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“Di di!” As the notification rang out, all the humans and beasts, including Lila, Luo Ya, Taotie, Qiluo, and Lou Xiao, looked over.

“Huh” Mystic let out a sound of confusion and opened the message to check, “Its our second sister.”

The light screen interface was projected.

The voice call request was from the butterfly.

“Hows the situation on your side” As soon as the call connected, the Mirage Butterflys voice was converted into human language in real-time.

At the same time, a familiar string of “Mi-meh” rang in the minds of the beasts like Lila and Mystic.

“Hmm” Lilas eyes were still red, but she was stunned.

Thats weird, wasnt it supposed to be the Communication skill Why did it suddenly appear on an optical computer screen

She was not the only one who was puzzled.

Taotie was confused at well.

It was just that at the moment, half of Taoties consciousness was in the divine fire that was in the evil space.

The divine fire was not a beast, so it naturally couldnt contact the Beastmaster itself.

“Fifth brother, youve turned Communication into a system”

“Its not really a system.

At most, its a small plug-in,” Mystic replied and then explained the situation to the Mirage Butterfly in a few words.

“When we were fighting just now, the boss was kidnapped by a golden skeleton.

Big brother and fourth brother rushed over and disappeared into the black vortex as well.

We still cant be sure where they were teleported to,” Mystic paused and added its guess, “Moreover, if we cant contact you from our side.”

Fortunately, the Mirage Butterfly had taken the initiative to send them a message.

Otherwise, they would have really torn down the game ground in a frenzy.

“You cant contact us” Fei Nuo Sha was surprised for a moment, then said, “Its fine.

Ill contact you if theres anything.”

As she spoke, she immediately texted the others.

In a short while, other than the Astral Spirit, who was immersed in refining the beast space, the other beasts had all been contacted.

The humans and beasts from different locations began to talk on the “internet”.

[Lila: Boss, are you okay now]

[Chu Feng: Hmm… The situation is probably, most likely, maybe okay.]

[Mirage Butterfly: ]

[Wild Bear: Boss just used his looks to lure the God Venerable from the enemy side.

Hes still lying in the other partys arms!]

[Dark-sky Azure Dragon: Thats right! That Empress is a perfect example of choosing a handsome man over power.

Its just like whats written in the novels!]

[Mirage Butterfly: ! (Somethings not right.gif) (What the hell are you guys talking about.gif)]

[The other humans and beasts: !!]

A second later, the temporary group chats name changed to [Chirp if Youre Kidnapped].

Chu Feng didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and he sent telepathically, [Dont worry, Im fine for now.

I remember that before I was teleported, there were still a lot of yin energies and dark spirits outside.

You guys should kill them first.

I looked at the two isolation barriers inside and outside the evil space.

I suppose that the Mirage Butterfly and I should be able to break them if we attacked with full force.

By then, the Astral Spirits refinement should be almost halfway done.

That is to say, if there are no accidents, I will summon all of you over to fight.

As for now, dont worry about anything else.

Quickly destroy the evil creatures and take a rest!]

The series of telepathic thoughts was broadcasted to the game ground through the Mirage Butterflys max-level Communication.

Lila was a little relieved, but on second thought, she became nervous again, “So, whats the situation now”

It couldnt be that her Beastmaster had developed feelings for the skeleton, right No way, didnt he kill men and women without even blinking

The more Lila thought about it, the more confused she became.

On the other side, Chu Feng “hung up” and looked at the scene not far away.

Then, as if he couldnt bear to look at it, he looked away.

He thought to himself, “Why dont I just destroy it!”



Two voices came from not far away as if they were echoing the bold ideas in the young mans mind.

However, Chu Feng knew that those two idiots were definitely thinking differently from him!

He lowered his head and rubbed the space between his eyebrows, not knowing how to deal with the situation for a while.

The young mans mind subconsciously avoided the isolation barrier not far away as it extended in all directions.

He “saw” countless yin energies fleeing for their lives.

The fearful and fanatical atmosphere was as if they were avoiding hell or making a pilgrimage.

However, no matter what the yin energies and dark evil spirits thought, they were still the group that had been abandoned.

They were destined to be exploited by those in power generation after generation!

Chu Fengs expression was indifferent as he looked at the hordes of evil world creatures that seemed to have been cursed to all become idiots.

They had already reached a safe place, yet they still continued to run ahead mindlessly.

When they reached a dangerous place, they would then scream again.

As he had been paying attention to his surroundings, Chu Feng was not completely unaware of his situation.

He knew, one, the evil main core summoned all the evil creatures to return to the deeper layers of the evil space, including the golden-bone Empress and red-bone fox.

The deeper layer of space was probably where the evil main core had been hiding.

At first, when he was kidnapped by the Empress, Chu Feng thought that he could get a free ride and enter the enemy camp straight away to kill.

Who would have thought that the other party would not follow the script

As for what exactly was going on, he was also very confused.

However, there were two possibilities.

Either the Empress, as he had said, couldnt stand the fickleness of the evil core, so she rebelled; Or, this was a scene of an undercover spy.

Both were possible.

As for which one it was, he could only wait and see.

In addition to the “one” that had been mentioned above, Chu Feng also learned that the double isolation and whole-space sacrificial array have been activated.

The so-called double isolation was the separation between the evil space and the outside world, and the separation between the inner and outer layers of the evil space.

These two layers turned the outer circle of the concentric circles, which was the outer area where Chu Feng and the others were now, into an “isolated island” that was cut off!

Since the main evil core had locked them up with countless yin energies and evil spirits, it most certainly had a scheme.

This scheme was to “activate the whole-space sacrificial array”.

In short, not only the creatures of Gods world, but even the yin energies, dark spirits, and the Empress who were in the outer layer of the evil space were going to be sacrificed!

Luckily, Chu Feng and the Mirage Butterfly had blown up many powerful evil arrays.

Otherwise, their current situation could only be described as “dancing on knives”.

Ignoring the evil creatures, there were currently a few small teams from Gods world that were in the outer layer of the evil space, waiting to be refined in the smelting furnace.

Taoties version of the divine fire had managed to meet up with the Mirage Butterfly, and the Astral Spirit was immune to all attacks since it was refining the space.

He did not have to worry about those two teams.

Other than them was the team he was on, which included him, the skeleton, the bear, and the dragon.

Something one could see.

The difference was that the human, a.k.a him, had two bodies now.

Thinking of this, Chu Fengs head began to hurt again.

Forget it, lets not think about that for now.

He should take the chance while he could still deal with the sacrificial array and quickly destroy all the powerful evil arrays!

Without the support of all kinds of evil arrays, the sacrificial array would not be that powerful.

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