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The news about one of the five Combat Magus Protectors stepping down from his position spreaded through the Magus Academy real fast, bringing countless shock and confusion throughout the acolytes and magus\' circles.

The next day, the said champion\'s palace was quickly locked down by the academy, and would continue to be locked until the new protector assigned to the empty post.

After hearing the news, Emery and his friends immediately knew who the person was.

Hence, they quickly went searching for the said combat magus champion.

However, Lord Izta was nowhere to be found.

What\'s going on, Emery Where\'s Lord Izta Julian asked.

The five teenagers were so anxious, they would go find the headmaster themselves if they could.

They wanted to see the bottom of it.

But then, a figure suddenly approached them from the shadows, startling them.

Emery was about to cast his spells when he realized the figure was Yuria, the masked woman, Lord Izta\'s trusted subordinate.

Yuria did not say anything and just gestured to Emery and the others to follow her.

Realizing her intention, they quickly followed the masked woman who was already far in the distance.

Emery and the others were brought into an unknown swirling portal.

Even though they hesitated for a moment when Yuria entered the portal, they immediately steeled their resolve and went into it.

The moment they walked through the portal, they arrived at a planet that felt very similar to Earth.

The blue sky, the lush prairie, the verdant forest.

At the moment, they were standing atop of a cliff.

Emery and the others quickly looked around, observing their surroundings.

Their attention was caught by a city in the distance, with a magnificent palace standing in the middle of it.

Emery realized Yuria was standing beside them, Where did you take us What is this place

This is Terra Kingdom, Lord Izta\'s home.

Emery and the others once heard Lord Izta was given a land and title on this Magus World, but this was the first time they actually ever saw it.

Seeing the city with a grand palace in it, they could not help but be amazed.

The group quickly followed Yuria, who had already started walking, and made their way towards the city.

As Emery and the others walked past the city gate and entered the city, they found out this city was nothing like any normal city that they had ever seen.

Almost, if not most, of its citizens looked and felt like capable fighters.

The reason Emery could arrive at this conclusion was because of their figures.

They all had the figure of a warrior and almost all of them carried a kind of weapon on them, despite their casual attire.

No matter if they were male or female, they were all the same.

With Yuria walking at the front leading the way, all eyes that looked at Emery and the others were filled with respect.

When they reached the majestic palace they saw from the distance, Emery and his friends were surprised and shocked to see hundreds of fully equipped fighters in golden and silver armor gathering in the middle of a massive courtyard.

Fortunately, the group could see Lord Izta, who was standing in front of the soldiers and currently giving them instruction.

Seeing that Lord Izta was fine, Emery heaved a sigh of relief.

Realizing Emery and the others had come, Lord Izta quickly called them up to the front, showing all of them to these soldiers.

Attention, men! Fighters of the Terra\'s Army! These acolytes are my junior.

Therefore, always remember to show them the same respect you have shown me in the future!

Emery and the others were shocked by the introduction Lord Izta delivered.

Noticing it, Lord Izta chuckled, Hahaha, you boys and girl are my juniors.

Naturally, what is mine is yours.

Here, let me show you.

Lord Izta pointed his finger at the group of fighters that had gathered.

This is my private army, 3000 strong Terra soldiers.

The 300 in golden armors are the strongest among the bunch.

Every one of them are as strong as rank 8 acolytes.

Meanwhile, those that are in silvers are comparable to rank 7 acolyte.

Aren\'t they impressive

Emery and the rest were shocked when they heard each and every one of these 3000 men were stronger than they were.

These Terra men have gone into dozens of wars with me...

Lord Izta suddenly shouted, Are you all ready for another battle!

RUUUAAAA!! the soldiers shouted in unison.

Lord Izta suddenly remembered something, he clapped his hand and 4 figures all wearing masks, similar to the one used by Yuria, suddenly appeared next to him silently.

You all can open your mask

The moment they took off the mask that covered most of their faces, Emery and the boys were captivated.

All four of them were all females and they all looked beautiful, despite the different traits seen between each of them.

Each had their own unique aura and racial ethnicity.

Therefore, they couldn\'t possibly be related in blood.

Let me introduce them to all of you.

This is Rosia, Sillica, Camila and Grisa.

They are my generals.

From them, Emery could feel an aura that was similar to Magus Xion.

They must be at Magus level or at least rank 9 acolyte.

Oh yeah, let\'s not forget about Yuria.

She\'s the youngest and my favorite.

Before Emery or the others could comment on what Lord Izta meant by his favorite, Lord Izta said something that made the atmosphere turn silent, The five of them are also my life companions.


Life companions Emery was still trying to process Lord Izta\'s words when Thrax abruptly shouted, startling the soul out of him.

WOW! Lord Izta, you really are my champion! I want to be just like you!

Julian and Chumo also looked very excited, while Klea was quietly embarrassed.

Unfortunately, I am still not blessed with a son or daughter.

So you five and these people here, you all are my family.

Seeing Lord Izta being so casual, even though he had just been removed from his position, made Emery and the others at ease.

However, they still wondered what happened between the headmaster and Lord Izta yesterday.

And from the look of it, Lord Izta was preparing for war.

Are you leaving, Lord Izta Emery asked.

Yes, Emery.

I have been assigned to the frontline, I will be gone for a while

The news was a shock to everyone and before Lord Izta can explain, Magus Xion has arrived at the place

Oh! Xion is already here.

Let\'s go.

All of you must have a lot of questions.

Let us talk inside.


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