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Emery walked out of the Darkness Institute, and as he reached the area right below the cliff, he could see the main palace of the building where Grand Magus Zenonia was supposedly residing.

Finding out that the female grand magus turned out to have the same space and gravity proficiency certainly gave Emery a reason to make his way up there and speak with her.

In addition to that, he might also be able to find news regarding his master and Annara as well.

However, the dragon half-blood magus stopped him.

Stop worrying about other people.

Instead of that, I suggest you focus on the Magus Tournament.

Hearing such words, Emery was a bit surprised by Magus Shena\'s reaction.

After all, the female magus rarely concerned nor involved herself in his matters.

However, this time she seemed to be quite invested in the idea of him winning the tournament.

Noticing Emery\'s reaction, the magus quickly spoke.

It\'s been more than a hundred years since any of the half-bloods had a chance to become champion of the Magus Tournament, but now we have two.

Don\'t you realize how much this means to Zodiac City To all half-bloods

Emery couldn\'t hold himself from heaving a sigh when he learned there was such a heavy expectation placed upon him.

Nevertheless, since he also wanted to achieve such an outcome for himself and his friends, he eventually accepted and held onto those expectations readily.

I understand, Senior.

I will definitely try my best.

In order to make the most of the remaining time, Emery decided not to go to the Grand Hall to watch the second day\'s match.

Even though he really wanted to see how his friends fare, he trusted that they would try their best to qualify for the second round.

As they walked towards the teleportation gate, Emery told Magus Shena about what he had heard from Magus Cassian.

The two of them went into a discussion, talking about the many ideas he thought of to quickly master the gravity spells.

However, despite her formidable strength and abundant experience, unfortunately, there was not much Magus Shena could help in this matter.

Moreover, none of the magus within the Zodiac City was proficient enough in gravity or space to help Emery with his difficulty.

I have this idea, Senior…

In the end, Emery told Magus Shena about what he had thought of, and after hearing the gist of it, the reaction he received from the latter was quite positive.

The magus seemed to find his idea plausible, so instead of returning back to Terra Castle as they had planned, the two of them decided to go to the Hyperion planet.

Stepping foot onto the Hyperion center, Emery was once again welcomed by the sight of Magus Ramora.

She quickly approached him, showing the attitude that she was ready to help all his needs.

Welcome back to Hyperion, Is there anything I can do for you today the magus said with a smile.

Facing the magus\' enthusiasm, Emery politely declined the offer because he already had other plans – a specific place he wanted to visit in his mind.

However, his steps were halted as he saw the sight of many acolytes and magus gathered in the main lobby of the hub.

He could see that their attention was on the big screen showing the events of the second day of the Magus Tournament that had begun.

Emery was tempted to stay and watch, especially when he saw someone he knew pop up on the screen.

With his slick hair and trademark outfit, Gerri the Violet Flame stepped onto his designated arena.

His opponent was apparently a rather well-known acolyte who had lightning element affinity.

The battle between the two of them was spectacular as sparks of lightning and fire clashed violently in the arena.

A few moments later, Emery woke up from his trance and shook his head.

No, I have to start training. He said to himself as he turned around and walked away from the crowd.

As he walked out of the Hyperion center, he took out his orbiter and mounted it, toward the destination he had in mind.

Following right behind him was his loyal escort Magus Shena.

The place Emery planned to visit at the moment was where he had gone for training in the past; the huge asteroid that orbited the Hyperion planet – the Zero Abyss Rock.

As he continued to soar high into the sky in the direction towards the Hyperion planet\'s atmosphere, Emery could sense how the gravitational pressure the planet exerted on him changed.

The further up he went, the lighter the pressure affecting his body became.

But then, as he approached the black rock, Emery could sense two other gravitational pressures.

When he tried to figure out their origins, he discovered that one came from the rock itself while the other came from beyond – the space itself.

Emery had never sensed this anomaly in the past when he trained here, so now that he had felt it , he couldn\'t help but feel excited.

A smile appeared on his face as he looked at the black rock.

Looks like I\'ve come to the right place.

Magus Shena decided to stay on the above surface while Emery made his way inside, entering deep within the rock to find a place before once again resuming his training.

As he stayed deep in the core of the asteroid, Emery gave his all to grasp the wonders of space and gravity around him – the exact thing that kept the massive rock afloat on the Hyperion planet\'s orbit.

Slowly but surely, the understanding Emery had comprehended affected his dark core, and at the same time, the last bit of spirit energy mist around his cores were refined.

The two worked in harmony and helped boost his spirit force once again.

[Spirit force increased]

[Spirit force increased]

Immersed in such a deep process of comprehension, Emery didn\'t even notice when he had lost track of time.

He only vaguely sensed that another day had passed, and thanks to that he was troubled as his mind thought of the tournament.

He wondered if his friends made it through to the second round or Have Julian finally recovered from his affliction.

He wanted to know all these things, but he had no way of knowing at the moment.

The only way he could know was to quickly master his comprehension of gravity and return to the academy.

So he planned to do just that.

There were only two days left before his match finally started.

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