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There were less than seven hours until the sixth day of the Magus Tournament, where Emery would have to face Eeshoo the Nephilim genius.

But he still had no idea how he should deal with the dilemma he had.

Would he really have the determination to kill Eeshoo in order to save his master Xion

By this time, Emery had brought the news to his friends and seniors, who had been waiting for his return at Terra Palace Hall.

Are you sure this is true, Emery Is she even telling the truth Julian said.

For all we know, she might be trying to manipulate you to get another kill!

Even though the hostility Julian showed towards Annara was mostly because the latter had killed Roran, Emery couldn\'t just ignore Julian\'s words as his argument indeed had some basis to it.

There was no proof that Magus Xion\'s life really was in danger.

How will I know for sure

When asked, Klea personally thought that speaking about this matter with Headmaster Delbrand was a must.

Not only because the headmaster knew about what kind of secret mission Magus Xion did, but also because he would be able to prepare some precautions for the tournament.

The headmaster might postpone or even cancel the tournament when he hears of this! She said, This means they can\'t blame you for it since you are not responsible in any way.

The Eastern Sage who had been silent all this time finally said something.

That could indeed be a good solution, but I\'m afraid canceling the tournament would not be easy, especially when it is already at its peak.

At this point, there were simply too many things at stake.

Emery heaved a sigh when he heard those words.

Thrax stepped forward, grabbed Emery\'s shoulders, and said Emery, are you even in any condition to fight Tomorrow you will have to fight not one, but two monsters! What you need to do now is not worrying about this, but have a good rest!

Of course, Thrax was not wrong.

But how could he rest knowing a death scythe was waiting for his master

This time, it was Chumo who voiced his thoughts.

If canceling the tournament is not a viable option, there is still another way

All eyes turned at him when the group heard his words.

Seeing that, he quickly shared his idea.

We could warn Eeshoo instead, said Chumo.

Tell him to not participate.

Everyone couldn\'t help but roll their eyes hearing that.

From what the group knew about the Nephilim genius, no one believed someone like him would even think about agreeing to do such a thing.

But then, Emery noticed Klea was deep in thought.

Others quickly noticed her peculiar reaction and, as if answering their confusion, she said, I think Chumo\'s idea is worth a try.

Emery, you should go rest and prepare yourself for tomorrow She quickly added, before proceeding to explain what she was thinking.

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She explained she would go to see the Nephilim together with Julian, while Chumo and Thrax would go find Headmaster Delbrand to notify the situation.

As for the affairs in Zodiac City and Golden City, those would be left to Magus Silica and her subordinates.

Senior Fuxi, can you please remain here to help our champion training and keep him safe Klea asked with a smile,Alright everyone.

Does this mean you all agree with the plan

Everyone nodded their heads since that was the best plan to make the most of the situation and keep Emery focused for his important matches tomorrow.

Even though it couldn\'t completely take care of his anxiety, Emery just had to trust his friends to help him.


A few hours later, just before dawn made its appearance on the horizon, with Julian\'s connection with the Nephilim faction, he managed to find out the place where Eeshoo had been staying for the tournament.

He was staying at a spaceship hovering over a heavily guarded planet, one teleportation portal away from the Academy.

There were at least three grand magus figures and a dozen magus roaming between the fortress and the spaceship.

It took the two of them nearly an entire hour just to go through the tight security in order to meet the person in charge and it was not Eeshoo.

Instead, it was his fiancee, the Nephilim princess, Jinkan Nephilim.

Eeshoo is very busy, you all can speak to me.

Once again, Klea had to face the annoying Nephilim, who was wearing a luxurious nightgown in their meeting.

Her brows couldn\'t help but twitch as she watched her yawn nonchalantly, before sitting down on the couch in front of them.

You two are disturbing my sleep, so this better be important!

Hearing such words, Klea snorted before saying, Huh, no need to pretend.

Knowing how you are, you wouldn\'t have agreed to meet us if you didn\'t know why we\'re here in the first place.

The girl just smiled when she heard that.

Amuse me then.

Tell me, what do you think I know

Klea let out another snort after hearing that.

Still, she started to speak.

You already know what Annara said to Emery in prison.

In fact, I think you already knew about this nefarious plot aimed to harm nobles of the prominent factions.

That\'s why you didn\'t show up to fight today!

As soon as Klea finished her words, Jinkan chuckled and clapped her hands.

Good, very good.

I even almost believe your spirit talent is second to your sharp wit… and yes.

Everything you said is true.

The girl then casually grabbed a glass, took a sip of the drink and said, Now tell me something I don\'t know.

That\'s easy, Klea said confidently, causing the Nephilim to raise her eyebrows.

You think Emery doesn\'t have the power to defeat your Eeshoo nor the heart to kill him.

Let me tell you that both are wrong.

You underestimate how much Emery cares for his master and how this situation only make him stronger

Jinkan was actually startled to hear such words.

She frowned slightly before glancing at Julian who had been silent all this time.

You also believe this is true

Even though he didn\'t say anything, Julian gave a simple nod without the slightest hesitation.

The Nephilim princess put down the glass in her hand as she fell into thought.

The room where the three were silent for a while as no one opened their mouths.

In the end, she shook her head slightly before looking at the two again.

Unfortunately, Eeshoo won\'t listen to me about this.

He might if it was another participant, but not Emery.


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