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On the fourth day of their journey, the group finally entered the border of the Logress Kingdom.

The unfamiliar yet alluring sight of the surroundings brought a feel of marvel within Emery, making him truly appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth.

Crossing through dozens of villages and several towns, Emery could clearly see the vicissitude of life, as people went about their day doing their activities.

During this trip that spanned over two kingdoms, Emery compared every village they passed through with the Mist Shore village, where he lived after the incident and he realized the people of Logress appeared to have a much better living condition.

Farms were much more flourishing and livestock were so hefty they crowded the fields.

This made him wonder if this could represent a better ruling than in Lioness.

The moment they drew near the capital city of Logress Kingdom, the group quickly discovered a dozen knights were approaching them.

Through his enhanced senses, Emery could see that there was a distinct figure within the nearing group, a golden knight amidst the dozen knights.

That particular knight was leading the group and approaching the Lioness Kingdom\'s entourage with a cheerful manner.

Yvain..! Knight Yvain! Is that you, friend

Sir Yvain raised his hand and the whole entourage quickly came to a stop.

From within the cart, the princess asked the golden knight, Who is it, Sir Yvain

It\'s the Logress Knight, my lady.

Gwain, the maiden\'s knight.

The group of Logress Kingdom\'s knights finally reached them.

The golden knight called Gwain quickly went down from his horse and proceeded to kneel in front of the cart where the princess was.

I\'m Gwain, my lady.

We came to welcome the eminent Princess Gwenneth of the Lioness and, of course, all the knights and squires of the Lioness Kingdom.

Hearing the golden knight\'s words, Princess Gwenneth walked out of the cart and paid her respect to the golden knight in the manner taught to the members of the royal family.

Sir Yvain, as the one in charge of Lioness Kingdom entourage, let the Logress knights lead the way.

After all, they already made their effort to welcome the former in their territory.

Emery had also heard the tale of the knight called Gwain, who was one of the greatest young golden knights in the 7 kingdoms.

The man was in the same generation as Sir Yvain.

Emery also realized that, among the 12 knights the Logress Kingdom sent, two of them were silver knights.

This fact amazed him, as it showed the Logress Kingdom\'s capability to dispatch a golden knight and two silver knights just to welcome and escort the Lioness Kingdom\'s group.

After all, their group wasn\'t the only one who came to the Logress Kingdom to attend the Tournament.

Emery even assumed that the relationship between the two kingdoms was extremely good based on this treatment alone.

A few hours later, the group finally arrived at Logress Kingdom\'s capital city: Camelot.

Emery had never been to Camelot before, but he had heard about it from his father.

So, he had some kind of image inside his mind on what to expect when he finally landed his eyes on it.

But to his surprise, it completely exceeded the image he had.

The moment he arrived, Emery was startled when he realized he was unable to see the end of the city.

It was several times bigger than Lionarch City and every corner of the city was as crowded as Lionarch Port.

There was a certain feel to the city, one of grandeur, as most of the buildings were made of polished stone.

The display of the blue emblem with a shield and golden sword could be seen all around, as the symbol was raised high across the city, which made the city look like a large series of forts.

Though it was surely nothing compared to Golden City, it was still an exciting experience for Emery, as he previously only heard of the city from his father\'s story or books he read in childhood.

Emery wished to see more of the city, But, unfortunately, he needed to stay with the group.

They were currently heading directly to the place where they should have gathered.

The group wasn\'t exactly being sent to the royal palace, but instead, to a piece of land not far from the palace.

This particular piece of land was not less important than the palace itself.

It was the place where the knights of the 7 kingdoms would gather.

It was in this land that the knights of the divine order were established.

This also would be the place where the knight tournament will be held.

The group entered the compound and was led to one particular area.

It was an estate provided for the Lioness group.

As most of the squires came from the lower nobels, the luxurious estate made them gape, unfortunately for them, the estate was prepared only for the princess and the knights, while they would stay in the large tent the kingdom had prepared on the back of the estate.

Before leaving the entourage, the golden knight, Gwain, invited the princess and the squires to the welcoming feast that would be held at the Knight Order main hall tonight.

As the event was optional, Emery, unsurprisingly, decided not to attend it.

It had been four days since he last visited and practiced in Khaos space and he didn\'t plan to prolong it any longer.

He also really wanted to start finding clues about Morgana\'s whereabout.

Unfortunately, as if the princess knew his intention, the princess sends his knight specifically to him insisted he had to come to the event.

She proceeded to insist all the squires must attend the event.

Later that night.

Princess Gwenneth, Sir Yvain and two of his silver knights, as well as 25 squires, came together to the feast in their formal attire.

All of them wore various kinds of formal wear, but with one similarity, the red cape with a lion on it, the symbol of the Lioness Kingdom.

The moment the group arrived and walked into the hall, the sonorous sound of trumpets resounded through the air, followed by the loud sound of the aide announcing their presence.

Princess Gwenneth of the Lioness as well as the Lioness Kingdom\'s entourage have arrived!

Here in this hall.

Through his spirit force sense, Emery can feel many powerful individuals more than he expects.


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