put on hold.

The impact will be immeasurable!”

Sun Fuyu frowned.

He did not expect that the two of them to start a fight on the first day they met.

However, Liu Chu was not lying.

He and Lu Ying were the two most outstanding researchers in the institute.

If he left, the project might really be put on hold.

“Do you think the Earth will stop spinning without you” Lin Yi asked.

“No, but without me, the project wont be completed,” Liu Chu said.

Lin Yi looked up at Sun Fuyu.

“Director Sun, whats the project hes talking about” Lin Yi asked.

“The early stages of the project have all been completed, but we still need the control unit program.

Our research hasnt made any progress, and the program weve written hasnt been able to match the control unit thus far,” Sun Fuyu said.

“Is doing so very difficult” Lin Yi asked

“It is!” Sun Fuyu said with certainty.

“This is the most important step in chip research, and its not exclusive to us.

The research and development work of the other chip research institutes are also stuck at this point, and the progress is slow.”

“Then Ill do it.” Lin Yi said lightly.

“What! Youre do it!”

Everyone in the research institute was stunned.

No one had expected Lin Yi to say something like this.

Scientists from famous universities like them were all at a loss on this aspect of research.

How could a rich second generation like him possess this kind of knowledge

The chances were slim!

Lin Yi did not know what others were thinking, but he had absolute confidence in this matter.

He had already received the memory of the chips creator, Jack Kirby, in his mind.

He knew the whole process of developing the chip very well, and it was not a difficult matter for him at all.

Lu Ying was surprised.

The new director was too confident.

He was actually trying to lead the development of the unit program

This was not something an ordinary person could do.


Lin, may I ask what degree you have”Sun Fuyu asked tentatively.

“Im an undergraduate at Zhonghai University of Science and Technology, Marketing.”


Sun Fuyu almost vomited blood when he learned of Lin Yis degree.

What the hell was he doing!

An undergraduate at a third-rate university, and a marketing major at that Yet, he was trying to program a chip

How much did he drink before this!

That was what Sun Fuyu was thinking, but he did not say anything.

After all, he was his boss, and he had to give face to this man.

“Whats wrong” Lin Yi said.

“Zhong Hai Polytechnic may not be a good school, but our marketing major is an ace program.

Dont look down on us.”

The people from Longxin Research Institute were speechless.

Bro, even if youre an ace, youre only a marketing major!

There were so many PhDs in this department, yet you still wanted to try your hand at the problem Was this not a waste of their time

The institute under his control might not enjoy much development in the future.

They had just received a glimmer of hope before this, but they did not expect something like this to happen.

The situation was too difficult.


Lin, we are not looking down on you.

If you want to try, just give it a try,” Sun Fuyu said while wiping away his cold sweat.

“Give me a copy of the basic information that you are currently researching.

I will check if there are any mistakes.”

Liu Chu had a look of disdain on his face.

It had already come to this point, yet he was still pretending.

Even if you worked yourself to death, you would not be able to understand the research!

“Little Lu, you and Liu Chu have always been in charge of this project.

Bring the basic information here for Mr.

Lin to review.”

“Got it.”

Lu Ying went to the file cabinet, took out a few documents and USB drives, and handed them to Lin Yi.

“Director Lin, the basic information of the project is here.

If theres anything you dont understand, you can ask me.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“You think I wont understand it”

“Thats not what I meant,” Lu Ying said.

“Its just that your speciality doesnt match the subject, so you might not be familiar with it.”

“Looks like you guys dont trust me.” Lin Yi looked at Lu Ying.

“If you have feelings toward me, you can say it now.”

“No.” Lu Ying said.

“Director Lin, dont misunderstand.”

“If youre too shy to say it, then speak confidently.”

Then, Lin Yi looked at the basic information and memorized some of it.

All that was left was to start working!

If nothing unexpected happened, it would take about three hours to finish all these things.

Seeing Lin Yi open the programming tool, Liu Chu smiled.


Lin is really something.

As a marketing student, you actually know how to use a programming tool.

Its so rare that I cant help but applaud you.”


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