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Getting the title of \'Silver Knight\' was all about skill.

But, the same couldn\'t be said about getting the \'Golden Knight\' title.

Being a golden knight was not all about strength.

Those who want to become a golden knight must be a silver knight first.

Afterwards, they have to obtain as many achievements as possible.

The more merit you have, the more you would be considered for the position.

Then, comes the hardest part, that was, to be recommended by a knight commander and gain the approval of all five of them.

There was also the additional rule that there can only be 50 golden knights among all the seven kingdoms.

With Sir Bagdemagus\'s untimely death last year and the retirement of another knight, two seats were now open, hence the appointment of Sir Percival and Sir Maleagant.

It was certainly a unique situation to see in a way that Sir Maleagant somehow replaced his father\'s seats.

Emery decided to keep him in mind.

Though he could be a problem in the future, right now he was more interested in what lied behind the huge door.

More than 30 knights walked towards the door, with the knight commander leading them.

It needed two keys to unlock the door, one was held by Sir Owain the Aegis knight and another by Sir Agrival the Wise.

Both keys were given to King Uther Pendragon.

He took the pair of keys and used them on both sides of the door to unlock it.

Emery looked around and noticed the other knights seemed to be eyeing each other.

Some looked at the door with an odd fascination.

Even some of the golden knights whispered amongst each other.

Right when the door was opened, the other knights stopped in their tracks.

Some kind of weird aura was enveloping their bodies.

Emery recognized the \'weird aura\' as a massive concentration of spirit energy similar to the feeling just outside of the origin stone room, except this time, it was not limited to a single element.

It felt like it was made of several elements mixing together at the same time.

Behind the door, there was a path made inside a massive carved stone.

As they walked, Emery touched the sides and felt the smooth stone underneath his fingers.

It seemed this path was not natural and, considering its size, the fort was made to hide the existence of this place.

The stone walls radiated a soft, flickering golden glow reminiscent of a bright torch.

At the end of the path, there was a large cave-like opening and Emery saw a glowing item right in the middle of it.

There he finally sees it, the most stunning thing he ever sees.

A blade glowing in a silver color and multiple gems were embroidered upon its crystal body.

There were some engraving glowing within its body.

Just like what he saw in the vision, the sword was stabbed in a massive stone.

You are all standing in front of the divine sword, The Excalibur! The knight commander exclaimed.

The sight certainly brings awe upon all the ones who came to this place.

Even the golden knight who supposedly has seen the sword before still amazed by the sight.

Certainly, it gives a much more impact to the 10 new silver knights.

Emery looked at the sword, it was certainly very much different to see in vision and to actually see the real one in front of him.

He was really tempted to touch and hold the sword when suddenly a hand gripped his shoulders.

He looked up and saw Yvain, the golden knight.

Isn\'t that the most beautiful sword you have ever seen, Lanzo

Emery nodded in response.

The knights made a small circle all around the sword, with the two knights Percival and Maleagant standing in front of the sword.

The knight commander walked to the center of the circle, immediately, everyone went quiet, while he started explaining the history of the sword.

It was said the divine sword was put here by the first knight and it had been waiting for the chosen knight.

According to the prophecy spoken at the beginning of this order, the one who pulled this sword would become the king of kings.

But, a thousand years passed and no one was able to pull it out.

Hence in times, the knight\'s divine order was built on top of it.

Emery sighed in his heart.

If no one was able to pull it, why were all of them even here For what purpose did they even protect the sword in the first place

Knight Commander Uther Pendragon now led what appeared to be the final ceremony of becoming a golden knight.

Sir Percival! Are you ready to accept your sacred duty as the guardian of the order Speak!

With all my heart and my strength, I put my oath and my life on the line for the sake of my duties.

Here, with the divine sword as my witness, I swear it! The muscular knight bowed and responded.

The knight commander open up a wooden box and gave Percival a small vial fill with a golden liquid.

Without hesitation, the knight uncorked and drank it.

What is that, Yvain Emery whispered.

That is what we call the divine water, Lanzo.

Wait and see.

Everyone was quiet for several seconds, before the water started to react.

The knight shouted and Emery looked at him in surprise.

Though they were a bit far apart, he could feel the knight\'s body bursting with energy.

The knight approached the sword, put both his arms on the handle and pulled with all his might.

Emery saw there was one light shining like a star from the body of the sword before it starting to move and shift entering Percival\'s body.

In response, the knight\'s body gives a certain glow and His pupils started to turn white.

He shouted once more before he released the sword.

Though he did not manage to pull it, his face was one of pure excitement.

Congratulations, Sir Percival. The knight commander smiled.

You have received the blessing of the divine.

Seeing such a scene, made Emery finally understand.

He remembered the last moments when he fought Sir Badgemagus.

The old knight showed a burst increase in power with the same glow that Sir Percival had just now.

Apparently, it was all the power that was given by the sword of the divine.

This was the ultimate secret of the divine order.

Written by Avans, Published exclusively by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l,


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