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The moment the two master swordsmen charged toward him, Emery knew it wasn\'t going to be an easy fight.

Even though he knew he was stronger than them in magic, the same couldn\'t be certainly said for swordsmanship.

He quickly grabbed a second sword from his spatial storage and parried two sharp blades that came for his body at once.

His body was pushed back by the momentum the two swords brought, but Emery swiftly recovered as well as taking advantage of it to retreat.

Looking at the two swordsmen before him, Emery really looked forward to testing how high the level of his swordsmanship had reached.

He depended on the sword many times during the knight tournament as well as the Magus Game, but it had been a while since he really practiced or improved his skills.

Emery had his swordsmanship foundation with the basic knight skill taught by his deceased father.

It was then tempered and improved by his countless practice against the combat puppet back at Magus Academy, as well as some sword training by Magus Xion. 

However, Emery really could never say the sword was his forte.

Hence, he was interested to see how far he would fare against these two renowned swordsmen.

He wanted to know how Earth\'s greatest swordsmen would be compared to the sword training that he had.

Clankk!! Clankk!!

Loud sound of metal clashing with each other resounded through the air, echoing throughout the arena.

In terms of battle power, the two Hana swordsmen reached a similar level with him, which was definitely surprising.

Emery was a restricted rank 8, which made him comparable to a rank 7 acolyte at the very least.

In addition, his Fey wolf bloodline gave him an above average increase in battle power.

Hence, the fact that these two could match his battle power despite being a rank 8 was truly surprising.

Even though he still had many skills that allowed him to defeat them in his repertoire, he decided to put them aside, as he wanted to test his sword capabilities first.

Clank!! Clankk!!

Emery exchanged strike after strike with the two master swords masters; he gradually found himself in a difficult situation.

It was normal though, as he was currently fighting against not one, but two of the greatest swordsmen Earth had to offer.

It only took a minute before his opponents bested him and Emery received one wound on his arm.

The two swordsmen\'s techniques were amazing, as he could see each of their attacks were coming flawlessly like a flowing river.

Sometimes the strikes were calm and soothing, but other times they were extremely fierce and powerful. 

What was even more amazing was the fact that the two\'s fighting style enhanced each other\'s strength, as well as compensated for their weakness.

The two had seamlessly cooperated with each other and basically gave him nearly no chance to deliver a strike himself.

Despite the fact the two were essentially polar opposite.

When one went fast, the other would be slowing down, creating a confusing rhythm in the battle.

When Broken Sword attacked from the left, Flying Snow would search for an opportunity to attack from the right.

This made Emery had to forgo his attempt of attacking Broken Sword otherwise a heavy wound awaited him.

Broken Sword was superior in fierce and impactful attacks with his short, broken-looking saber.

Meanwhile, Flying Snow really thrived in the opposite scope, filling in what the former lacked.

Spllattt!! Splaattt!!

Emery couldn\'t believe what he was currently experiencing.

He couldn\'t believe the sword technique they used was better than a level 5 sword skill he learned from the Combat Institute back at the Magus Academy.

Several minutes later, the two sides had somehow managed to understand each other\'s thoughts, as they separated from each other and took a breath on their own side of the arena.

Young man, I must praise your extraordinary accomplishment.

Your swordsmanship is truly amazing that it has no wasted movement at all.

It\'s direct and effective, aiming for the roots.

Unfortunately, it won\'t be enough to defeat our prized technique, Dao Sword. said Broken Sword, a hint of praise was seen on his face.

Emery didn\'t say anything and only smiled at the other party\'s compliment as well as contempt.

Shortly after, the two seemed to be ready for round two, as they were seen dashing at Emery again.

This time, he could tell they had increased their pace. 

Apparently, they intended to showcase the next stage of this Dao Sword technique and its impact was apparent, as Emery found himself being cornered even faster than before.

He even had to resort to his [Heroic Slash] battle art to fend off and push the two back.

Even though they were caught surprised by Emery\'s heavy blow, it was apparent the two swordsmen didn\'t falter, as they immediately came at him again.

Parrying and receiving every slash they sent to the best of his ability, Emery couldn\'t help but be once again amazed by their swordsmanship.

Not only did their sword variation and combination seem endless, they both also had some amazing footwork techniques that made their steps hard to track and as light as a feather.

The two sword masters seemed to be jumping and floating here and there instead of dashing to him

Spalltt!! Splaattt

Emery received hit after hit as time went on, wounds gradually accumulated themself on his body.

However, this was not in vain as he slowly learnt his opponents and started to adapt.

Though his body kept getting more cuts, there was nothing deep enough to be of concern.

The more he was attacked and cornered by the two, the more Emery got the trick behind their sword technique.

At first, he was confused as to why he was able to do this, but he eventually understood.

The Dao Sword technique seemed to have taken inspiration from how water was, it appeared that Emery\'s understanding of the element of water helped him learn the essence of the technique.

Thus, the reason for the current scene where Emery started to be able to dodge the attacks of the two.

Clankkk! Clank!! Clannkk! Splatt!!

Unfortunately, understanding theory was different than actually mastering said theory.

Once again, the two sword masters seemed to utilize another level of their technique and Emery had once more found himself getting pushed back and even received a deep gash on his body.

Splat!! Splat!!

Another wound was carved onto Emery\'s hand and it made him involuntarily release the sword in his hand.

It was at this moment that Klea leaped to the air and grabbed the mid-air sword.

Then, to everyone\'s surprise, the Egyptian girl joined the fray fighting the two Han swordsmen with the sword in hand.

Clankkk!! Clank!! Clank!!

Unexpectedly, Klea was able to meddle in the fight between the swordsmen, caught up onto the pace, displaying formidable swordsmanship, as she assisted Emery to defend the attacks coming at him.

Klea\'s abrupt involvement in the battle threw the two sword masters off, causing them to move back to assess the situation again.

You don\'t mind if I join the fun, don\'t you Emery I have seen enough from the sideline and felt it\'s time for some action.

Hearing the words and seeing the swordsmanship Klea displayed earlier made the two sword masters confused.

Young man, didn\'t you say the girl has no experience with the swords

Yes, I did. replied Emery with a wry smile.

He could only shake his head in helplessness.

Well, what did he expect

The genius girl kept surprising those around her all the time, after all.


Written by Avans, Published exclusively by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l, 

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