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Rosé rubbed Ferre’s arm as she giggled.

Her eyes were already bent into crescent moons because she was happy just thinking about it.

Wearing matching clothes with embroidered yellow flowers, Rosé and Ferre were lying on the floor and rolling around.

Rosé was wearing a cute knee-length dress and ankle-high white lace socks, while Ferre was wearing shorts and socks that went up to his thighs, his knees exposed.

They looked adorable, like lemon-flavored candy.

Rosé turned to the side, her smooth, long silver hair becoming a little unkempt.

When large green eyes and purple eyes met, they sparkled greatly.


Rosé held one side of Ferre’s arm tightly and whispered into his small ear.

The soft blond hair tickled Rosé’s cheek.

“What’s up, Rosé”

Ferre also hugged his sister’s arm tightly and stuck closer by her side.

They had exactly the same scent.

“What kind of prank should we do today”

“To Sera”

The corners of Ferre’s lips also tugged up.

When Rosé bit her lips and nodded with a pleasant expression, Ferre’s eyes also curved thinly.

The two little villains were still thinking about how to prank Sera today.

It’s already been around two weeks since they started classes.

However, Rosé and Ferre didn’t stop messing with her.

Rather, they looked forward to what kind of prank they could do today and what kind of prank they could do the day after tomorrow.

That’s why they looked forward to Sera’s arrival every day.

“I can’t wait for Sera to come.”

“Me too.”

Rosé and Ferre laughed for a moment, then they looked at the clock.

They still had about an hour to wait for Sera to come.

Last night, Helios said they could see Sera after they’ve slept one more night, but that was just too long.

The twins sighed and rolled around on the floor again.

“Sera’s a fun person.

Right, Rosé”

Ferre asked, lying on his stomach on the ground.

Ferre’s hair was beautifully combed by the maids a while ago, but now it was tangled and he looked like a golden retriever with fluffy gold fur.

“Yeah, she’s fun.

It was fun when we gave her a cockroach, but it was even more fun when we put glue on her desk last week.”

“Oh, right! Sera was so surprised because her bag was stuck to the desk!”

“Should we try that again next time”

“Should we”

Ferre responded and recalled what happened.

His mouth twitched up as he remembered her struggling to remove the heavy bag from the desk.

‘Sera’s reaction is different every time she walks right into our pranks, so I like her.

And studying with her is fun, too.

It’s nice that she’s pretty like Heli Hyung also.’

“Rosé, Rosé.

What do you think of Sera”

Ferre sat up, his purple eyes looking squarely at Rosé.

It was a serious look that was very rare from him.

Thinking about what he was trying to ask, Rosé sat upright as well and met her younger brother’s purple eyes.


Rosé held Ferre’s hand as she asked.

Ferre had never asked her about other people and whether she liked them or not.

With an ambiguous expression, Rosé nodded, and Ferre leaned forward and poof bumped his plum cheeks on Rosé’s shoulder.

“I kinda like Sera a little.”

Ferre whispered shyly in a small voice.

His ears turned red and he looked like a bunny.

“You like her”


A little bit.”

Rosé pondered over Ferre’s words.

Did she like Sera Did she hate Sera She never thought about it properly.

If she had to say something, then she didn’t really dislike her.

She was an interesting person for a tutor that her brother brought in for them.

It was nice when she gave them delicious snacks and when they played games for classes, but that’s all.

“Why, Ferre Are you asking me if we can stop pranking her”

Rosé pushed off Ferre’s face and pouted.

Her pink cheeks were puffed up like bubbles.

Rosé glared at her twin as if scolding him.

“N… No, I’m not saying we should stop pranking her.

I’m just wondering if we’re still gonna keep trying to kick her out.”

Ferre hesitated and avoided Rosé’s eyes.


Rosé’s green eyes turned upward as she tilted her head back.

She thought that they didn’t necessarily need to kick Sera out, but she didn’t want to stop playing pranks on her.

And they keep going along with Sera’s plans.

It’s not enough to just sleep in the study and not in Heli Oppa’s bedroom.

“I don’t think we should kick her out… But I don’t like it when she keeps coming in between me and you and Heli Oppa.

And she puts us to sleep quickly so we can’t sleep at Heli Oppa’s bed.

I want to stay with you and Heli for a long time.”

Rosé pulled Ferre tightly and brought her forehead to Ferre’s.

The softness was peaceful.

“Sera’s fun, but I don’t like it when she’s too close.”

Rosé was scared that Helios and Ferre would suddenly disappear one day.

She hugged Ferre more fiercely to calm her nerves.

While Rosé and Ferre were hugging each other, the knights opened the door widely, and one person entered loudly.

“Your Highness Rosé, Your Highness Ferre!”

Jean looked around and found the twin prince and princess.

”Jean, Rosé and Ferre shouldn’t play pranks on Miss Sera today.”

”Jean, last time, Rosé and Ferre broke the desk and Miss Popo’s bag.”

”Jean, can you go see Rosé and Ferre for me”

The knight was badgered quite a few times that he could still seem to hear Helios’ nagging voice in his ear, paired with a mental image of his gentle smile.

Helios spoke softly to him that morning, too, saying that he was worried about the three of them.

Jean had been Helios’ closest friend for the longest time—it’s been 23 years now, since they’d been friends while they were still four.

But whenever Helios would pour out his worries like this with a gentle smile, Jean felt burdened.

That pretty face of his made it difficult to turn down his requests.

‘It’s always difficult whenever Heli smiles while threatening me.’

Jean looked around diligently.

Just then, he spotted Rosé and Ferre wearing cute lemon-colored clothes while hugging each other cheek-to-cheek.

He smiled broadly and breathed out a deep sigh.

“What a relief! Your Highnesses are both here.”


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