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After leaving school, Lin Yi went to have a meal before returning to the Jiuzhou Pavilion.

He was not planning to go to school in the afternoon.

Although leaving early was not a good thing, the thought of Sugars ugly face made him lose all interest.

He might as well sleep at home.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as Lin Yi was enjoying the sun, the phone next to him rang.

It was an unknown number.

Lin Yi could vaguely guess who it was.

“Hello, is this Mr.

Lin Yi”

On the other side of the phone camethe voice of an unknown man.

It sounded a little elegant.

“Its me.”

“Let me introduce myself first.

Im the Director of the Longxin Research Institute, Sun Fuyu.

I just received news that youve acquired the Longxin Research Institute, and Im contacting you about it.”

“I was just about to look for you.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Lets set up a time to meet.”

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Lin, Im really sorry.

Im holding an academic conference in the Northeast and might not be able to make it back today.

Ill take care of things here as soon as possible.

Can we meet at the institute tomorrow at 1:00 pm”

“No problem.” Lin Yi said straightforwardly.

“Thats settled then.

See you tomorrow.”


The next morning, Lin Yi arrived at the office on time and saw that Sugar had just arrived at work.

The relaxed atmosphere in the office became a little complicated because of Lin Yi and Sugars relationship.

Suger realized that if she dismissed her prejudice and observed Lin Yi properly again, he would appear to be really handsome and have both a good temperament and figure.

“Director Su looks really good.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Its useless to kiss my *ss,” Sugar said proudly.

“Oh, then Ill change my way of saying it.”

“Change your way of saying it”

Song Jia and the others were also a little curious.

What was the other way of saying it

“The effect of Madams Oral Liquid is really good.”


Song Jia couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Lin Yi was too bold.

“What are you laughing at I didnt drink that thing!”

Sugar was furious.

She had already let go of her prejudice, yet he was still talking about her like that.

Now, she was going to die from anger.

“Go and prepare your class.

Dont be so rude,” Sugar said with a straight face.

“Class later” Lin Yi was puzzled.

“I dont think theres any class schedule for the schools committee.”

“Teacher Shi has other work to do.

From now on, Ill leave thecareer planning for university students class to you.”

“Ah No way.”

Lin Yi was a little surprised.

Sugars actions caught him off guard.

The system gave him the wisdom of the sage when he received his new career gift pack.

Although he did not have the best professional knowledge in the industry, he could still use it to teach an undergraduate course.

However, it was a little difficult for him to teach a course on career planning.

This was completely meaningless.

It was just a course to fill up the required credits.

How could he teach it

“Also, I have very high requirements for this course.

If the attendance rate is less than 95%, the class will be given a D grade.

If this happens more than three times, all your bonuses will be deducted.”

Sugar was very proud.

The salary of a school committee official was very low.

It was only about two thousand dollars.

If he did not receive a relatively high bonus, he could not live at all.

This time, she had to give him a show of force.

Otherwise, she would lose her reputation.



Everyone in the office was stunned.

“Okay what” Sugar asked.

“You just mean to cut out the bonus, right I dont want the salary anymore, so I dont think I need to attend this class anymore.”

Sugar and the others were stunned.

What was Lin Yi talking about

He did not even want his salary anymore

How was he going to live He probably could not even afford gas!

Song Jia suddenly felt bad for Sugar.

The killer move you came up with didnt seem to work on him!

“Hmph, it doesnt matter if you want your salary or not, but Ive already arranged this class,” Sugar said.

Lin Yi, “…”

“Alright, its just an elective class.”

Lin Yi agreed to it.

It was just an elective class.

He just needed to go over and give some chicken soup for the soul while bragging to the students.

However, the difficult part was getting the attendance rate to 95%!

If it really did not work out, he would have to use his money.

“Lin Yi, Ill warn you in avance.

Dont try to take advantage of me,” Sugar said:

“When youre in class later, well listen in and record the actual attendance rate, so dont even think about playing any tricks.”

