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“To think its at the lord level.

Even if its only at the lord level one, theres still an insurmountable gap between the sovereign level and the lord level.

Not to mention, the Wild Ancient Behemoth was very famous during the totem era.

It has a true overlord bloodline…”

Chu Feng felt the pressure and suddenly laughed.

To be honest, he had always wanted to know if the Wild Bear could fight against the lord-level beasts.

Now, the fierce beast in the heritage test happened to be a lord-level Wild Ancient Behemoth.

It was a good opportunity to test the Wild Bears strength.

With a thought, Chu Feng summoned the Wild Bear.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear was already taller than Chu Feng, standing at nearly two meters.

The increase in its cultivation level had passively increased its growth.

Even though the Wild Bear hadnt been born for long, if it could reach the lord level, it could naturally have the size of an adult Wild Bear.

In other words, the Wild Bear back then had been a child in its tribe, but it was now a teenager.

After reaching adulthood, most Wild Bears would have a height of nearly four meters.

However, even an adult Wild Bear couldnt compare to a beast that was born large.

For example, the Nine-tailed Giant Snake was more than ten meters tall.

The Three-legged Golden Rooster and the Giant Bloodfire Ant also had very large bodies.

Even the Mirage Butterfly had a wingspan of ten meters.

As for the Wild Ancient Behemoth before them, it was thirty meters tall.

Though, size could never represent the strength of a beast.

After the Wild Bear used great transformation, it could turn into a giant beast that was more than a hundred meters tall.

Among the many fierce beasts, such a size was very rare as only the fierce beasts from some overlord races could reach such a terrifying size.

Some scholars had done some research on this.

In ancient times, many small-sized fierce beasts grew to have the skill of “great transformation” because they couldnt fight the large-sized fierce beasts.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear looked at the Wild Ancient Behemoth before it and couldnt help but feel pressure from the latters bloodline.

In the ancient times, the Wild Ancient Behemoth was the Wild Bears superior bloodline.

Both could use wild power, and both were purely violent races that were superior in strength, defense, and speed.

However, the Wild Bear race had a king-level bloodline, while the Wild Ancient Behemoth did indeed have an overlord-level bloodline.

Due to the bloodline suppression, the Wild Bear was a bit uncomfortable.

Chu Feng noticed this and couldnt help but worry.

Sometimes, the slight differences would have a huge impact on the battle.

If the Wild Bear was really affected by the bloodline suppression, then it would be suppressed by the Wild Ancient Behemoth.

Thinking of this, he felt that the Wild Ancient Behemoth before them had a very high level of intelligence.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear growled and ignored the bloodline suppression.

It had long since possessed the confidence of an expert, so how could it be suppressed by a mere bloodline Not to mention, its bloodline was of the advanced king level, which wasnt too inferior to the elementary overlord level.

“Very good,” Chu Feng was very satisfied and said, “Wild Bear, lets begin.”

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As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying power spread out.

50 times wild body, 50 times wild domain, and 50 times giant transformation! With that, the Wild Bears body instantly grew to 100 meters.

The Wild Ancient Behemoth that had always relied on its size to be superior was now like a doll in front of the Wild Bear.

The Wild Bear looked down at the latter with surging battle intent in its eyes.

“Roar!” The Wild Ancient Behemoth roared angrily.

In the past, it had relied on its three skills to establish its reputation.

It unleashed its wild body and wild domain at the same time, and at that moment, a terrifying king-level aura suddenly pressed down! It suppressed the wild aura of the Wild Bear! This was within Chu Fengs expectations since the Wild Ancient Behemoth was, after all, a king-level beast.

If the Wild Ancient Behemoth hadnt been able to suppress the Wild Bear when using the same wild power, that would be strange instead.

Even though Chu Feng had raised the Wild Bears wild body and wild domain to level 50, there was still a gap in the strength of the wild power between them.

However, the wild power was not the Wild Bears strongest combat technique.

The wild power had always been a support in its battles, and its greatest strength was always its physical strength!

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear withstood the pressure and faced the Wild Ancient Behemoth head-on.

Its aura was not inferior to that of the Wild Ancient Behemoth! With 20 times divine power, 50 times extreme speed, and 100 times great strength, the Wild Bear abruptly punched out!

The Wild Ancient Behemoths pupils constricted as it looked at the Wild Bear in shock.

How could a Wild Bear possess such the skill of divine power This was obviously a super skill.

Even the Wild Ancient Behemoth only possessed one super skill! Moreover, a sovereign level 10 beast shouldnt have such terrifying great strength!

The Wild Ancient Behemoth now felt a sense of oppression from the Wild Bear.

What made it most fearful was that although the Wild Bears strength was filled with violence, the grasp of its power was extremely precise and effortless!

“Roar!” Seeing that the Wild Bears punch which was filled with terrifying strength was about to land on its body, the Wild Ancient Behemoth instantly raised its forelimbs and fiercely pushed forward.

Super skill, break mountains! With that, the Wild Ancient Behemoth instantly erupted with an incomparably terrifying strength!


An intense sound rang out as the Wild Bear and the Wild Ancient Behemoth both took half a step back.

After that, they clashed once again.

A terrifying strength flowed through the space, causing the surrounding ground to tremble.

The Wild Bear and the Wild Ancient Behemoths fully-unleashed powers were similar, but the Wild Bear had 50 times extreme speed!

Chu Feng nervously watched the battle in front of him.

He realized that the Wild Bear was actually crushing the Wild Ancient Behemoth! Booming voices rang as countless deep pits appeared in the ground.

Just the aftershock of the force was enough to turn the weeds into dust.

Chu Feng stood in the distance.

He could stand steadily at the end of the aftershock from the fight, but the physique of his sovereign level 10 Wild Bear made it so that if he were to take a few steps closer, he wouldnt be able to withstand it at all.

If he was at the core of the explosion of their strength, even a commander-level 10 Wild Bear would be instantly killed!

“I still underestimated the effect of great strength,” Chu Feng Sighed.

He had originally thought that defense was the Wild Bears weakness, but in reality, that wasnt the case.

Under the effects of great strength, every part of the Wild Bears body was now an extremely terrifying battle weapon.

When the Wild Ancient Behemoth broke through the Wild Bears attack, its claws which contained immense strength instantly pressed down on the latters body.

But in the next second, the Wild Ancient Behemoth widened its eyes in shock.

The spot where the Wild Bear was struck by the Wild Ancient Behemoths break mountains produced a terrifying rebound force.

This made the latter feel that it could no longer face the Wild Bear head-on! It could not understand.

It had clearly broken through the Wild Bears attack, so why did it still have this feeling

Chu Fengs heart was filled with sighs of amazement as he watched.

So this was the effects of the maxed-out great strength, huh The strength of ones entire body could be perfectly controlled.

Even a single piece of muscle could become a fist-like existence.

Now, the Wild Bear was truly putting on a display of what it meant when it was said that the strongest defense was to attack!

When every part of the Wild Bears body was almost the same as its bear paws, what other weaknesses would the Wild Bear have


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