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Legend had it that the main body of the Virtual Light Beam was not in the Dibei Region.

Only a small clone of the Virtual Light Beam that had a portion of its full computing power had been brought to the exchange competition.

He Shuiyun said, “If we exchange all your resources for 500000 units of soul crystal spiritual stones, is that okay”

“Of course,” Chu Feng immediately replied.

By agreeing, he would gain an additional 500 million worth of soul crystal spiritual stones.

Only an idiot would disagree.

He Shuiyun waved her hand, and numerous soul crystal spiritual stones appeared.

Chu Feng immediately stepped forward and began to absorb them.

He suppressed his absorption speed, roughly controlling it to the level of an SS-rank talent.

In any case, he had already displayed his talent, he might as well take the opportunity to display it as an SS-rank talent.

The many soul crystal spiritual stones were then absorbed by Chu Feng at an extremely fast speed.

It did not take long for the transaction to be completed.

[Enhancement Points: 500,000!]

Chu Feng let out a breath.

Looking at the 500000 enhancement points on his talent pane, he felt extremely excited.

Before this, he had only spent less than 100000 enhancement points to nurture the Wild Bear to its current level.

To think he now had so many enhancement points! Even Chu Feng could not control his excitement.

An Shuisheng, who was beside him, was already dumbfounded.

4.5 billion worth of resources! He had never seen so much money in his entire life! Moreover, the huge heap of resources in the subspace was just visually impressive!

He finally understood the situation.

To think Chu Feng had displayed his might in the exchange competition.

Not only had he easily eliminated the extraordinary level participants, but he had also gone to the sovereign level secret realm and easily suppressed those sovereign level 10 participants.

Even by hearing it, An Shuisheng found it hard to believe, but the truth was right in front of him.

He had no choice but to believe in it, as unbelievable as it was.

He Shuiyun put away the resources and smiled, “Speaking of which, Im also from the Overlord Reserve Camp, so I can be considered your senior sister as well.

Im looking forward to your future performance.

Good luck!”

Then, she took a step forward and crossed the boundary of space, disappearing before everyones eyes.

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Chu Feng could not help but sigh in amazement.

As expected of an overlord-level genius.

With just this performance of breaking through space, she should have completely grasped the power of her pet beast.

This was the symbol of the king-level, to be able to directly borrow the power of ones pet beast.

Judging by He Shuiyuns mastery of her beasts power, she had probably fully comprehended the power of her pet beast.

Wan Wanqing slowly appeared.

She took out a box made of space-splitting stones and said, “This is the Mirage Grass.

It belongs to you now.”

When Chu Feng had come out of the secret realm, Wan Wanqing had left to get the Mirage Grass.

She knew how important it was to Chu Feng, so she didnt hesitate at all.

She even used the spatial power of the Blue-Sky Hummingbird, which was how she was able to travel to and fro between the two base cities in such a short time.

Chu Feng smiled.

“The results of the exchange competition arent out yet, and youre already giving me the Mirage Grass”

Wan Wanqing smiled as well.

“Theres no room for change in the results of the competition.

No one can ignore the rules and snatch the ruins of other base cities.

Even overlord-level Beastmasters have to abide by the rules of humans.”

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She handed the treasure box to Chu Feng, who took it and threw it into his beast space.

He said to the Mirage Worm, “Open the box.”

“Mi-meh” The Mirage Worm was woken up by his voice.

It was immediately attracted by the treasure box made of space-splitting stones.

It listened to Chu Fengs command and opened the treasure box.

With that, an aura that made it extremely excited instantly gushed out of the treasure box.

It forcefully suppressed its desire and looked at the top of the beast space.

Chu Feng said, “This is a treasure i specially prepared for you that will be very beneficial to you.

Just eat it.”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Worm cried out in excitement.

It immediately ate up the ordinary-looking Mirage Grass in the treasure box.

Following that, an extremely pure spatial energy burst out from its body, and some miraculous changes gradually took place.

Transparent worm silk was starting to be exuded from the Mirage Worm.

Chu Feng was very surprised.

To think the Mirage Worm turned into a huge cocoon after it ate the Mirage Grass.

After the accumulation of countless layers, the originally transparent worm silk turned pure white.

The Mirage Worm was only palm-sized, but the cocoon was at least ten meters tall.

The cocooning stage!

Chu Feng didnt know much about the Mirage Worm, because Beastmasters who could form a bond with Mirage Worms or Mirage Butterflies had been rare since ancient times.

He didnt know that the Mirage Grass had the effect of advancing the Mirage Worms growth to the cocooning stage.

That being said, the Mirage Grass did contain an incomparably rich and pure space-type and spirit-type energy, so no matter how miraculous the effect was, it seemed to be normal.

No matter what, what he could be sure of was that when the Mirage Worm broke out of its cocoon, it would definitely have evolved.

“The Mirage Worm that is in its cocooning stage now is probably in the process of evolving.”

Chu Fengs consciousness returned to reality and he said to Wan Wanqing, “Thank you, senior sister Wan.”

Wan Wanqing smiled.

“Theres no need to say that.

I should be the one thanking you instead.

After all, Diming Base City has obtained a lot of points and well be able to obtain a lot of resources in the following year.

This is all thanks to you.

Compared to a Mirage Grass, these are more important.”

Chu Feng smiled.

The purpose of the exchange competition had been to distribute the resources of the Dibei Region, to begin with.

The resources that had been invested in the competition were only a part of it.

No one in Biming Base City coveted his treasures, because the benefits that the base city had obtained from the competition were already extremely huge.

Principal Gao said, “Chu Feng, you are currently ranked 186th on the human assassination list.

The other races will definitely send out king-level 10 assassins or even overlord-level beings from foreign races to assassinate you.

You must be careful.”

Chu Fengs expression darkened, “Do the humans have any countermeasures”

Under such circumstances, his identity as a human was his greatest reliance.

Seeing his reaction, Principal Gao was gratified and said, “Dont worry.

Youre now a student of the Overlord Reserve Camp that represents the future of humanity.

Naturally, someone will protect you.

Theres no chance of success in the assassinations.

Im just asking you to be careful.”

Chu Feng relaxed, thinking that his judgment was not wrong after all.

Once he displayed enough potential, he would naturally be able to get the attention of the higher-ups of mankind.

He hadnt been honest about his talent in the beginning because he had been worried that there would be spies from other races in Diming Third High School.

Now that he was already in the early stages of success, he naturally had nothing to fear anymore.

Chu Feng then left the subspace created by Principal Gao.

He took a deep breath and prepared to start adding points.

Now that he had 500000 enhancement points, he simply couldnt hold himself back from using them.

For Beastmasters with nurturing-type talents, it was meaningless if they couldnt increase their beasts strength after exchanging their resources.

Now that he was suddenly rich, Chu Feng didnt even know what to choose.

After thinking carefully for a moment, he decided to use some enhancement points on the Wild Bear first.

First, he would raise its strength to level 100!



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