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On one hand, Emery was glad to have an unique wolf gene with equally unique powers.

On the other hand, however, there was no known fey wolf in this universe, and thus there was no one who could help him progress.

This would greatly hinder his improvement.

Meanwhile, the solution to this problem that was recommended by the patriarch would cost him 100.000 spirit stones.

Emery touched his storage ring and checked the amount of spirit stones he had and compared it to his contribution points.

[Spirit stones: 365]

[Contribution points: 146.650 points]

The difference between the two was way too great.

Emery knew the Academy Hub could trade contribution points to spirit stones in a 1:1 exchange rate.

However, during his time in this academy, he had been reminded time and time again that there were things that could only be obtained with contribution points, such as the cost of using the stone origin room or the use of the special storage box.

Besides, even though he could exchange contribution points for spirit stones, he couldn\'t do it the other way around.

Emery racked his brain, trying to find out how he should use his meager 365 spirit stones.

The solution to his bloodline problem was hidden behind a 100.000 spirit stones cost, while the void crystal, the solution for his dark core problem, was nowhere to be found.

During such a distressing time, Emery decided to find Master Xion right after his visit in Zodiac City was over.

Despite the need for secrecy, Emery decided to tell his master he was looking for Void Crystals.

As his master was a darkness element magus, he hoped he would have some clues about the void crystals\' whereabouts.

Emery knew his search for Void Crystals would only raise many questions and his decision to break his secrecy could be detrimental to him in the long run.

However, for now, he couldn\'t be too choosy.

He was desperate for a way.

He decided to pay a visit to his master\'s residence, but he found out the place was empty.

His master was nowhere to be found.

He had no idea where Magus Xion was right now, but he knew a magus must have their own busy schedule and his master couldn\'t just sit around waiting for him.

Emery felt his panic rising and a part of him thought of asking Grand Magus Zenoia for help.

However, he banished the thought within a few seconds.

Though the idea was tempting, Emery knew first-hand how scary that woman could be and he needed to think about what the wolf bloodline acolytes had told him.

He was left without a clue as to what to do next.

Emery finally decided to stay and spend the next 4 days training in the darkness origin stone room.

While meditating and increasing his strength, he could think what to do next.

[8000 contribution points has been used]

This time, Emery decided not to use his spirit foundation pill.

The last time when he used the pill, he received 6 points increase in spirit force.

He wanted to know how much he could get if he decided to meditate without the pills.

Upon entering, Emery looked around and saw that the room was empty.

He had all the spacious room for himself at the moment.

He spent a few seconds picking a good place, before sitting cross-legged on the floor and entering a meditative state.

[Spirit Force increased]

[Spirit Force increased]

He spent four days meditating without stopping, not even to take a little break, but he only managed to obtain two points of spirit force increase.

He was meditating in the Darkness element, which was the element he was most proficient in and he only managed to obtain such a small amount of spirit force.

The result was far too disappointing.

Emery touched the symbol on his palm and rechecked his current stats.

[Spirit Force: 193]

He still needs 57 more points of spirit force before he could even think about attempting a breakthrough.

He did a quick calculation in his mind and he realized that, even with the maximum amount of spirit foundation pills he could obtain in his time here, he wouldn\'t be able to max his spirit force out before he had to return back home

Not only that, considering the contribution points needed to use the origin stone room, Emery was really losing out a lot for such tiny gains.

There was no way around it, he had to find other means of progress aside from depending on the origin stone room.

There was no solution in sight and Emery walked out of the room with mental and physical exhaustion weighing him down.

His training made him feel even worse and right as he returned to the elite residential area, he threw himself on his bed and fell into a restless, fitful sleep.

Day 51

The third 10-day interval training had started.

Just like the previous intervals, the first 5 days were spent in a series of lectures and workshops, each invaluable to every acolyte\'s growth in magic.

In this third interval, the elite acolytes already learned which ones among the 100 third-year acolytes were considered easier to defeat.

With this information, a few elite acolytes managed to defeat 50 third-year acolytes and receive their second spirit foundation pill.

However, despite the information offered, some acolytes with pride and skills to back it up would always choose the strong ones even though they knew which ones were weaker.

Lodos was one such acolyte.

Since his repeated defeats against Emery, he had focused on his improvements at the expense of everything else.

Emery himself saw how much Lodos had improved and he was no longer sure he could defeat him with his current strength.

All the improvement happened within just 20 days of practice.

Emery quickly realized that, if this went on, he probably would be the weakest acolyte in the elite class by the end of the second year.

Then what would happen to him after his third year Emery didn\'t even dare think about it.

Time passed quickly and the five-day training ended.

Emery checked his schedule with the help of the symbol and his eyes started to glimmer with sparks of hope.

The next schedule might hold the answer to his current problem.

It was time for him to do his rank 3 Apothecary Exam.


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