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Chapter 33

Translated by Yonnee

Edited by Yonnee


If Sera, who had memories of her past life, were to be asked if she had adapted well in her new world at the Adelio Empire, the answer would be a firm, resounding, ‘Yes’.

And if she was asked what the reason for this was—it wasn’t because she was exceptionally clever, nor was her second life easier just because she retained memories of her previous life.

This was because her previous life and her current life at Adelio were similar, except for everything related to magic.

And apart from the status system and the educational system here, it was pretty much the same.

Funnily enough, the animals in the Adelio Empire were also similar to the animals in her previous life.

Of course, except for special creatures that had mana like phoenixes, dragons and monsters in Adelio, there were many normal animals such as penguins and bunnies.

Unfortunately, these normal species also included her least favorite—cockroaches.

There were countless attempts to put an end to their existence through magic here, but in both her past and present lives, roaches continued to persevere.


Surprised by the sharp scream, Jean opened the door to the study and rushed in.

“What’s wrong!”

He looked around as he shouted.

“There… Over there!”

At a distance, Sera trembled and pointed towards that place to let Jean know what on earth made her scream like that.

The large black thing was attached to the wall as it continued to flutter its wings, crawling around as its long antennae moved leisurely.

“Why is there a roach here…”

It’s clear that among all the people who were in the Imperial Palace of the Adelio Empire, there were only two suspects.

Jean turned his head towards where the sinners were.

“Your Highnesses!”

Smug, Rosé and Ferre smiled back at Jean.

The two covered their mouths and giggled behind their hands.

Despite their innocent appearances, they looked to be scheming.

They were clearly the culprits here.

“You gotta grab it! Hurry, what are you going, Jean!”

Rosé laughed out loud.

Jean sighed audibly and took out a blade.

The sharp tip of the dagger flashed, and as he aimed at his target, he threw the dagger skillfully.


“Bull’s eye!”

Ferre jumped up, shouting excitedly.

The dagger stabbed right in the middle of the roach’s body, and it was stuck on the wall like a mounted stuffed head.

Its lifeless wings flitted for some more moments, as though it had not completely lost its breath just yet.

Sera was still reeling while Jean pulled out the blade to clean it up.

She didn’t want to believe that the hateful creature was in her clothes—on her hand!—just now.

All she wanted to do was to wash her hands right that instant.

‘That was in my hand.

In my hand! In my clothes!’

As Sera turned behind her, she found Rosé and Ferre.

Weren’t they smiling and sitting too calmly at the desk now

‘They were planning to do this from the start!’

While Jean was handling the remains of the bug, he approached Sera.

He gave her a look, as though saying, ‘If you want, I can scold Their Highnesses for you’

But she shook her head.

It was her responsibility to straighten up Rosé and Ferre.

Sink or swim, she would have to scold Rosé and Ferre herself so that they learn their lesson.

It was her philosophy as a teacher.

Apart from that, the laughter from the twins ignited her even more.

‘Let’s see if it’s Your Highnesses or me who wins.’

Leaving Jean’s side, Sera took big strides towards the twins, then slammed both hands on the desk.

Rosé and Ferre looked up at Sera reflexively.

“Your Highnesses, did you enjoy the show”

A gentle, cold smile was on Sera’s lips as she stared down at the children.

“By the way, did you notice You’ve lied to me three times already.”

Unlike her infinitely kind tone, her blue eyes glimmered strangely.

Sera’s friendly atmosphere was so completely different from the chilling smile she had right now.

Rosé and Ferre could feel their mouths drying.

“Sir Knight, please bring over the mirror.”

Sera turned behind her and asked Jean, who was standing somewhat far away.

When Jean brought the mirror in front of the twins, Rosé and Ferre stared at the mirror, fumbling over their noses with their small hands.

After a few moments of that, their soft skin quickly turned red and became like strawberry noses.

“Look at that.

Your noses have already become this long.

I told you that if you lie, your noses will become longer…”

Sera sighed heavily.

“When I asked if there was something going on, and you said there was nothing.

When I asked if His Majesty scolded you, you said he didn’t.

And When I asked Your Highnesses if you prepared a new prank, you said no… You lied a total of three times, so your noses have already gotten so long that they couldn’t possibly grow any longer.”

Two gazes of suspicion and distrust headed towards Sera.

“How can my nose get longer I’ve lied several times, but my nose never got long!”

Rosé frowned.

Even so, she touched her forehead down to her nose again because she was still anxious.

Because she had touched her nose countless times, the tip of her nose was shiny.

“What do you think, Your Highness Ferre”

“I… I dunno.

Rosé, I think my nose got a bit longer.”

Ferre stared into the mirror as he said this.

However, Rosé seemed to remain vigilant.

Sera was forced to ask someone else’s help.

“Then shall we ask a knight who has the most objective eyes”


Rosé and Ferre shouted loudly in favor of this idea, not knowing Sera’s thoughts.

Children were innocent beings who were easily swept away by other people’s words.

Rosé and Ferre would never in their lives dream that Sera was inwardly smiling right now.

“Sir Knight, you have to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.”

Sera spoke in a desperate tone.

Jean nodded unexpectedly.

Helios might come running to see if the children were in trouble.

But right now, he didn’t know that they caught a cockroach, were given a mirror to look into and were now sitting round a table with Sera.

“Their Highnesses Rosé and Ferre lied a lot, but they don’t believe that their noses got longer.

Sir Knight, please take a closer look.

Their noses got longer, right”

Sera winked.

“Ah… That…”

What should he say He looked back and forth between Rosé and Ferre, his eyes confused.

Eventually, Sera, who couldn’t see his expression, smiled wryly and jabbed him on the side.

“That’s… That’s right.

Your Highnesses noses are much longer than this morning.

If your noses keep getting longer, they’ll soon reach the window.”

‘What a serious answer coupled with a stern expression.’

Sera had to bite her tongue to hold herself back from bursting out in laughter.



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