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Emery awakened in darkness and found his body movement seemed limited.

He could vaguely tell he was in some sort of treatment.

While letting the mysterious thing treat him, he reflected on what just happened.

It was the third time Emery had used the second stage transformation of his Fey Bloodline.

Even though this time he was still not in control, Emery managed to get bits and pieces of what happened, unlike the previous occurrences where he didn\'t remember anything.

At first, Emery thought remembering what he did during his transformation would be a relieving matter for him, as he would at least be aware of what had happened.

Apparently, it was not the case.

Remembering doing something he had no control on was disturbing, extremely so.

Especially this time, where Emery went in a frenzy and still lost the fight.

Zack Talon, the Dragon Bloodline prodigy, was too strong for him.

Moreover, what bothered him the most at the moment was the last sentence uttered by Zack, where he said that he was an amateur.

As Emery tried to analyze and understand what he meant by amateur, he landed to a conclusion it might have meant there were some secrets about the transformation ability he didn\'t know.

Hence, it should be Emery\'s utmost priority to learn more about this matter.

All for the sake of further growth.

While his vision was still covered by the pitch-black darkness, a radiant light suddenly appeared out of nowhere, catching his wandering attention.

It looked like a door in front of him was opened and Emery could see several figures rushing through the door towards his direction.

When they came close enough to let Emery see them clearly, he realized they were his three friends and his master, Magus Xion.

You are finally awake, Emery! How do you feel Is there any discomfort Julian asked, as he took a closer look at the lying Emery.

Emery tried to move his body, but apparently, the bed he was on now was kind of holding him back.

Noticing Emery wanted to get up, Magus Xion quickly said, Don\'t move too much lest the machine do its job, Emery.

You are still in treatment.

Looking at his body, coupled with the resurging memory, Emery quickly realized he had lost his right hand...


First, it was by granny and this time by the dragon boy.

Magus Xion saw Emery exhaling a heavy sigh, when he looked at his lost hand.

Patting softly to make sure not to hurt Emery, Magus Xion said, Don\'t worry too much about your hand, Emery.

This facility can cure it within hours.

You only need to stay put and let the facility do the job.

Emery immediately jolted awake when he heard the time, Master, How long did I pass out What about my fourth match

Upon hearing Emery\'s inquiry, Magus Xion and the others immediately fell silent.

Emery turned anxious as he saw the expression on their faces and the eerie silence.


Tell me, what about my fourth match

When Emery was about to force himself to rise, Thrax finally could not hold it any longer.

With an annoyed face, he spoke, Fuck! Just let Emery decide! This is his matter, not ours!

Realizing the others didn\'t say anything, Thrax looked at Emery and said, Emery, your fourth match has just been called up and they will only give you 10 minutes or you will be disqualified.

Emery was stunned when he heard this, Then, what are you waiting for, guys! Let me out of this thing! Emery said, as he began struggling.

This time, Julian approached Emery and said, You are in no condition to fight, Emery.

Moreover, the opponent chosen for you is… troublesome

What! What do you mean with troublesome Is he a privileged class acolyte

Julian quickly shook his head.

No, he is an elite acolyte.

Then why Why aren\'t you guys letting me

Look at yourself emery...

your opponent this time...

we are worried about you...

Emery understood his friends meant well for him, but he couldn\'t just give up here.

If he gave up, he would lose the chance to enter the privileged class.

After all, he would be eliminated from the game.

So, with the limited time he had, Emery quickly opted for another option as he looked at his master.

What do you think, master Will it be a guaranteed loss to participate in the match

Magus Xion looked back at Emery with a serious expression on his face, Your condition is pretty bad, Emery.

You will be in a very disadvantageous position and this is not any virtual game

Master, you know that was not my question.

Please, do you think I won\'t stand a chance at all

Magus Xion was silent for a moment.

Please master, let me do it.

The magus didn\'t answer Emery\'s question and slowly moved to operate the panel beside Emery.

A few seconds later, the thing Emery was on released him as he could see several needles detaching from his body.

Emery took a step and almost fell to the ground, but he quickly balanced himself and stood on his two feet.

You\'re freaking crazy, Emery! Thrax shouted, showing both of his thumbs up, Awesome crazy!

You go and kick that acolyte ass, Emery. Chumo cheered, as he knew there was no stopping Emery.

Julian could only shake his head, unable to convince Emery otherwise, but supporting him as well.

The well wishes coming from his three friends reminded Emery he was not fighting for himself but also for them.

Magus Xion grabbed something on the table and handed it over to Emery.

Here, Emery.

You left this in the arena.

In Magus Xion\'s hand was the sword Emery dropped in the previous fight, the one which his master gave to him.

Thank you, master.

I will not disappoint you. Emery said.

He then turned to look at his friends, And you guys too.

I will definitely win!

Magus Xion let out a smile as he saw Emery, Just make sure you won\'t return in an even worse condition.



Even if I did, I will make sure my opponent will be in even worse condition

Emery then swiftly went out of the treatment room and walked to the Grand Hall, as he slowly walked up to the arena.

Emery\'s unexpected arrival caused a series of discussions among the spectators.

When he reached the arena, Emery was startled as he faced his opponent.

He recognized the acolyte.

It was the spiky-haired acolyte he saw yesterday,

However, instead of being afraid, Emery\'s spirit actually burned even more fiercely as he eyed the acolyte.

Before the fight began, Emery checked his status through the symbol on his palm.

His attention was attracted to new information stated right at his bloodline.

[Fey Bloodline - Weakened State]

The next information below shocked him.

He truly could not wait to curse his fate.

[Weakened Status]

[Bloodline Transformation unavailable]

[Battle power was decreased by 10 points]

\'Damn… What the f… apparently one arm still isn\'t bad enough… I am screwed.


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