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Why! Why it had to be that Mind Fucker Arcana! Dammit, why am I so unlucky!

Knowing that he was the one who possessed the lowest spirit force in the group, Thrax couldn\'t help but feel wronged by the match he received.

He began punching the nearby terrace walls to vent out his frustration.

Stop it, Thrax! Klea chided.

I will help you explain all about enchantments, Don\'t give up now!

With those words, the angry tiger quickly turned into a happy cat following Klea\'s instructions.

At the same time, Chumo\'s name appeared on the screen, meaning his match was one of the first four matches of the second half.

The group turned their attention to him, encouraging and giving support.

Julian patted him on the shoulder saying Even though your opponent is strong, I believe you have the highest chance to reach the final round, Chumo.

Don\'t be pressured and just do your best!

Chumo nodded and stepped up to the arena, facing the crazed-looking golden-haired young man.

The one who was known as the Devil Nunchaku, Diyoo.

Hahaha, you sure got a lucky draw.

You will fight me! Diyoo hahaha!

Saying those words, the man took out his famous weapon.

A pair of double sticks made of black crystal-like material.

Meanwhile, responding to his opponent, Chumo also brought out the pair of daggers he wielded.

Tension rose in the air as the two of them waited for their fight to begin, and the moment that happened, their figures instantly disappeared from where they were.

Diyoo kicked off the fight in an aggressive manner, and thanks to his swift wind-based skills, he managed to catch up to Chumo\'s enhanced agility and strike the first blow of their fight.


A sharp sound resounded in the air as their weapons clashed.

The nunchaku strike, although perfectly blocked by the tier 5 dagger, still forced Chumo back a few steps.

In that instant of exchange, the latter realized that his opponent was much stronger than him.

Previously, Chumo had been lucky to fight against lower rank of the privileged acolyte, with the last one he fought being a spellcaster.

Those factors largely allowed him to clinch victory, but this time it wouldn\'t be as easy since he finally faced a real, pure fighter from the privileged acolyte ranks.

Even with his Spirit Beast Aura activated as well as his [Immortal Gate – stage 5], Chumo still found it difficult to deal with his opponent\'s attacks.

He could vividly feel the difference in strength they had.

His mere 210 battle power, which was already boosted by a variety of buffs, was simply not a match for this [Rank 22] privileged acolyte.

Just from the brief exchange they had, Chumo could confidently tell that Diyoo was stronger than the magus-level Merfolk Naya, and possessed better skill than Yuria.


‘ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ NovelB(i)n.


The nunchaku sneaked past Chumo\'s defense and struck his hand, causing him to drop one of his daggers.

Before he could even try to recover his weapon, he was forced to dodge into the shadows as a follow-up attack arrived from Diyoo.

It was at this moment that Chumo realized a frontal clash was certainly a losing battle for him.

Hahaha! Where are you going! Diyoo said provocatively, his senses seeking and sniffing the surrounding area.

I can smell you… you are the same like me aren\'t you!!

Hidden in the shadows, Chumo silently distanced himself from Diyoo before finally firing a spirit enhanced arrow towards him.

[Cursed Arrow]

The shot came piercing the air and almost hit its target, but the Devil Nunchaku managed to move his body at the last moment.

In the next instant, the Beast Aura within Diyoo began to go through changes and brought about a formless pressure that covered the entire arena without leaving an inch.

With it, he could easily sense the incoming attacks and destroy it with his pair of nunchucks.


Diyooo turn to smile, enjoying the hunt for his opponent,

Tell me friend… Is your beast as annoying as mine!! Mine can\'t stop talking..

It drives me crazy!!

Ignoring his opponent\'s words, this time Chumo nocked two arrows into his bow and channeled his spirit energy into them.

He then let go his finger holding the bowstring, firing them simultaneously with all the strength he had mustered.

The two black streaks swiftly zoomed through the air, leaving an ominous trail in their wake.

Diyoo\'s body shone brilliantly and he did a quick spin when the arrows arrived, stopping them with his own battle art.

The Nunchaku smash the incoming arrows to pieces.

Crack!! Cark!!

The remains of the shattered arrows fell helplessly to the ground and Diyoo continued to ramble on.

Have you fully tamed your beast yet Diyoo started to chuckle again.

It\'s much harder if someone else tamed it for you…

Those words were enough to startle him, since it was indeed true that the Mythical beast spirit within him was tamed with the help of the Easter Sage.

Because of that, Chumo hadn\'t yet been able to fully synchronize with it.

I thought so… that\'s disappointing…

These words made Chumo realize that his opponent has been interacting with his beast within, either for amusement or to get better sense of his location.

Chumo swiftly tried to calm himself and cast [Dark smoke] to further hid his presence.

His opponent however only chuckles once again Let\'s end this now!

Saying those words, Diyoo performed his signature battle art [Nunchaku Demonic Gale].

The nunchucks in his hands disappeared from sight before eventually he himself turned into a typhoon that swept the entire arena.

The sheer devastation caused by the battle art managed to push the dark smokes away and force Chumo out of the shadows.

With his special eyes, Chumo can see the little gap within his opponent\'s typhon like form, but his arrow was just not strong enough nor fast enough to enter.

The typhoon grew wilder and closer, leaving Chumo with no way to escape.

His legs began to tremble involuntarily as he began to be unable to withstand the pulling force he was receiving.

Thinking that he would lose, Chumo used his last trump card.

He took out his 8 small daggers from his storage ring, and under the shocked gazes of the audience, stabbed them into 8 different places on his own body.

Moments later, a thunderous shriek exploded and resounded across the arena as a shadowy form of jet black bird with red eyes engulfed his figure.

Lend me your power!! Chumo shouted

The pain on his body was a way to force an explosion within his spirit force and used it to bring forth the spirit beast within.

Using his newfound strength, Chumo fired the most lethal [Cursed Arrow] he ever prepared.

It was so powerful that the fingers drawing the bowstring were splintered by the byproduct of its release.


Encased in a vortex of onyx color, the arrow pierced the wall of wind, hitting Diyoo squarely in the chest, which finally stopped the typhoon from continuing to wreak havoc.

Unwilling to waste his chance, Chumo quickly charged forth and attacked the falling Diyoo.


However, despite its successful hit.

It was far from enough to subdue the Demon Nunchaku, while the latter was already prepared to block Chumo\'s next attack.

With en even crazed look Diyoo shouted

You are worthy to fight me! Diyoo!!

The spectators cheered boisterously seeing the two acolytes fighting with spirit beasts of their own, one squeaking while one roaring.

With the Demon Nunchaku badly hurt with the arrow before and Chumo\'s boost in power, the two were able to fight equally.

Unfortunately in the end Chumo\'s dagger skill was still a level below, hence he could not finish his opponent fast enough, not until his spirit pool was completely depleted and his spirit beast aura dissipated into void.

Diyooo Wins!


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