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Emery was clenching his fist so hard that it was almost white.

He stared at the measurements of the eye of power and felt indignant.

He asked, voice shaking, Co-Could we do the t-test again

Minerva nodded but her face didn\'t seem hopeful.

The text of Emery\'s examination erased itself.

The eye of power shone once more and showed the same number.

When Emery had seen Minerva\'s expression, he had known it was futile.

Emery became crestfallen.

He indeed had the lowest battle power, spirit power and aptitude in the class.

Even though he didn\'t fully understand what those meant, based on Minerva\'s face, it was as obvious as clear water how disappointed and surprised she was.

Emery could also hear how those youths from the upper class world, Kalios, were gloating.

He vaguely heard the following, \'It has been a thousand years...

last spirit aptitude rank b appeared in this acade....

This primitive...

he truly is a one in a kind...


Minerva glanced at those youths\' location before putting back her attention to Emery.

Her face had a look of they were right as she said in a heavy tone, I am sorry, Emery.

Spirit aptitude is the most important factor into becoming a magus.

A low spirit power can be enhanced by having a high spirit aptitude.

She dispelled the eye of power before saying, But since you\'re here, I suggest you still do your best. Minerva turned to the others and said, Everyone! Take a seat for now and listen carefully.

The youths went back to their seats, and Emery dragged his feet.

Klea, in particular, tried to cheer him up but it was to no avail.

He kept silent and just issued a weak smile to somehow acknowledge their efforts.

The circulation, however, can only focus on elemental energy at a time.

Hence, for people with multiple affinities, they need to spend more time circulating the energy individually.

If you try to circulate two or more elements at the same time, then the energy in your body would clash and in the worst case scenario, your vessel, your body will explode.

Minerva sighed again as she paced around the platform.

I\'ll remind everyone once again, all of you have seven days and make sure to not waste this opportunity.

She raised two fingers.

There are two things all of you need to complete within these seven days.

First, you have to reach 30 spirit power and become a rank 2 acolyte.

Second, is you have to get a letter of acceptance from any of the institutions in our Magus Academy.

Failure to complete even one of them means you\'ll fail and your memory will be wiped.

After Minerva had explained things, Emery had put the pieces together.

Based on her explanation, a spirit aptitude of rank B would take more than seven days to get to the initial stage of an element on top of that, he still had to get admitted to one of the institutions and get spirit power 30.

The test would occur in seven days, so the only conclusion anyone one would get was the Emery would fail.

Emery was watching Minerva, but he noticed several young people from Kalios on the first row turn their heads.

Emery could feel they were talking about him, gloating and mocking.

They were the ones that first had expressions of jealousy, but now their noses were in the air as they seemed to have expressions of scorn or pity.

He looked down again, staring blankly on the floor but his thoughts were shaken as someone suddenly placed an arm over Emery\'s shoulder.

A sweet fragrance filled his senses again as a soft wonderful feeling pressed against his arms.

Don\'t worry, cutie.

I\'ll help you.

Maybe it\'s because of those things our high priest taught me that I have such high spirit power.

I\'ll teach you some of those tricks.

It took him a moment that it was Klea who had placed her arm over him and that soft feeling.

Emery looked over to what that soft feeling was and it was indeed what he thought.

He quickly got away from Klea\'s clutches.

Since we\'re from the same world, I\'ll also help you, Emery, commented Julian, who was on the farthest corner.

Klea, Julian... muttered Emery.

Hmpff, snorted Thrax, but his eyes clearly said otherwise.

Chumo still stayed silent, however, his gaze had some warmth in them.

Emery felt warm inside.

They had barely known each other, but these people acted better than those mean noble kids back in the kingdom he belonged.

In fact, these people were the first to show some care to Emery other than Gwen.

The kids in his father\'s estate always had a feeling of distance between them.

But these four strangers, whom he had met in a different world, seemed genuine.

Emery placed his attention back to Minerva, who was still explaining a couple of things.

Somehow, those negative thoughts left Emery\'s mind at the moment.

...In Magus Academy, even though we have a lot of institutions, they will not accept an acolyte if you just show up and ask them for you to be enrolled.

This academy isn\'t a place of begging.

Prove your worth with whatever they require of you and they will provide you with the facilities and lessons they can provide.

Minerva waved her hand and colossal magical images of two doors appeared.

The institutions that we have are divided into two main paths.

The Ten Elements Path and The Destiny Path.

The Ten Elements Path are the institutions where you will improve your spirit power as well as learn about your elements.

Since it is a given that all students we gather from different worlds have at least one element, all of you are entitled to take the entrance test for their classes.

You can only take the test in accordance to what affinity you have, so if you have a single elemental affinity, for example fire, you can take the test for our fire academy but not the other academies.

The Destiny Path then glowed and Minerva continued, The Destiny Path are the institutions for those who are interested in learning a particular field of expertise.

The common institutions are destruction, illusion, conjuration, alteration, alchemy, combat and many others.

All of them require tests you need to pass before taking their classes, except for the combat class.

Another way of entering these institutions is through a letter of recommendation or personal invitation from a person of authority inside.

All of these talks must be making all of you bored by now.

So, let\'s wrap this up.

I\'d like for everyone to focus on the symbols on their hands.

Emery focused his thoughts on the symbol on his palm.

The symbols in the form of lines and writing that he did not understand gave off information


[Male, 15 years old]

[Battle power: 5]

[Spirit power: 20]

[Spirit Aptitude: B]

[You are invited to take the entrance exams in four schools of the Ten Elemental Path: Water Institute, Earth Institute, Plant Institute and Darkness Institute.]

[No messages received from any school under the Destiny Path.]

Minerva clapped her hands, getting everyone\'s attention once more and said, This is the end of our class.

All of you can start taking their tests and day one starts tomorrow.

Right now, everyone may rest and prepare in your living quarters.

Just follow the instructions of the guard outside the portal.

I wish you all success.

Class is dismissed.


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