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Chu Feng thought for a moment and realized that the entire Diming Base City was not even one-tenth of the size of this city.

In this city, many large pet beasts were flying, and among them were many without wings, which meant that the pet beasts strength was already at the king level.

Chu Feng even saw a few spaceships and mecha docked at the citys port.

[Tianyu City]

[Level: ]

[Bloodline: ]

[Talent: ]

[Skills: ]

Chu Feng was shocked.

This city was a mechanical beast What he could be sure of was that Tianyu City was definitely a legend, which meant it was at the totem level!

His horizons were truly broadened.

So a mechanical beast could be nurtured to such an extent that it could actually become a city floating high in the sky!

Wang Yuan said, “Tianyu City is the magnates beast.

On the streets, Tianyu Citys computational power will have eyes on you.

At the same time, it also excludes all foreign races, so it is an absolutely safe place.

Due to Tianyu Citys Skynet surveillance, no scheme can succeed here.”


Wang Yuans eyes were also filled with emotion.

When he first came here, he was even more shocked than Chu Feng and Yin Tong.

The Moyun Spaceship gradually docked at the ferry in the sky, and Chu Feng and Yin Tong followed Wang Yuan into Tianyu City.

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Wang Yuan said, “The humans in Tianyu City are at least at the sovereign level.

Those with low cultivation are all genius Beastmasters who might be from the Genius Camp or the Overlord Reserve Camp.

As for the commander-level Beastmasters who are the majority, they paid quite a sum of resources to come in and cultivate.”

Yin Tong asked, “What about the overlord-level Beastmasters”

She saw many overlord-level beastmasters flying in the sky, as if the rules of Tianyu City didnt apply to them.

Wang Yuan said, “Every overlord-tier Beastmaster that can appear in Tianyu City is the backbone of humanity.

They might be the mentors from the Genius Camp or the Overlord Reserve Camp, or they might be preparing to participate in the wars with the foreign races, or they might even have just returned from a battle in another dimension!”

Yin Tongs eyes were filled with reverence, “If I can reach the overlord level, Ill definitely go deep into the other dimensions and suppress the foreign races.”

Wang Yuan smiled and said, “Do your best.

As long as you can survive in the Overlord Reserve Camp, there is a 90% chance of you becoming an overlord.

Dont think that this is unbelievable, its the truth.”

Yin Tong took a deep breath and her soft eyes became firm.

She said seriously, “President Wang, I will work hard.”

Wang Yuan nodded his head in gratification and brought the two of them to the core of Tianyu City.

This was an independent city with two regions.

One was the Genius Camp, and the other was the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Suddenly, he received a call, and his expression changed drastically.

Wang Yuan said coldly, “The mystic race is really too bold.”

He hung up the call and said, “Go directly to the Overlord Reserve Camp.

A mentor will come to get you soon.

Ive got to go to the Dibei Region cant take you around.”

With that, he disappeared.

Chu Feng did not sense any spatial fluctuations from his body.

President Wang had probably used absolute power to break through space and achieve teleportation.

[Registration completed.]

[Overlord Reserve Camp Student: Chu Feng.]

[Points: 100,000.]

[Current Ranking: 328th.]

“Who are you” Chu Feng could not help but ask when he heard the voice in his head.

[Im your exclusive AI, part of the computational power of Tianyu City.

However, I dont belong to Tianyu City anymore since Ive been split away from it.

Now, I belong to you completely, and am your sole AI.]

Chu Feng found it very interesting.

He was like a student who had just arrived in a big city.

Everything he saw was new to him.

If it were to be said that Diming Base City was similar to Earths prefecture-level cities, then Tianyu city was a future city.

It was filled with a sense of technology.

This was quite normal.

After all, Tianyu City was basically just a very large mechanical beast.

Chu Feng said, “Am I currently ranked last among the Overlord Reserve Camp”

[Thats right.

The one before you is Yin Tong.

She has joined the Overlord Reserve Camp at the same time as you, but because her level is higher than yours, she is judged to be stronger than you.]

With that, a light screen appeared in front of Chu Fengs eyes.

It was the Overlord Reserve Camps ranking, filled with names.

He saw that the person in the first place was a person named Jian Yi, whose cultivation was at the king level 10.

The list even recorded the beasts that Jian Yi had and their levels.

“Moving Fighter Jet Flame Spirit Princess Wild Ancient Behemoth”

Chu Feng couldnt help but start to think.

The Moving Fighter Jet must be a mechanical beast, and its bloodline must be of the advanced overlord level.

Needless to say, the Wild Ancient Behemoth had an elementary overlord-level talent and was also very strong.

As for the Flame Spirit Princess, it was probably a pure elemental life form and probably had an intermediate overlord bloodline.


The Moving Fighter Jet, the Flame Spirit Princess, and the Wild Ancient Behemoth were all at the king level 10.

As long as any of his pet beasts could reach the overlord level, Jian Yi could then break through to the overlord level.

Chu Feng continued to browse through the list and discovered that those in the top 100 were all at the king level 10.

He had an inexplicable feeling that even when Principal Gao came to the Overlord Reserve Camp back then, he had probably been unable to rank in the top 100.

It wasnt until the 124th place that the person ranked there was at the king level 9.

At the 284th place, the person was at the commander level 10.

Other than Chu Feng, those after the 284th place were all at the commander level.

Chu Feng couldnt help but ask, “What use is the ranking”

[Monthly resources are distributed according to the ranks.]

[After the 300th place, 1,000 points per month.]

[From 300th to 201st, 10,000 points per month.]

[From 200th to 101st, 100,000 points per month.]

[From 100th to 51st, 500,000 points per month.]

[From 50th to 21st, 1,000,000 points per month.]

[From 20th to 11th, 2,000,000 points per month.]

[Starting from the 10th place, the points earned per month is confidential.]

“As long as I can reach the top 200, Ill get at least 100,000 points per month” Chu Feng was stunned.

He only had 100,000 points, and 100,000 points were already equivalent to one billion alliance dollars.

In Tianyu City, it was easy to buy a wood source crystal with 100,000 points.

Even within the top 300, they would still get 10000 points per month, which was 100 million alliance dollars.

As for the top 100, Chu Feng didnt consider it for the time being.

That was the domain of the king-level 10 Beastmasters.

Although he was really tempted to get 500000 points per month, his strength was too far off.

Chu Feng asked, “Is there any way to increase the ranking”

[In the Overlord Reserve Camp, there are four ways to raise your ranking: the Beast Taming Tower, the Secret Technique Pavilion, the Ruins Hall, and the Foreign Race Battlefield.


In the core area of Tianyu City, a group of people were discussing something beside an extremely high mechanical tower.

“Have you heard The Overlord Reserve Camp has recruited a sovereign-level genius!”


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