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Helios was puzzled.

He couldn’t believe that his younger siblings went to Sera’s arms instead of going to him.


Standing next to Helios, Jean was also quite shocked after seeing this.


‘Their Highnesses are sticking to Miss Sera, not Heli.


I didn’t even think this would happen.’


“The atmosphere seemed unusual just now.

Did Your Highnesses fight again”


Sera gently urged Rosé and Ferre off her skirt as she asked them.


Then, with practiced ease, she crouched down so that she could be on their eye level.

There was a smile on her face even as she berated the two, and at this, Helios and Jean watched blankly at what Rosé and Ferre did after.


“N… No.

We didn’t fight.

Right, Ferre”



Just now, we only quarreled…”





“A conversation, just a conversation!”


Rosé and Ferre glared at each other for a quick moment, but then right after that, they held hands and hugged each other.

They also smiled brightly and gave each other a kiss on the cheek.


Their expressions were so different from just a while ago, and it looked like they can’t live without each other now.




Helios laughed—he was so taken aback by his younger siblings’ actions, but it was also cute in its own way.


‘When on earth did they get this close with Miss Popo’


Because he still received daily reports from Sera, he knew to some extent that these three’s relationship had changed from how it was before.

However, he didn’t think it was going to be this much.

He should have noticed it back then after the word-making game, when the twins had begged him if they could see Sera off.


It was only two months ago that Rosé and Ferre made her into a flour cake.

Now, the tables had completely turned.


Right now, his younger siblings have become Miss Popo’s complete captives.


“I see.

By the way, Your Highnesses, haven’t we practiced how to greet His Majesty properly”


Sera narrowed her eyes and urged the twins as she added, ‘Don’t you remember what we learned’


Soon after, Rosé and Ferre turned around and stepped forward.

Then, they both straightened their postures and proceeded to bow elegantly like peacocks towards Helios.


“Hyung, why are you here”


“Oraboni¹, why did you come to the Star Palace”


Ah, but of course the seven-year-old twins still sounded very much like their age.


However, just seeing them greet Helios with such courtesy was so new that anyone who knew Rosé and Ferre’s personalities were taken aback.


Compared to Helios, it was Jean who was more shocked to see the elegant curtsy and bow, their movements like a butterfly’s wings.


With his eyes three times wider than they usually were, Jean covered his gaping mouth with both hands behind Helios.


“Rosé, Ferre.

You both learned how to greet so well.”


Helios spoke with a gentle voice just as usual.

His pretty smile was so dazzlingly beautiful with his silver hair shining like starlight as well.


In response to his praise, the twins’ proper posture became relaxed and they returned to how they usually were as they flailed their arms.


These seven-year-olds’ patience was only ten seconds long!


“Sera taught us!”


“Really Then shouldn’t this Hyung thank Miss Popo”


As Helios said this, he smiled at Sera like an angel.

At the crescent-moon shaped violet eyes, Sera thought that it was just a normal greeting towards a tutor, but her face turned red.


Before she knew it, Rosé ran towards Sera’s side and held her hand.

Then, she looked up at Sera’s face.


‘Something’s fishy.’


Sera’s cheeks, which were strangely heated up in a bright pink tone, were very, very suspicious.


Sera was basically a person who made a lot of facial expressions, so everyday, she smiled, crumpled her brows into a V-shape, then she’d smiled brightly again.

But then, this strange expression was something that she never showed Rosé and Ferre.


And even more, it wasn’t the first time for this.




Rosé tilted her head to the side, her eyes wide and round.

She was wondering where she saw it before, but she recalled that this was the same expression Sera had when they were playing that game, Scrabell.


Just as Ferre had pointed out, both her Oppa and Sera were acting so weirdly that day.

No, rather than weird, they were so awkward around each other that it looked like they’re two strangers who met for the first time.


Their hands touched for a bit, then after that they gave each other the tiles they needed! It made her groan just thinking about it.

Her Oppa isn’t that kind of person!


‘Heli Oppa and Sera did that, too, last time.

They’re really weird.’


Rosé looked alternately between Helios and Sera three times.


Then, seeing Rosé’s head flitting here and there, Helios asked.


“Rosé, is there something you want to say”


“Huh Nothing.”


Rosé had a hunch.

If she was going to say what she was thinking just now, she’d be hit with a situation that would be like a cold wind blowing by.


However, Ferre, who had no such consideration, was just happy that all four of them were together here.

Him, Heli, Sera and Rosé.


Since all the people he liked and were comfortable with were here, Ferre bounced on his feet, not knowing what to do.


He was like a golden retriever puppy right now, ready to jump any time once the ball was thrown.

Everyone who saw this had a smile on their faces.





¹ ‘Oraboni’ is the more formal way of saying ‘Oppa’


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