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“I’m glad that you didn’t take it to heart, Miss Popo.

But my younger siblings were really too much.

I apologize on their behalf.”

As he said sorry, his sculpted eyebrows slightly went down as he spoke sincerely.

“It’s only the second class, Your Majesty, so I believe that their mischief would gradually be reduced.”

Fortunately after Sera said this, Helios’ expression relaxed.

She also felt relieved.

“Other than their prank, how was their class”

“Oh! They took a test today.”

Sera clapped once, almost forgetting to say the most important thing.

She took out the sheets of paper depicting graphs, other thick files and her teaching aids.

“This is a comparison of the abilities of Their Highnesses compared to children their age.”

She pointed at the graph written on top.


Helios leaned in close to read the graph.

Because he ran here from the training grounds and hadn’t cooled himself down, Sera could distinctly feel the heat emanating from Helios, along with a sweet natural fragrance from his skin.

Sera flinched back.

“Perhaps, do you feel uncomfortable”

“N… Not at all!”

Sera’s face was flushed red as she shook her head.

Seeing how red she was and how she couldn’t make eye contact… Helios suddenly wanted to tease her.

Maybe she wasn’t aware.

This time, he could tease her and make her speak her mind without a filter just like last time.

Helios smiled leisurely as he caught Sera’s gaze.

“Did you think of something else just now”

“O… Of course not!”

She shook her head more vigorously than before.

Her blue eyes looked up and protested to prove her innocence.

He briefly swept a hand at his collar, touching his clavicle once.

It was a seductive gesture, but he did not hide his playful gaze.

Seeing how the corner of his lips went up at one side, Sera knew he was teasing this time.

“Your Majesty! I won’t fall for it again!”

Sera smiled as well and pointed towards Rosé and Ferre’s test scores as though telling him to hurry up and look at them.

Helios grinned slightly as she did this.

He couldn’t believe she was reacting to his every action like this.

As expected, she was someone who wore her emotions clearly on her face just like his younger siblings.

When Rosé and Ferre would later grow up the same age as her, would it feel like this Imagining by himself, he turned to the graph that Sera was pointing to.

“Now, here is where Their Highnesses Rosé and Ferre stand.

They have outstanding talents and are in the top five percent of their age group.

Compared to their peers, it can be expected that they have a competence for planning and for detailed work.”

“Oh… I’m relieved to hear that they’re outstanding.”

Helios spoke with surprise.

Since all the tutors he called so far had left without even staying a full day, he didn’t know how much the children had been learning thus far… It was definitely good to hear from her that they could achieve these results.

He breathed out a sigh of relief.

“People say that Your Majesty was able to already speak and read the Imperial language at the age of five.

How can you be surprised with only this when you were already handling mana freely at their age, sire”

Sera waved her hand as though saying this wasn’t much.

She was actually a little burdened when she heard how brilliant the Emperor was as a child.

She was afraid that Rosé and Ferre would also be expected to bring out the same results.

However, no matter how much she thought about it, Helios was just that much of a unique prodigy.

How he was back then was impossible for ordinary children.

“Did Raphael tell you He’s not usually talkative.”

“I thought so too, but he actually is.

He almost talked my ear off, so our short walk to the Central Palace wasn’t quiet.”

Helios raised one eyebrow, clearly not believing it.

It was the first time he heard that Raphael was thought to be talkative.

Most people just usually said that it was difficult to approach him because he’s so stern and expressionless.

Shrugging, Sera unfolded the files and the teaching aides that she brought out.

These were some lesson plans for what she would be teaching the twins in the future.

Everything was reasonable.

Of course it was that way.

It’s not a curriculum that she alone thought of, but by leading professors and researchers in Korea.

However, Helios wasn’t aware of that fact, so as he looked at all this, he was now convinced of why Sera was regarded as an exceptional tutor.

Apart from teaching so well, she could also get along with the children easily.

These were revolutionary teaching aides and new forms of teaching styles that certainly deserved the attention from nobles of the empire who were interested in the educational sector.

“As Your Majesty knows, I won’t be able to cover swordsmanship and magic lessons.”

After she finished explaining everything, she added this at the end.

“I know.

We talked about it last time after all.”

“Of course, that’s why please allow me to delay those two classes if possible.”

“Is there a reason to do so”

Magic and swordsmanship were two of the most important subjects to learn.

Of course, it’s not something urgent for Rosé and Ferre since they haven’t fully grasped their mana.

And they were also still too small to handle swords.

“I think I still need to be more hands-on with them.

It’s still hard for them to sleep properly, and it’s not good to keep letting them sleep at the study.

Studying is important, but I hope Your Majesty waits a little until we get closer.”

Sera asked in a serious manner.

There was a sure confidence behind her blue eyes as she looked straight at Helios.


It’s something easy to do.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Sera smiled brightly.

Her teeth, immaculately white, could be seen as she beamed satisfactorily.

Getting what she wanted, Sera was very delighted.

Helios helped her pack her things, and after that, he walked with her to the door just as he did last time.

“See you next time, Miss Popo.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Sera smiled and curtsied gracefully.


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