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The pink-haired magus stood outside the entrance to his spirit cave with a broad smile on her face.

In her hand, a big wooden box could be seen.

I have come all this way.

Will you not let me in Magus Ramona asked with a smile, seeing Emery not budge or react to her words.

Hearing such words, Emery instinctively about to walk out of the way, but then he stopped in his tracks.

A confused look appeared on his face as he stared at the pink-haired magus.

Senior, why are you here

The reason Emery asked this question was because the one who delivered his items the previous time he purchased things was a senior staff member from the Hyperion center.

Hence he couldn\'t help but feel strange that this time it was his magus guide who delivered it in person.

Well...I came because I want to deliver your monthly reward as well.

It\'s very precious, so..

Saying those words, the pink-haired opened the wooden box in her hand which was filled with rows of dozens of Spirit Foundation Pills.

Looking at the pills, Emery thought about the excuse for a moment.

Thinking it made perfect sense, he eventually decided to let the pink-haired magus have a visit to his spirit cave.

It required the owner\'s permission to open the protective barrier surrounding the cave, so after he did so, the magus stepped inside the cave with a smile still hanging on her face.

Magus Ramona handed Emery the wooden box in her hand, as well as a storage ring, saying, Here are the items you have bought..

Everything should be in the ring, but still please check before confirming anything.

Emery received the ring and immediately peered inside.

It was filled with the items he ordered, the Chizpur Fang seeds, and the many ingredients for the [Metamorph Potion].

As for the wooden box, it was filled with his reward for being the rank 5 – a total of 40 Spirit Foundation Pills.

Including the ones remaining from his time hunting with the Dragon protege, Emery\'s stock of Spirit Foundation Pill once again replenished back to 75 pills.

While Emery was checking his items, the female pink-haired magus helped herself and entered the depth of the cave, strolling through the interior of the place.

Moments later, her voice could be heard again.

You are the rank 5 of the privileged class.

I think I can find you a better spirit cave than this one.

Hearing the offer, Emery thought for a while before answering, No, thank you for the offer.

This one is more than enough for me.

There was no response from the magus at his rejection.

She walked towards the garden and the pond, checking out the entire place while waiting for Emery to be done with his verification.

When Emery caught up to her after checking the goods, he finally realized that Magus Ramona was wearing a different kind of dress than he was used to seeing.

It particularly revealed most of her bosom.

He must have missed it because she was holding the wooden box earlier, which covered her chest from view.

Even though he was somewhat uncomfortable seeing such a sight, Emery quickly approached the magus and said, Thank you for delivering the items, senior.

Still, if you had told me earlier, I would come to fetch them myself.

At those words, the pink-haired magus casually responded, No..


I really want to deliver it myself, so I did...

It\'s also my job to take care of you. She paused her words for a second before adding, After all, you\'re my number one favorite.

She said those words with a teasing smile on her face.

Caught off guard, Emery was slightly flustered by her actions.

But before he could say anything, she turned around and walked towards the house he had built.

The pink-haired magus peeked inside, before turning towards him and saying, You\'re alone right now

Emery nodded, and in response Magus Ramona looked at him with a strange look.

She then approached him closely saying, So..

your girl is not here at the moment, isn\'t she

Yes, she\'s currently away.. Slightly confused by the strange question, Emery asked, Err...

Why are you asking this, senior

The pink-haired magus looked him in the eye and said, You know...

if you somehow need anything else..

I really can help you with anything...


Emery could detect the underlying meaning in her words and was about to say no to the offer, but he quickly stopped himself because he suddenly remembered something.

Actually, senior...

There is indeed something that I need help with...

He reached for his Spatial Space and took out a broken sword – one that was destroyed by the Dragon protege.

Senior, I wonder if there is a way to repair this weapon of mine.

At first, Emery thought about going to the Golden City and paying the dwarf blacksmith he met during his second year a visit.

However, since he didn\'t know exactly if the dwarf could repair his Tier 5 weapon and he also didn\'t know anyone else who could, he thought of asking Magus Ramona for her opinion first.

She was, after all, tasked as a dedicated guide for a privileged acolyte.

Seemingly caught off guard by his request, Magus Ramona looked a bit dumbfounded for a few seconds before she regained her bearing and said, Yes, of course.

You can leave that sword in my care and I will send it to the academy\'s best blacksmith for repair.

They will immediately contact you when they find the answer to your problem.

The pink-haired magus took out an empty box from inside her ring and put the two broken pieces of the sword inside.

After that, she looked at Emery and once again spoke.

Are you sure...

there is nothing else I can help you with This time, the magus became even more aggressive as she approached closer.

Now the distance between the two of them was merely a step away.



There is actually one more..

A light shone in her eyes at those words.

She said, Tell me what it is...

I promise I will not...





Can you please help me send a message to her

Still not receiving a reply after all this time, Emery assumed that his spell didn\'t reach the girl.

Hence he asked the pink-haired magus to pass his message to Klea through the academy channel, informing her of his situation just in case she really didn\'t receive the message he sent earlier.

He also didn\'t forget to pass a message to Magus Shena as well.

The magus guide looked annoyed for a second.

Realizing her attempts were in vain, in the end she didn\'t push Emery further.

With a forced smile on her face, she accepted Emery\'s request telling him that she would do so.

Please, Senior..

These are very important for me...

So please send them as fast as possible, Emery said after he led her to the cave entrance signaling her to leave.

Of course

Said the pink-haired female magus, before she left the spirit cave with extreme irritation.


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