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In warfare or in any battle, the thing that leaders most needed aside from the tactics and strategies were the people\'s morale.

Hence, due to the actions of Emery\'s, that made the four youth\'s morale shoot up, they were able to push back the waves of orcs to a manageable extent.

Because of this, they were able to take a bit of a breather and finally noticed the information about the number of teams decreasing.

[67 teams remaining]

This time it took about seven long minutes before another team was eliminated.

It was unsettling not knowing whether their situation was better or worse than the other teams.

[Mudwall]! Emery cast to momentarily stop the orcs behind the row he was currently facing.

He could only do this whenever he lost concentration of controlling his flow of energy through the [Darkness Infusion] spell.

Of course, the orcs were still able to smash the walls made out of mud into hundreds of pieces, but the spell still managed to uphold its purpose.

Stopping the next row of orcs to join with the ones he was fighting against and giving him a few crucial seconds.

If it weren\'t because of the artifacts, the tier three spells and their becoming rank 6 acolytes, they would have long been defeated for sure.

Probably at the moment when these orcs had first appeared, because each of these orcs had the capabilities to match them in a one on one fight if they still had the same power of when they had just returned to the Academy.

If they were to let up and had the orb destroyed, their tenacity for lasting this long would be considered well achieved, since Emery and his friend were just five people, comparing them to those who had full teams or just more than them, they had already done pretty well.

[66 teams remaining]

Emery believed he was fighting at the top of his ability right now.

His sword skills combined with a tier three sword covered with the darkness element from the infusion spell slashed through countless rows of orcs.

He had even already used his hidden bloodline skills, but he had never for once thought of trying to achieve the second level of his bloodline.

Firstly he wasn\'t even sure about how to activate it, secondly, he had seen the aftermath when he had fallen to that rage.

Little to no recollection, he wouldn\'t want that, he was concerned about what he might do to his friends or the people around him.

Looking at their situation, Emery felt his four friends had used all the tricks up their sleeves.

Since the next row of orc were a bit further, Emery also checked out the number of remaining teams.

He had broadly calculated the overall strength of the second year acolytes\' equipment from the number of teams that had been eliminated with each level.

On level one and level two, it was clear that every team had at least tier two weapons.

Tier two weapons were able to injure both the goblins and hobgoblins.

But as soon as level three started, those who still had tier two weapons had surely fallen off, since tier two weapons weren\'t enough to kill an orc.

That meant the first few teams, who had been eliminated during the third level, were those who hadn\'t received any support or had tier three weapons.

And from the looks of it, level four would probably be the last level, because it was prohibited to bring equipment above tier three.

So, this meant that once the teams had reached level four, this game was all about personal skills and teamwork tactics.

Unfortunately, despite his belief in the team, there were only five of them and the other teams would probably be more than them.

And with the state that they were in right now, if there was a level five, Emery wasn\'t sure if their tier three weapons would be able to handle what was about to come.

In the back of his head, Emery started to imagine what state they would be in now, if the three Zaiueo acolytes were with them.

Things would probably be much easier or probably not.

Emery couldn\'t come to a conclusion.

But when he noticed his friends on the other side were slightly being pushed back, he knew they wouldn\'t last much longer.

His carelessness of looking back though made him suffer.

A blow from one of the orcs managed to hit him, sending him back a couple of steps.


[Protective energy 52/100]

After reading through the remaining energy his tier two armor had, he decided to focus on what was in front of him and not let any more attacks land on him.

He shouldn\'t rely on these items to give him extra lives.

And he was sure both Julian and Thrax conditions were much worse, especially Thrax.

[Chain lightning]! Crackling emerged from the tip of Klea\'s staff and burned the back to back orcs that were starting to pile up.

Her spell was so effective that it burned through three rows.

The people watching behind the screen were amazed to see this.

Usually, a rank 6 acolyte in their second year in the Magus Academy was only able to perform tier three spells two to three times before their spirit energy ran out.

Klea though seemed to be an exception for they had seen her do more than five now!

And her spell seemed to be more powerful than the typical.

Everytime her spell blasted one side of the battle and at least half a dozen of those orcs would die or be heavily wounded.

Such acts had always given each side a moment of breather they badly needed.

But after she let out the latest chain lighting, Klea\'s breathing started to become uneven.

She needed to rest.

And this was where Chumo suddenly stepped up.

Chumo stood in front of Klea.

He did a hand gesture and cast a spell.

[Shadow self - unique tier 3 - Darkness spell]

Beneath Chumo, his shadow seemed to boil for a moment and the shadow rose up.

It had its own black bow and when Chumo looked as if he was drawing an arrow from his own bow, the shadow mimicked him.

The spirit arrow from his bow flew and the shadow figure also did the same.

Chumo could now shoot twice as many orcs than before.

He probably had shot at least a hundred spirit arrows, which in itself was also a great feat.

However, based on his exasperated expression, he seemed to be at hit limit too.

[63 team remaining]

[62 team remaining]

They had all come to an agreement to try and reach top fifty; just when they needed twelve more teams to fall, a scream broke out.

Thrax\'s upper right shoulder had a spear sticking out! One of the orcs he was fighting managed to get past Thrax\'s defense and pierced him right on the shoulder.

As blood spurted out, Thrax finally knelt but still tried to fight back with his spear in his right hand.

Then, a whistling spear tore the air but a large clank resounded!

Chumo suddenly appeared behind Thrax and lifted Thrax\'s shield, which Thrax had difficulty lifting after his left shoulder had been injured, to deflect the incoming spear.

Then, Chumo reappeared at the back line once again with Thrax and Klea nearby.

He has saved Thrax once again using his shadow step.

After pulling out the spear, Chumo laid Thrax down to rest just next to the crystal while Klea started healing him again.

But apparently after being constantly healed by the same spell the result wasn\'t as effective anymore.

And now with only Julian on the first defensive line, he was quickly being pushed back by the orcs.

Emery noticed the situation and decided to shout out, Gather up and stay close to each other!

The four friends complied and stood next to the floating orb.

And the orcs had finally come very close, almost 100 of orcs had surrounded them from two sides.

Tell me you have a plan, Emery, said Julian, continuously casting [Mudwall] just to give them a precious few seconds.

Emery then stood in the middle of the four and closed his eyes.

He was channeling his dark core this time to his most known element out of three.

The plant element.

The thunderous steps and roaring of the orcs distracted him.

But as he kept his focus deeper and deeper, they grew faint like sounds on the background, something insignificant.

His sense regarding the ground though became more evident as he could feel the shadow on their legs.

Right now, Emery was attempting to infuse his plant element with the darkness element and use [Entangle].

He succeeded as plants magically grew from the edge of the bridge and snatched on to the orcs\' feet.

However, it wasn\'t strong enough for it to get completely crushed afterward.

Looking at the roots, he could see that he had actually failed to merge them.

He tried once more, the roots creeped out but suddenly, the roots became decayed and started with the shadow.

Underneath the shadow of all orcs though, creeping dark roots came and once again snatched at all the hundred orcs at once!

[Dark Root Binding - tier 3]

[Plant and darkness spell that holds down the creature and gives the binded creature a curse that weakens them]

Emery\'s veins were showing on his face.

He was giving all his to control all the hundred roots that bind the orcs!

Now is the chance! Kill them all now! screamed Emery in pain.


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