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The sheer number of battle art skills of the combat institute had amazed and numbed Emery\'s mind.

Looking at the myriad kinds of battle art skills, he realized something.

From the description the combat institute provided regarding them, Emery could tell sword arts skill relied a lot more on strength, while dagger arts relied more on speed and dexterity.

After thinking about it, this fact gave Emery more reason to choose the dagger as his secondary weapon.

Not only would it give his dual wielding greater possibility of variations, but the dagger skill itself could complement and cover the shortcomings of his sword skills.

[Dagger - Hidden Blade]

[Battle Art Skill]

[A dagger technique that allows the user to attack at an increased speed and hides arm movements]

When he saw the full skill description, Emery thought such technique could be useful in so many ways.

The only thing limiting it was the user\'s imagination and creativity.

However, Emery was still not sure if this path was the one he wanted to take.

In his mind, sword skills like [Heroic Slash] that would allow him to concentrate all his physical strength into a single slash still looked much more practical.

Luckily, Lord Izta returned to the court right when Emery was confused and needed him the most.

Looking at the four young acolytes in front of him, Lord Izta asked, So, how is it Have you all found your weapon of choice yet

Julian, who had always been raised and trained with the Roman military training from his father, was determined to use his short sword and large shield.

For Chumo, his choice was the longbow and dagger he always used.

Meanwhile, Klea was extremely satisfied with Emery\'s recommendation of using a staff.

Turning his head towards the only one who still didn\'t speak, Lord Izta asked, What about you, Emery What have you decided

Emery fell silent as he was still confused about which one he should choose.

Actually, Lord Izta.

I still don\'t know if I should pick a dagger or short sword.

Waving his hand, Lord Izta replied, That\'s fine.

I was also in the same boat as you.

I practiced for dozens of years, changing between many kinds of different weapons, until I finally decided to specialize in bow and ax.

Emery fell into deep thought when he heard that.

Meanwhile, Thrax finally returned after spending the whole day at the fire institute to learn a tier 3 spell.

The vigorous bull looked a little worn-out at the moment, but besides that he was still good to go.

Seeing that all of them were here, Lord Izta clapped his hand and said, Right about time! It\'s good that you all are already here.

Now, listen up kids! Due to some urgent matter I have to take care of, I will unfortunately be going somewhere for a while.

So, I probably won\'t be able to see your performance later in the game.

Upon hearing that, everyone\'s faces looked depressed.

Seeing that, Lord Izta smiled and continued his words.

However, I have a surprise to give you all.

In fact, I was going to wait before I gave you this.

But, because of the sudden matter, I\'m afraid I don\'t have time to do so.

Therefore, to make sure all of you pass the next stage, I will teach you my greatest skill! The result of my years of experience and wisdom!

Hearing that, the five young acolytes became incredibly excited.

They were wondering what kind of skill the magus was going to teach them.

I\'m sure all of you already know about the battle art.

You can choose whatever weapon techniques you want.

But! For body techniques, all of you only need to learn one art: the one I will now give you.

My creation.

The 7 Immortal Gates Technique!


This technique will give you the strength and boost you need to pass the next stage of the game.

[You have received a battle art technique]

[7 Immortal Gates Technique]

Nodding his head, Lord Izta continued, Now that all of you have received the manual, follow my lead. He then brought them to the training ground, where they had spar earlier.

After reaching the place, Lord Izta went to a gazebo beckoning them to follow him.

Emery and his friends immediately sat cross-legged on the opposite sides of Lord Izta.

Seeing all of them were ready, Lord Izta proceeded to explain the method to learn this technique.

This battle art was a combination, using both a breathing technique and spirit force.

By channeling spirit force through a specific point area on the body and using the help of the breathing technique, an energy burst would be formed that would allow the user to attain greater strength.

After listening to the magus\' lecture, Emery and the others immediately began to practice the technique.

Moments later, a notification appeared on their crests.

[You have successfully learned the first stage of Seven Immortal Gates Technique]

[7 Immortal Gate Technique - first stage]

[Battle power increased by 2]

Thrax was disappointed when he saw he only received a total of 2 points of battle power from the first stage.

The reason was because the battle art skills [Strength Up] and [Agility Up] he mastered were able to increase his battle power by 10.

Thrax was about to complain to Lord Izta, but decided to not do so when he remembered the things that the magus did for them.

However, an hour later he was immediately silenced when he reached the second stage of the 7 immortal Gates Body Technique.

[Battle power increased by 4]

It turned out every time he reached a new stage, the buff given was multiplied.

Emery and the others were dumbfounded when they realized the value of the technique they just received.

Looking at the astonished expression they had, Lord Izta opened his mouth again.

The first and second gate should be easy to master.

Meanwhile, one needs to be a talented combat magus to reach the fourth stage.

As for the fifth stage, not everyone can master it.

Emery and the others could not imagine the strength they would receive from this technique if they reached the 7th stage.

No wonder the person in front of them could become a combat magus champion.

Eyeing the magus with admiration, they found said magus once again was talking to himself.

Yes, yes...

I did not create it myself.

Of course! You had also a part in it.

Emery was truly worried about the condition of the man in front of him.

Realizing he was getting side-tracked, Lord Izta returned his attention back to the five of them.

Remember! The next stage will be a battle of wits and raw talents.

Therefore, you all should increase both of your battle power and spirit power as much as you are able to in the next 9 days, or you will just become cannon fodder.

Don\'t disappoint me, kids.

I have great hopes for you!


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