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A rank 9 cultivator currently stood before them, looking around and speaking such words nonchalantly.

This was the strongest level of power Emery and the others had ever seen since their return on Earth. 

In an instant, everyone\'s attention was fixed on the figure who suddenly barged into the scene.

The man looked like he was in his 40\'s, had a large and muscular build that was very apparent to the eye, as well as long blond hair that was neatly braided.

He was wearing thick clothes made of animal fur.

However, even though it looked barbaric at glance, there was a sense of grandeur in what he was wearing.

Casually making his way to the arena platform, the man once again addressed all of them with the same question in a casual way.

But with the indifferent air that shrouded him, it created an eerie spectacle.

Aaa, did I really miss the fight

The Abbot looked at this mysterious man, his expression exasperated.

I\'m afraid, you really did.

The man made an extremely bummed look, but it looked like he was still pretty nonchalant about the situation despite that.

Emery and the others could clearly see that the Abbot and the man seemed to be close, as they were talking to each other in a friendly manner.

The man\'s eyes shifted over to the arena and met Emery\'s eyes.

Then, he looked away and continued to look at the others on the scene, or rather, Emery\'s friends.

The area was quiet, as everyone seemed to be waiting for what was next.

As expected, the mysterious man didn\'t let down the expectation that everyone placed on him.

The next thing he said brought complete surprise to everyone without exception.

One… two...


It\'s them, isn\'t it the man asked the Abbot, while looking so excited.

He didn\'t even wait for the latter\'s reply, as he quickly approached the five.

It\'s great to finally see you five! the man said, before he even reached Emery\'s group below the arena.

But when he was about to speak again, the Abbot swiftly interrupted him by telling them to follow him inside first.

As if he realized for the first time he was in public, the mysterious man raised his hands and said, Ahh, right.

My mistake.

Let\'s talk later. 

While they were still confused as to what was going on, Emery and the others nodded at the Abbot\'s words.

As they walked toward the main temple, one of the invitees, the old shaman, approached the mysterious man and gave her respect by doing a low bow and a kiss on his feet.

My honorable King, please heed my respect.

The man, who seemed to be a king, raised her from the ground before hugging her and kissing her cheek.

While Emery and the others watched in astonishment, the old shaman once again bowed to the man, before slowly walking back and joining the others, who were making their way out of the place escorted by the monks.

This scene only made Emery\'s group more interested in the man\'s identity.

Eventually, the group reached the gate of the main temple.

Emery and the others had the opportunity to witness dozens of monks helping and cooperating with each other to open the huge gate.

As they entered, they were surprised to see more than a hundred monks sitting in lotus formation, all chanting softly with their eyes closed.

The sight was so serene and tranquil they all subconsciously lowered their voices and held their breath, afraid of disturbing this extraordinary atmosphere.

The Abbot calmly led the way, as they walked on a stone pathway, passing the hundred monks and going towards another closed door.

Even before it was opened, Emery could feel a strong aura emanating beyond the door, making him wonder as to what the source was.

The moment the door opened, Emery\'s gaze was instantly locked on something in the middle of the room.

A massive tree was standing quietly inside this space.

This particular room was indoor, but if one looked above, they would be presented with the view of the vast sky partially covered with thick tree branches and vines.

The Abbot walked forward, came closer to the tree and sat on one side.

Meanwhile, the mysterious man followed on, as he casually sat on the other side.

While the two figures sat calmly below the tree, Emery and the others stood still at the entrance, as they were fascinated by the majestic tree.

Emery could perceive a very similar aura to the Gaia tree that existed in the Forbidden Forest.

However, the differences were the tree here looked much more weathered, from its huge trunk, branches and leaves.

As their gazes scanned from the trunk up to its branches, they could feel a powerful spirit emanating from what appeared to be its fruits.

They were seen on the shriveled branches and, most surprisingly, there were ten of them hanging from the tree.

Seeing the group\'s interest, the Abbot calmly spoke.

Yes, what you think is correct.

Those are the fruits known as Heavenly Fruit.

The Abbot\'s words caused Emery\'s group to turn to him, that moment was exactly when the mysterious man introduced himself.

While sitting cross-legged below the tree, he said.

I am Fjolnir, son of Freyr.

Hearing the man\'s name, Klea couldn\'t hold herself from exclaiming in shock.

You are the Fjolnir King of the Scyfling

A look of surprise was seen on the man\'s face as he turned to Klea.

Oh How surprising.

It seems someone still knows my name.

Faced with the inquiry look from the others, Klea briefly told them that Scyfling was a mysterious ancient kingdom situated in the north, that was said to be built by the gods.

Hearing Klea\'s brief explanation of his kingdom, Fjorlnir commented, The gods, huh Yeah, I guess it\'s not wrong.

My father and grandfather were worshipped as gods, after all.

The same with my monk friend here. 

Being mentioned, the Abbot opened his eyes and just nodded.

However, when asked for further details by Emery, he said it was part of his past life and did not want to bring it up again.

Understanding the situation, Emery decided to introduce himself to these two illustrious figures.

Greetings, esteemed elders.

I am Emery, from the island of Briton. He then turned to Abbot and said, Elder, I came here because of a vision given to me by Gaia, to find the sacred tree.

Upon hearing this, the Abbot unexpectedly nodded his head.

A smile could even be seen on his face, as if he had expected Emery\'s words.

Yes, Emery.

we know.


I and Fjorlnir have been waiting for you, or more precisely, the five of you for the last 1000 years.

And yes, Gaia has told me of your arrival.

The words spoken by the Abbot certainly raised Emery\'s group curiosity as well as puzzlement. 

These two people had been waiting for them for 1000 years They weren\'t even born decades ago! How was that possible

As if he could read their minds, the Abbot smiled and gestured at them.

I am sure you all have many questions, but don\'t worry, I will answer them all.

However, the Heaven Harvest ritual is about to start.

Therefore, please be patient for now and take a seat.

Emery and the others naturally followed the Abbot\'s request.

In a moment, all five of them sat on the ground, facing the tree.

A few minutes later, a loud gong sound could be heard and a hundred monks, who sat in the other room began to chant loudly.

In the blink of an eye, the group could immediately feel a strong wave of energy coming from the tree, before spreading to its surroundings.

While Emery and the others were awed by the spectacle, another gong sound was heard and the Abbot said, When the ritual began, I want you all to just observe.

Do not act on anything you see.

Can you all do it

The group didn\'t want to be seen as rude, so they nodded their heads.

Even so, more questions began to appear in their minds.


The gong sounded again, and Emery could tell this time it sounded at shorter intervals.

As predicted, the next one came again not long after.

The chanting of the monks also began to become louder and faster, until another gong sounded and there was silence.

It was at this time that Emery and the others raised their heads as they suddenly felt a movement from above them.

There, they were welcomed by a sight of the clouds opening up a way and from it, a strong spirit force could be felt.

What\'s happening!

A figure shining in bright golden light appeared as it emerged from the clouds and descended like a star falling from the sky.

Emery and the others quickly realized what it was, or to be exact, who it was.

A Magus!!


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