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“Just try saying it again! Huh, what did you say!”


Rosé was sitting on Elijah’s body without caring about her crumpled dress.

On top of the other child’s belly, she haphazardly pulled on Elijah’s hair.


Rosé’s knuckles had turned white and were even trembling with how tightly she was clenching them.

Elijah’s red hair was caught between her hands, and several strands of his hair had already been pulled out.

A handful had even fallen on Elijah’s clothes.


“OW! It hurts! I said it hurts! Please stop!”


Elijah shrieked and yelled.

He struggled and tried to escape from Rosé’s attacks.


“Don’t wanna! I’m doing this to hurt you! Try saying that again!”


Her furious green eyes were blazing.


No matter how much anyone looked at it, it looked like it was going to be difficult for Elijah to get out from under Rosé.

Apart from her dress being huge, she was doing well to sit on top of him to prevent him from running away.


With a bright red face, Elijah was now shedding tears while his nose was runny.

Rosé didn’t seem to have any intention of letting him go.

With a very distorted expression, as though it wasn’t enough that she was only pulling out his hair, ‘Chomp!’ Rosé eventually bit Elijah’s arm.




Elijah let out a pained shriek.


‘Oh my goodness!’


Sera’s mouth gaped open as she looked at Rosé and Elijah in shock.

The noblewomen and the children around them were also taken aback.

Everyone was busy covering their wide-open mouths with their fans.


Adelio Empire’s princess just bit a duke’s son at her own birthday party! It’s not even a joke, it’s really happening.


‘What on earth is going on! Where’s His Highness Ferre’


Sera hurriedly looked around.

The situation was far too chaotic, but the urgent thing to do here was to take care of Rosé and Ferre.


‘Ah, he’s over there!’


Sera found Ferre crouched in front of a large gift box, sniffling right there.

Making eye contact with him before she could even call out his name, Ferre’s eyes widened and he went to her with his lips downturned.

He ran straight to her.




“Your Highness!”


Both his arms stretched up towards her.

He hugged her right away, his face streaked with tears as he sobbed.

His cheeks were so wet with tears, but Sera couldn’t hug back Ferre right now.


The first order of business here was to separate Rosé and Elijah.


“Your Highness, just a moment.”


Sera held Ferre’s upper arms firmly and made him stay still in that spot, then she strode towards the two children.

She struggled to get through the noblewomen and young ladies surrounding Rosé and Elijah until she was right in front of them.


Some of the noblewomen were curious to see what was happening during this embarrassing incident, saying, “Your Highness Rosé, Your Highness Rosé.” However, it was no use.


Rosé was still biting Elijah’s arm, and his red eyes were brimming with so many tears.


In the end, Elijah burst out into a loud cry.


“Uwaaaaaaahhhhh! It huuuuuuurts! I said it hurts!”


Tears and sticky snot poured out as Elijah cried loudly.

Perhaps affected by the tears she saw, Rosé flinched back, but she still wouldn’t let go of him.


“Your Highness.

Please stop it.”


Sera warned her in a stern voice.


Knowing who the owner of the voice was, Rosé turned towards Sera.

Her green eyes met with Sera’s strict blue eyes.


Rosé looked back at Sera for a moment, then spat out Elijah’s arm in front of the tutor roughly, jerking the other child off.

Elijah’s arm thankfully wasn’t bleeding, but Rosé’s saliva was left all over the red teeth marks.


Sera thought that Rosé would finally back off now, but she saw how the child’s resentment still wasn’t gone even as she had left those marks.

She was breathing roughly as she looked at Elijah, seething in anger that she couldn’t express further.


“Your Highness Rosé.”


When Sera spoke once more in a stern voice, Rosé got up from Elijah’s body.

Now that she had stood up, Rosé dusted off the grass and dirt off her dress, but she was still glaring intensely at Elijah.


‘Just what happened here’


Sera couldn’t even guess what on earth had happened while she was talking to the noblewomen earlier.


‘I can’t believe Her Highness Rosé really got on top of Elijah and pulled out his hair.’


Rosé had a naughty streak, but she was a good-natured child.

She wasn’t someone who would hit someone else for no reason.

Even when there were times that she would scowl at Ferre and sulk, her eyes would not contain malice and her negative emotions were fleeting.


“Your Highness, please come here.”


Sera crouched down slowly and beckoned Rosé over.


However, Rosé continued to glare down at Elijah with such ferocity.

As though her feet were stuck on the ground, she didn’t move.


“Your Highness.”


Sera called her again with a low voice.

Only then did Rosé, who struggled to step back, jump into Sera’s arms.


Sera quickly caught Rosé and embraced her.

She felt how upset Rosé was with the way her face was turning red and her breathing turning rougher.

Even her big green eyes had become full of tears, and it looked as though even a little more would make those tears fall.


‘I have to judge the situation calmly.


Holding Rosé in her arms, Sera looked around with a stiff expression.

There were so many people that it wouldn’t be ideal to confront Rosé and Elijah about what happened here.

It would only disgrace the two children further.


And apart from that, it wouldn’t be proper for Sera, who had a lower social standing than both Rosé and Elijah, to be seen scolding them.


Rosé was an imperial princess and her opponent was a duke’s son.

Although Rosé did something wrong, she didn’t have to apologize to Elijah right now, but…


‘Then let’s separate the two of you first and deal with that later…’


Sera urgently looked around for Elijah’s mother, Duchess Bethmann.

But the situation proved to be too much for her—the duchess, deeply shocked by what had happened with her son and Rosé,  had already fainted, bubbles in her mouth and all.


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