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In the Magus Alliance and throughout the Magus Universe, The Nephilim Faction was known to possess the most extensive knowledge of the illustrious light element.

That, coupled with the fact that Jinkan was the next in line for the throne of the prominent faction.

She had to have at least achieved mastery on the subject to be deemed eligible for her current status.

The fact that the light element was capable of manifesting the 8 other elements was not exactly unknown, but such feats still required the caster to have a high proficiency in the element as well as comprehension of the Law of Transmutation.

Most of the people who understood what Jinkan did nod their heads in recognition of her abilities, while the other layman spectators showed extreme excitement seeing how she was able to calmly respond and deal with the deadly attack Klea threw.

Jinkan turned her head around to see the fiery reactions of the audience, but as the crowd boisterously chanted her name, the girl appeared completely indifferent to their enthusiasm.

Seeing her reaction, Klea raised her eyebrow and asked.

Are you not enjoying it

Jinkan returned her gaze to Klea hearing the question before saying, I don\'t need the attention; I have too much of them already...

To be honest with you, I really didn\'t want to join this tournament and show off my ability

Klea\'s raised eyebrows rose even higher as a smirk appeared on her face.

Well, let me guess..

The faction told you so.

In response, Jinkan shook her head slightly.

Not quite..

there are not that many people who can tell me what to do.

I might be reluctant, but I know that I have to at least reach the final round so that I don\'t embarrass the faction

Seeing how casually the girl talked about winning successfully irked Klea once again.

She clenched her fist and spoke with gritted teeth.

Then I\'m afraid your journey stops here!

Now that she had fully restored her spirit pool, Klea restarted her assault.

Her right arm shone as she began casting a spell.

A moment later, a gust of wind appeared on top of her palm – proof that a wind spell had been cast.

But then, the swirling vortex of wind suddenly began to make cracking sounds.

It started crystallizing while its temperature drastically decreased, but still took the formless form of wind.

It was a freezing cold wind.

[Wind Shard]

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The moment the spell was ready, Klea immediately released it toward Jinkan.

It sped through the air and blasted at the Nephilim Princess in the form of a blade storm that cut across the arena floor, ravaging it in two.

Seeing the incoming attack, Jinkan stirred the light spirit energy within her body and manifested a fire element spell to take care of Klea\'s attack.

However, the fire she summoned was not sufficient to stop the wind element spell.

She swiftly realized that what Klea cast was a combination spell, and immediately came to a conclusion: to not block such attacks.

That said, she performed an evasive maneuver as the deadly wind bombarded where she was.

When she saw Jinkan start to dodge away again, Klea immediately cast another which she sent to block her escape path.

There were of course still other pathways, so the other party escaped unscathed.

[Wind Shard]

But then, after the fifth time, Jinkan noticed an abnormality.

She realized that her movements had become slow, the reason being that her legs and body were starting to go numb from the cold.

It turned out that not only was Klea\'s [Wind Shard] powerful, being a wind base spell, it was also capable of influencing the temperature of the entire arena.

Jinkan stomped the arena floor, breaking her feet out of the ice that covered them before leaping high into the sky.

At this moment, Klea was already dashed into the air.

It seemed that she had predicted her action.

Hoovering in the air, Klea was already prepared with her second combination spell.

It was a spark of purple lighting that flowed continuously like a ball of water.

[Lightning Torrents]

Another advanced combine spell was cast by Klea, thrown straight at the Nephilim girl who was in the sky.

Even though the attack looked terrifying, Jinkan remained calm as she created a light barrier in front of her, while at the same time using the impact force to throw her back away.


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The water sphere struck the light barrier, instantly shattering it into pieces.

What was surprising was a build-up of high voltage electric shock that was still present at the area of the impact.

Urghh! That\'s a close one! Jinkan slightly grimaced as the aftermath almost swept over her.

But then, to her surprise, Klea wasn\'t done yet.

Seeing her cornered, the Egyptian Queen cast her special spell [Spirit Explosion] and cast the second [Lightning Torrent] that cost her most of her spirit pool, turning it into a spell worthy of that magus level Tier 6.

The spell hurtled through the air and struck Jinkan\'s body squarely, causing a huge explosion to bloom in the arena.


A massive crater was created by the aftermath with sparks of lightning seen amidst the black smoke in the newly-made crater, showing how destructive and powerful the spell was.

Klea landed on the arena, panting for breath heavily.

But despite her pathetic appearance, a huge smile could be seen on her face as she said, T-That… should do the jo–

Before she could finish her sentence, the words stuck in her throat as she saw a blond-haired girl walking out of the crater with golden skin cracked apart from her skin like clay.

She looked to be grievously wounded, yet was still able to move.

That was certainly an unexpected one, said Jinkan, as she slowly approached the exhausted Klea.

Unfortunately for you, my life is so precious that I have been trained in the most powerful defense of divine light.

[Celestial Skin]

The fact that her opponent was able to shrug off her trump card made Klea heave a sigh of helplessness.

She couldn\'t accept that they were so different because of their backgrounds.

After all, with that kind of power, Jinkan could probably compete against the monsters in the top 5.

Jinkan nonchalantly arrived in front of the panting Klea and began speaking with a condescending tone.

You have decent talent and decent spells in your hand.

Unfortunately, you are lacking in training.

Seeing how such spells waste that much of your spirit pool where they shouldn\'t be.

She took a step closer, leaned to Klea\'s ears, and whispered, Did you know There are hundreds of people with your talent born every year in our faction...

Wake up, girl.

You are nothing special.

Klea gritted her teeth knowing she couldn\'t defeat her.

Jinkan Nephilim Wins

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