“Director Su, why are you making things difficult for me” Lin Yi asked.

“If you really have nothing to do, go home and take care of your grandson.

Theres no need to waste time on me, so you might as well give up.”

Sugar was stunned.

Go home to take care of my grandson

Song Jia, Shi Li, and the others were petrified.

The former held back his laughter and said, “Lin Yi, dont talk nonsense.

Director Su is only 29, and she doesnt have a boyfriend yet.

How can she have a grandson”

“Ah Only 29”Lin Yi said in surprise.

“Thats not right.

Looking at her face, she looks like shes 99.

She looks too old.”


“Lin Yi! If you dont want to work anymore, just say it! Ill let you go now!”

Sugar felt that she was going to die from anger.

She had already let go of her prejudice, but he was not giving her a way out!

Did she have to go against him

“Who said I dont want to do it anymore” Lin Yi said.

“Ive been working hard since I was a kid, and I still have to shine in this position.

Its impossible for me to leave.”

“Alright, Lin Yi, stop talking.”

Song Jia pulled Lin Yi and left the office with two textbooks in her hands.

“Mister Lin, please stop talking.

If this continues, Sister Su will die from anger.”

“Its not my fault, is it” Lin Yi said indifferently:

“I didnt want to talk to her at all.

Shes always targeting me.”

“In truth, Sis Su already realized her mistake, but shes too embarrassed to admit it.

Please give her a way out.” Song Jia said.

“And you dont know anything about her.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be like this.”

“Whats wrong with her Do I look like her ex-boyfriend”

“No, no, no.

Sister Sus ex-boyfriend isnt as handsome as you.”

“Your words are enough to prove that youre an honest person.”

Song Jia covered her mouth and chuckled, “I dont know much about Sister Su.

She and her ex-boyfriend met when they were in university.

After graduation, Sister Sus ex-boyfriend went to America to further his career.

He said that he would work hard for three years and then come back to get married.”

“But in the second year, he met a woman there, so…”

Song Jia did not finish, but Lin Yi already understood what she meant.

“Then what does this have to do with me”

Song Jia pursed her lips, not knowing how to explain it.

Even if Lin Yi got a woman drunk and brought her to a hotel, it was his personal problem, not hers.

“Alright, lets not talk about this for now.” Song Jia handed the textbook to Lin Yi and said.

“Class is ending in half an hour.

The next class is your class oncareer planning for university students. Go prepare for it.”


The two separated as Lin Yi thought about how to get the attendance rate up.

He did not have much time left, though, and even if he wanted to make use of his money, he probably would not have the time to do so.

He might as well forget about todays class and focus on the next one.

It did not take long before the bell rang.

Lin Yi followed Song Jias instructions and headed towards the third classroom.

“Hello, Teacher Lin!”

As he entered the building, Lin Yi saw two girls in skirts walking toward him while greeting him.

Lin Yi looked around.

Besides the students passing by, he seemed to be the only teacher around.

“Hello,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Teacher Lin, you have the textbook in your hand.

Are you going to class”

Lin Yi nodded.

“My next class is oncareer planning for university students.

Im going to class now.”

The two girls eyes lit up.

“Teacher Lin, you just came to the school and youve already been assigned a class”

“Yeah, it was arranged by the committee.”

“Teacher Lin, where are your classes Lets go and support you.”

“The staircase classroom on the third floor.”

“Yeah, yeah, Ill see you later, Teacher Lin.”


After a brief conversation, Lin Yi headed up to the third floor, ready to go to class.

At the same time, another post became a hot topic on the teachers forum.

“Big News, Teacher Prince Charming will be attending the lecture in the lecture hall on the third floor of the third session next class.

Gather the beauties and go and clock in!”

“No way, they arranged a lecture for Teacher Prince Charming so quickly Its too exciting!”!

“My long-forgotten short skirt is finally going to come in handy!”

“My black silk is finally going to come in handy.”

“Come out, my low-cut vest!”


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