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There were ten major institutes within the Magus Academy, each focused on ten known elements.

Darkness Institute, just like its other counterparts, had a Grand Magus overseeing the whole institute as the head, with a dozen magus beneath her who took positions as instructors to teach all darkness acolytes over three academic years – totaling around 25,000 acolytes.

These dozen magus instructors possessed different specialities from one another which were distinctive to themselves such as darkness, shadow, death, or special ones like space and gravity; simply put, each branch of the darkness element had their own designated instructors.

Unfortunately for Emery, the one who specialized in the Law of Gravity happened to be one of Grand Magus Zenonia\'s disciples, Magus Cassian Newt.

You are Emery Ambrose, aren\'t you My little brothers and sister talk a lot about you.

It\'s great that I can finally get to see you in the flesh, said the pale-looking magus with a genuine smile that reached the eyes.

However, that kind of response from the other party when knowing his identity only served to further make Emery wary.

Because of that, he maintained his vigilance and just responded with a courtly nod.

The aforementioned brother and sister were of course none other than Magus Xion and Annara whom Emery knew.

However, although Emery was currently on good terms with the two, that didn\'t automatically mean nor make the one before him have to be on good terms with him too.

Rather, with the fact that both Xion and Annara were nowhere to be seen for quite some time, this meeting only made Emery wary and more defensive, especially since he was currently faced with a peak stage Full Moon Magus.

Emery took a short breath to let his nerves cool down and after a seconds pause did he finally stated the reason for his arrival, as calmly as possible.

I am honored, Senior.

And yes, I came here to learn about the Law of Gravity.

Will you help give me some pointers

Despite hearing such a sincere request, the magus peered intently at him with much thought and did not directly give any answer.

On the other hand, Emery calmly waited for a response.

Moments later, the magus finally broke the silence with a nod and spoke.

Of course, not only are you of the Privilege class, you are also unofficially a family to me… However, I don\'t have much time, the magus stated with a wavering smile.

Emery\'s shoulders slumped slightly when he heard that.

Even though he feared being in the company of that grand magus\' disciple, a side in him genuinely hoped for this trip to be fruitful.

Alas, it seemed he was not fated.

Hiding his disappointment, Emery nodded his head in an understanding manner.

I am sorry, Senior.

Then should I come back later


no… I am sure learning gravity spells will greatly benefit your coming matches… Take a step closer, show me how much you have learned

Emery hesitantly got closer to Magus Cassian and repeated what he had been practicing the whole night; as he was now on a different planet, he took quite a bit of time to connect himself with the planet\'s gravity.

Finally, when he was ready, he channeled it into the room and wielded it to make himself hover in the air.

However, just like before, it took his whole concentration to just keep him stay afloat.

Facing the same issue, Emery sent an inquiring gaze toward the Magus Cassian just to be greeted by an empty black chair.

Before his eyes could search around, he felt a tug at his arm.

A chill went down his spine as he saw the magus had appeared right next to him, gripping his hand.

For a second, Emery thought that the magus was about to attack him, but soon he realized the gravity pressure around him changed drastically, increasing and decreasing under the magus\' command, and before long it forced him to drop his spell.

As I thought, the magus said as he calmly walked back to his chair, leaving Emery puzzled by his remark.

Still, Emery quickly bowed in respect, waiting for the other party to clear up his confusion.

The magus looked at the tense Emery and said with a smile, This is a common thing to happen to an uncommon individual.

Expecting Emery\'s bewilderment, the magus swiftly added his words.

What you are currently experiencing is something that happens to an individual who has proficiency in both space and gravity.

The words quickly seemed to open some door within Emery\'s mind, but the magus wasn\'t done speaking yet.

Don\'t you know that there is one same uncommon individual here at this institute

Seeing Emery puzzled again, he heaved a sigh and said, Of course who else but our exalted master, the grand master of the institute herself.

Emery suddenly went still, his body froze.

It was undoubtedly a piece of shocking news for him to know that Grand Magus Zenonia had proficiency in space just like him.

But then the fact that the grand magus was aiming at Khaos, everything started to make a lot more sense.

Emery tried his best to stay calm.

The magus, however, offered another smile and said.

That\'s all the time I have, acolyte.

If you need to know more you should find the grand magus instead.

Not giving Emery any second to respond, the magus gave a gesture with his hand, and the door behind him was opened.

Even though it was just simple guidance, Emery still gave the magus a deep bow of respect before he left the room.

As he returned to the hall of the institute building, his thoughts were churning so fast from all the things he just heard..

Seconds after Emery left the room, a chuckle echoed through the chamber as a figure emerged from the shadow behind the chair.

Hehe, what an interesting kid.

Magus Cassian stayed calm as he calmly spoke to the newcomer.

You came too early, Gorro.


I know… but I get to see an interesting sight… very interesting… dark wolf… isn\'t he… said the man in the shadows, repeatedly glancing between Magus Cassian and the door Emery went through to leave.

No, Gorro.

You cannot devour that kid… our master forbade it.

I know, brother.

I know.

I just can\'t help for the suspense..

the feast… just a few more days, said the man in the shadows, swallowing a laugh as the shadows enveloping him danced in hidden excitement

Stop it.

Gorro! You are not to speak about it! Do you wish to die! shouted Magus Cassian as blood veins appeared on his pale skin.

Hearing those words, a certain, overwhelming sensation of dread washed over the man in the shadows.

Gazing at the man on the black chair, he stuttered to correct himself.

No, no,no, I-I am sorry brother.

I will not say another word.


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