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Currently, there were no more obvious landmarks in the evil space.

The only white bone pond had been completely destroyed by the earthquake just now.

After the black-bone mantis and white-bone bride were swallowed by the sacrificial array, the remaining nine-tailed fox and the great Empress frowned as they stood in the dark void in a daze.

They were silent and completely integrated into the surrounding darkness.

After an unknown length of time, they received an order.

The evil main cores tone sounded very exasperated, “Hurry! Hurry up and lead the army of evil to kill all the beasts under that damn human!! I want their souls to be annihilated!”

When the two of them heard the cores words, they replied in a low voice, “Yes, sir.”

Then, they left the evil space.

Hence, two more experts joined the game ground.

The number of strong enemies that the humans and beasts had to deal with instantly increased by two.

Those in the game ground watched as the fox lady and the Empress appeared on the game ground, while those in the evil space watched the two disappear.

Chu Feng, the Mirage Butterfly, the Astral Spirit, and Taoties version of the divine fire silently watched the enemy leave, then began their operation.

As they had already constructed a combination skill, the spatial suppression they felt was close to non-existent.

In other words, compared to before, their strength had “greatly increased”!

Chu Feng quietly expanded his vast divine power.

Even the noisy yin energies were not alerted.

He closed his eyes and sensed his surroundings without saying a word.

After a long time, the young man who was being stared at by two burning eyes finally opened his eyes and looked at the void in front of him, which was still dark.

“There are a total of 28 evil arrays in the evil space that have the potential to become the resurrection array,” Chu Feng said indifferently.

Among the twenty-odd arrays, ten of them had the most powerful energy fluctuations.

At the same time, they were the most likely to be set up by the evil main core as the origin resurrection array.

“Next, well split into three groups.

The Mirage Butterfly and I will be in charge of printing, dismantling, and destroying these evil arrays.

The Astral Spirit will be in charge of secretly refining the evil space.”

As he spoke, he looked at the quietly burning fire, “As for the divine fire, with Taoties consciousness as the guide, you are responsible for disturbing all the minions in this space.”

As long as the resurrection array in the evil space was not set up, no amount of evil creatures could affect the battle!

The orders had been given, and everyone immediately began to move.

The Astral Spirit directly turned itself into origin spirit power, bypassed all kinds of hard bones, and began to refine the evil space.

Chu Feng and the Mirage Butterfly turned around, and the former headed east while the latter headed west in a “whoosh”.

“Whoosh!” A strong gust of wind suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and Taoties version of the divine fire suddenly split into countless tiny sparks, which then spread out in all directions along with the wind, like a sky full of stars.

As soon as the specks of light landed on a ball of passing yin energy, it was like a spark coming into contact with fuel.

With a “poof”, the yin energy started burning, causing it to let out a miserable scream before bursting into flames.

In less than two minutes, countless flames soared into the sky! All of a sudden, crackling sounds and all kinds of wails from the yin energies intertwined.

The chaotic movements gradually overlapped and merged into a complex sound.

“… Buzz!”

If it was just the power of the divine flame, it naturally wouldnt be able to wreak havoc in the evil space where the power of suppression was everywhere.

However, with Chu Fengs help, Taoties version of the divine fire could show its power.

Moreover, the divine fire was endless and its fire sources were everywhere.

As such, even though the main core supervisor had obtained the specific location of the fire from the evil space system, it was already too late to send an avatar to the scene.

“Crackle!” The fire grew bigger and bigger, causing the evil main core to be extremely busy with many matters.

In its frenzy, it could only care about three major things.

That was, to find a suitable evil array and construct the resurrection array, to think of ways to absorb Gods worlds origin to cultivate the evil spawns, and to summon the powerful evil races member!

As for other things, such as the chaos in the game ground and the evil space, as well as the countless [Warning!] notifications that the evil space continuously sent, the main core simply glanced at them before ignoring them all.

As the saying goes, “when there are too many debts, one stops worrying about them”.

The evil main core no longer had the heart to look at and solve them one by one.

After summoning the red nine-tailed fox to manage the problem with the fire in the space, the evil main core dragged the various warnings and urgent reports to a corner, adhering to the creed of “out of sight, out of mind”.

As far as the main core was concerned, no matter how bad the situation was now, as long as it could survive till the arrival of the powerful evil races member, all its difficulties would be solved! As such, theres no need to care about so many trivial things.

The supervisor did not notice that there was another warning in the emergency mailbox that was so red it was almost black.

The main cores eyes stared at the evil spawn without moving.

On the other side, the humans and beasts were working orderly.

Under the illumination of the burning sky in the distance, the darkness in the evil space was much lighter than before, faintly shifting to gray.

In the dark void, a shadow flashed by.

In the next moment, several evil arrays with relatively weaker defensive capabilities exploded one after another.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

At the same time, the array in the west of the evil space also exploded.

The yin energies, who had their memories cleared just a minute ago, gathered.

They were mostly confused.

“Whats the situation!”

“Why do I feel like there are explosions everywhere Wheres the supervisor”

“Strange, that strange flame seems to only know how to keep burning.

Then why are there constant explosions from the east and the west”

“It cant be another enemy attack, right But didnt that human Beastmaster already die to our ultimate sacrificial array”

“I dont know.

Its all a mess.

Why isnt the evil main core doing anything!”

Amidst their doubts, an evil aura made a reasonable guess, “Perhaps those beasts are here to take revenge for their Beastmaster”

“Its possible.”

“Never mind that.

Quickly contact the supervisor!

“I cant get a hold of him!”


A certain someone who happened to pass by heard the conversation and raised his eyebrows with a smile.

He conveniently gave them a full course of death.


After a loud boom, another evil array with the potential to become the resurrection array was destroyed into nothingness.

Chu Feng followed the spatial marks left by his consciousness and moved to the next evil array, wondering, “When will the evil main core come out and stop us”

Could it be that it was only relying on the powerful evil race As he pondered, Chu Feng waved his hand and threw down a few high-energy spatial bombs.

He instantly completed photocopying the evil array and turned to leave without hesitation.

The moment his figure disappeared, the powerful evil array trembled violently, then an extremely bright light bloomed.

“Boom!” The buzzing sound lingered in the air.

Not only the evil array but everything around it was destroyed!

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